First, if you enjoy the Friday Puzzle, I have just posted 101 of them here.

Second, I now can’t figure out who kindly sent this to me, but I love it (to get the full effect, it might be good to click on the image and open it up full size)…..

Does it work for you?


  1. It’s great, but like mklprc if I concentrate on any point, the motion slows and stops. It’s more elegant but not quite as effective as this one to me:

    1. And some of the wheels seem to be going in different directions, and it’s always the same ones! How’s that?

  2. what i like about it is, that although they stop moving when I stop moving my eyes, they don’t stop straight away! They slow down first. That seems weird. Why don’t they stop straight away?

  3. amazing, very similar (but slightly better in terms of the illusion but doesnt look as good) to Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavillion album cover.

  4. Just took this into photoshop and messed around with the hues. Weirdly certain hue combinations move a great deal more than others and some combinations entirely stop the effect. Why would that be do you suppose?

  5. I see lots of movement onscreen. Just for the heck of it, I printed out a color copy and the printed page produces absolutely no movement whatsoever.

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