Tony E kindly sent me some great photos where people had clicked the button at exactly the right time.  Here are 5 of the best….






Which is your favourite?


  1. #4 looks like some great food (pre accident).A german pub of some sort.It seems like the woman had broken the top of the mans glass.

    1. Somebody is blowing compressed air or gas in his own face. Could be a fire-extinguisher or something like that.

  2. #1 is a man blowing compressed air (or other gas) into his face.

    I like #4 as #3 makes me think of an altered photograph.
    The guy clearly has the stein technique whereas the hapless lunch partner will need a change of clothes.

  3. Well I’m not into sports, plus they’re usually covered by pro photographers who’re likely to capture something unique at some point anyway; the compressed gas/air is clearly a prank & the dog one is just plain weird, so it’ll have to be the smashing stein!

  4. 1 is a latex mask, 2 is photoshop, 3 is a stuffed animal, 4 is made with glue set into trails that look like beer, 5 is a shop-maniquin. Did I win?… Eh? Oh. I see. Not the Friday challenge then? Ah.

  5. My favourite has to be the last photo! Although the one with the Alsatian is brilliant. The first one is a bit strange. What’s the man doing?!

  6. Having done research on whether playing soccer at a high level is associated with brain damage (it certainly is associated – causation is trickier), I have to vote for Photo 2.

  7. In case you think the first picture is a fake, it’s not! This I know courtesy of some rather silly men at the ABC (Australia), who like to call themselves Professor Slo and Doctor Mo, and film everyday very fast happenings with their ultra-slow motion camera, turning it into a kids show.
    Unfortunately the clip I have in mind seems to have evaporated from the internet (in which they show blowing a raspberry in slow motion, causing the cheeks to ripple in much the same way as the first photo above), but here is a similar effect when showing clapping in slow motion.
    On the following link, scroll to the right (below the mini screen) to the eighth video, which is sepia coloured, and when you mouse over it is called Slomo: Applause. Click on it and enjoy the fun!

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