I have been sent two lovely photos.  Paula W kindly emailed me this…..

whilst @jbrownridge brought my attention to this….

Which do you prefer?


    1. Clearly not a morning person, then!!! :p

      I thought they were funny!

      (I *am* a morning person!!!! :D)

  1. I prefer the first one, though the shadows kind of ruin the effect. It would have been a bit better against the other wall, as then the shadows would have been realistically possible if he were standing straight up.

  2. First one is quite clever. Second one somehow just doesn’t work, maybe the guy should have been a bit smaller and standing closer to her face?

  3. I prefer pic of the man leaning against the wall, it’s posed and happy.
    The other is poorly posed and mildly amusing.

  4. First one. I don’t think I’d’ve even noticed anything about the second one if I hadn’t been prompted to look closer, as it doesn’t really work.

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