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On Friday I posted this puzzle….

Can you cross out the unnecessary letters to leave a common phrase?




If you have not tried to solve it, have a go now.  For everyone else, the answer is after the break.




Did you solve it?  Any other solutions?

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UPDATE: When I originally posted this I left a second R and PHRASE – this has now been corrected.


    1. Yes. And last time I checked it was spelled P-H-R-A-S-E not P-R-H-A-S-E.
      That said, I thought the same thing for a brief second. Must be something to do with the P, R, H being close together at the end of the line.

    2. Damn, I cannot read this morning. Totally missed the word “haven’t”. Doh! Never mind. Obviously, Richard has corrected it already.

  1. as a non english speaker, i am still puzzeled by the solution.
    What does it mean?

    I thought the last word could be “year” or “years” but…

    can someone upgrade my english idiom… thanks

    1. The letters that are crossed out are the letters that make up “the unnecessary letters” in order you remove the T then the H then the E etc. once those letters have been removed the remaining letters are “ACOMMONPHRASE” or “a common phrase”.




      Got it now?

  2. JayCee, the letters crossed out are “THEUNNECESSARYLETTERS” (the unnecessary letters”), leaving “ACOMMONPHRASE” (a common phrase).

  3. Jay – the answer is literal, the letters crossed out spell ‘the unnecessary letters’, leaving ‘a common phrase’. An r has been missed though so it currently spells a common prhrase.

  4. I read the question as an instruction and it was easy.
    My second answer was to cross out every thing but ….ME…..ME…..
    another very common phrase.

  5. I got the answer but hadn’t realised the letters left spelt out “the unecessary letters” – nice :-D.

  6. Delicious and sneaky. Didn’t solve it. I thought it was to cross across lines and leave some common saying, and didn’t trusted my English to do that (crossing across lines is difficult because if we choose 2 letters to cross, that implies in some cases crossing a third letter… unless the crossing is too much slanted).

  7. I started crossing off likely letters, then while I was doing that looked at the comments and saw someone mention it was very ‘punny’. I then had a hunch, and checked my suspicions by doing the puzzle in reverse: deliberately crossing out ACOMMONPHRASE, which left me with THEUNNECESSARYLETTERS.

  8. i spotted ‘a common phrase’ but not ‘the unnecessary letters’. thought that was it – didn’t think to check what letters I’d crossed out.

  9. I got “the unnecessary letters” first. I was very close to stopping right there, but fortunatelly I thought about it a bit more and got the real answer.

    1. ‘The results come in the wake of World Homeopathy Awareness Week (10th – 17th April) which aims to increase knowledge and understanding of homeopathic remedies around the globe’ XD

  10. I got this one- the word ‘letters’ seemed really easy to see on the last line and from there the answer came to me straight away!

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