A few years ago I created various awareness videos to help promote the CBS Mentalist show…. this one was based on a card trick that I co-created with magician Peter Lamont

Like it?


    1. Ha! That’s the first thing I thought too. Good, but come on…the gorilla is the greatest thing ever.

    2. the gorilla video is vastly superior to this one, which isn’t any trick at all. the message on the cards is not within the area of focus, while the gorilla was right in the middle of what you were watching.

  1. Whoa suddenly this makes sense, I saw this when it first aired and my initial thought was “Man they’re just trying to be like Richard Wiseman- ripoff!”

    Turns out it WAS you 😛 Well not I just feel silly

  2. Of course I didn’t notice the backs of the cards – I was too busy couting the SIXTEEN Red cards.

    Just because the presenter says ‘Fifteen’ and puts it on the screen doesn’t mean he is correct!

    I even stopped the video at every red card to write down which card it was to make sure I hadn’t counted one of them twice. The red cards dealt, in order (ignoring the black cards as filler) are: 9D, 2D, 7D, 6D, 2H, 8D, 5H, 4H, 8H, 10H, 10D, 5D, 3D, AceD, 7H, 6H – No repeats, but definitely 16 not 15.

    By the way, although the presenter lies, the cards do say “The truth is in the details” – is this a pionter to the fact that the presenter is lying? (I took it to mean “Check again to be sure your ‘wrong’ answer is in fact correct” which, as described, I did!)

    1. There are definitely 16 cards, but it’s open to interpretation whether you are supposed to count the 9D, or count from when they start dealing the cards quickly. The way they point at the 9D it’s almost like they are reminding us what ‘red’ is before they start 😉

      I counted 16, but it’s not perfectly clear what they are asking you to do. I guess it’s never made clear because the real point of the trick is to get you to miss the message and in that respect I fell for this one.

    2. I counted 16 as well, thought I’d obviously miscounted while looking for the ‘gorilla’ (that I didn’t even manage to spot as I wasn’t expecting it to be on the card backs!).

    3. Nice Try. I was to tired to count, so i looked around what happening.
      But i think we dont have to count the first card because its played out BEFORE the magician tells the rule.

    4. The words appear on the screen asking how many red cards are dealt simultaneous with the 9D being dealt. The presenter also is heard asking the question before the 9D is covered up with the next card. It is obviously 16 cards, with the truth beiing found only in the details of seeing them dealt and counting them, not what the presenter is telling us or putting on the screen as the fake answer.

  3. I too saw 16 red cards but missed the message, in mitigation I’m bleary-eyed and still on my first coffee of t’morn.

  4. yeah, even I counted 16 and was able to get hold of the message but ignored it since I thought it would be some sort of magic trick; concentrating more on the cards.

    -vishal garg

  5. Reading the comments, I’m so glad to see “looking for the gorilla” as a phrase. That’s the first thing I thought of too, and “looking for the gorilla” has made it into my regular working vocabulary.

    1. I like how “looking for the gorilla”‘ is part of your vocabulary. Gonna steal that :-). I missed the message and was too busy looking for duplicate cards. I thought there were two 10H’s but the low quality video made the preceding card look like a 10H but it was really a 8H. Because f the context of the video (i.e. on this blog) I too was trying to see something else but still missed the message AND the card count!

  6. I also counted 16 red cards. I also read the message but that may have been because the video was posted on this site and I was expecting some shenanigans. If the card trick had been shown to me in a real life situation, I may have missed the message. Who knows?

  7. Like Joel, I saw these videos when they came out, and thought, “Another take off of the gorilla experiment?” Shame I didn’t recognize these hands as Richard Wiseman’s, though, as I should’ve known them already from “Colour Changing Card Trick”.

  8. Err….this is pretty old? Check out youtube and Lance Burton from around the mid 90’s to see a better version using different coloured backs during the test.

    I know we all “Stand on the shoulders” so to speak but this trick is about as original as a knock knock joke….

  9. Counted 16, and noticed something on the backs of cards, but didn’t bother looking at the message. I was expecting a trick with the counting, like he would deal another red card under his hand of something so you barely noticed it.

  10. I counted 6 including the first red card that he taps, was aware of something different on the back of one or two of the cards but missed the message as a whole.

  11. I counted 16 but thought I’d messed up. I noticed the message at “truth,” but the cards were going too fast for me to both count and read the whole message.

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