Are these the creepiest photographs in the world?


@GrantMitchell sent me this link to lots of weird photographs (here).  That made me wonder – what are the creepiest photographs in the world?  Here are my top five entries…..






Which one do you find the creepiest?  Sweet dreams!


43 comments on “Are these the creepiest photographs in the world?

  1. Doug R. Matheson says:

    First one without a doubt. Kid look terrified.

  2. rotchell73 says:

    number 4,strange…

  3. The creepiest photographs in the world, for my money, won’t be staged. They’d depict real events.

  4. Julie says:

    Don’t find any of them creepy which is odd in itself as usually I’m the first to be scared by photos described as such. Would really like to know why the woman/girl in picture 2 is wearing boxing gloves. Sure there’ll be a story there.

  5. spiderabc1 says:

    Number one (even if at Halloween) and number 4 a close second. It’s either kid’s or animals and number 1 has both.

  6. Chris D. says:

    Number 1!!!!

    I fear for that boy! …Halloween or not!

    I shall awaken restless and entangled and I shall hold you responsible.

  7. Autumn says:

    Number one made my heart jump a little (in a bad way). The other ones weren’t so bad after that.

  8. MarKill says:

    none of them

  9. M says:

    They are all not the creapiest pictures in the world by far.

    From this group, number 4 and number 1 are somewhat disturbing.

  10. Berber Anna says:

    None. Some are funny, some are interesting, but they don’t register as creepy for me.

  11. Pirrakas says:

    Number 1 is very disturbing, but I’ll vote for number 4, which I find creepier. Those faces… well, they are masks, but still… brrrrr…

    Number 5 just made me laugh! 😀

  12. Lindamp says:

    Number 4 is oddly disturbing.

  13. Lazy T says:

    They all made me smile, but then again they are my family holiday pix, where did the mitchellbrother get them?

  14. mickeyd says:

    Number one because of scared kid

  15. Helen says:

    I don’t find them creepy, just unfortunate dressing up. Apart from the woman with the boxing gloves, she looks mentally ill.

  16. Pete says:

    Less creepy, more funny.

  17. Anonymous says:

    number 2 it is an old cure for compulsive hand washing and has recently been revived by the catholic church to prevent and encourage deviant sexual practices fr dick wank king china

  18. koswix says:

    Number 1, although I’m sure it’s from an episode of Doctor Who.

  19. Sue says:

    Not really creepy to me at all. The creepiest photos I’ve seen are the ones the Victorians used to make with dead relatives propped up beside them.

  20. Geraldine says:

    The scariest thing for me is the wallpaper in number 3.

  21. Rachel says:

    Number 1, the child looks I’ll at ease. The others are quite amusing. Got any more?

  22. Berber Anna says:

    Judging by the tongue and bunch of twigs of the character in number 1, I’d say it’s the Hungarian Krampusz (
    Which means that the kid may well be posing as scared to play along with the tradition (although, of course, it may be genuinely scared).

    • Berber Anna says:

      Although the fur indicates it could also be Belsnickel (the German version of the same creature that was exported to the USA).

    • I also assumed that it was some central European St. Nicholas Day festivity. The Czechs do something similar and the devils are usually hirsute.

    • freduardo says:

      I was thinking of the Austrian “Krampus” too when i saw the first one. I remeber my father telling me stories of how Krampus would come and take away the nughty kids before St Nick would come to bring presents to the good ones. Quite scary!

  23. J Frank Anastasio says:

    I looked at the link these came from and the only thing I can think of is, “What is up with all people dressed as animals????!!”

  24. Harvey James says:

    Was number 4 from the first ever Coronation Street?

  25. JohnF says:

    Number 5 is not creepy. Number is quite simply the best photograph I have ever seen. EVER. I’m saving that one to look at for years to come.

    • Gordon says:

      I disagree. I find #5 the creepiest. It reminds me of the hoods that hangmen put on the victim.

  26. WeeMan says:

    The creepy word for all of those photo is “not compute” in my brain. It is just strange photo to me 🙂

  27. Emma says:

    They’re all creepy except the second one. The second one is funny!

  28. leshelou says:

    the one with the clowns
    *shudders* i hate clowns :/

  29. […] Are these the creepiest photographs in the world? @GrantMitchell sent me this link to lots of weird photographs (here).  That made me wonder – what are the creepiest […] […]

  30. Steve Ulven says:

    I’m leaning toward #3. Although #1 doesn’t look creepy, it looks disturbing. Almost like something you’d see from a terrorist video capture.

  31. Robbie says:

    Think a lot of these come from

  32. Janneke says:

    I find old victorian post mortem photography well.. unsettling. The pictures can even be beautiful but knowing some of the people in the picture are dead adds a different dimension to the pictures.

    For example:

  33. Tia says:

    Number one is odd with number four coming in close behind. I see a lot of comments of number one depicting Halloween. Why are we assuming it’s Halloween?

  34. Christopher says:

    Thank you for this eternal source of amusement!

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