Never trust your eyes again!


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This is really lovely – just get the gif running (you may need to click on it to open it in another page) and then stare at the cross.  Bingo…..a black and white image appears in full colour.  I have seen a few of these but this is by far the best.

Did it work for you?







55 comments on “Never trust your eyes again!

  1. Daniel says:

    Woah, OK, it was only for a split second but yeah, I saw it in full colour when it changed.

    That’s seriously awesome.

  2. RedEaredRabbit says:

    Very good. Had a few seconds of genuine colour before it melted away.

  3. edwardv says:

    I find that I can look at the black and white picture and then back at the dot to see color again. Also, while looking at the dot, rotating the screen slightly and then back makes it go black and white and then back to color.

    • namowal says:

      I noticed the same thing.
      Look away, and it snaps to black and white. Look back at the dot and it’s color again!

      Now I’m curious- does the trick work in images where the values (blacks and whites) are inverted instead of the colors?

  4. significance says:

    No, didn’t work. Tried it twice.

    • significance says:

      Finally saw it on my fourth try. I found it easier to see the green in the trees than the wall colour.

  5. Shamar says:

    Nice after image. As long as I don’t let my eyes twitch or budge, I can hold the color the whole time it stays black and white! I know a neuroscience professor who would like to use this in part of his sensation and perception lecture 🙂

  6. OutdoorsNerd says:

    I didn’t stare at the dot whilst testing it’s authenticity….. And it still worked! 🙂

  7. Simon says:

    Woah! First time I saw it I thought it was one of those silly ones where the reveal is exactly what you see. I had to blink lots before I realised it was black and white! So clever.

  8. Navneeth says:

    Haven’t you posted this before? Or was it your Evil Twin of the Interwebz.

  9. It took a few tries, but the right wall was brown, and the left wall was tan-coloured. I didn’t see any other colours beyond that.

  10. David Mathew says:

    That’s very clever.

  11. Carol says:

    Wow, that’s brilliant! :)))

  12. PeaceLove says:

    This castle illusion is similar and easier to toggle back and forth between views:

  13. vitamentis says:

    Its Magic Eye all over again only colour! Those images were awesome!

  14. Berber Anna says:


  15. Psikita says:

    Yeah… I like this one, too… I also posted this gif picture in my blog… 🙂
    There is another one in my blog: Rainbow Illusion. Please feel free to take a ‘walk’ there. 😀
    Thank You

  16. Jackie Kane says:

    For anyone who hasn’t realised, you have to click on the photo to get a pop up and watch till the timer finishes and the picture is switched.

  17. M says:

    I really like this one, but we’ve seen it before, right?

  18. jackjak says:

    it’s work , nice : )

  19. Paula says:

    Woah. I’m impressed!

  20. NovaNero says:

    Oh man that’s so cool. I also like the castle one too.

  21. Niraj says:

    i cannot see the color of the right wall. the color of trees and left wall momentarily blind me to the right wall and by that time all colors have vanished.

  22. JJ says:

    As old as the hills but still pretty good.

  23. Sue says:

    Couldn’t get this to work until I zoomed in and made it bigger – then wow! The moment I looked away from the dot and focused on the picture detail, like the trees, it went to black and white again.

  24. Simon H says:


  25. Lazy T says:

    I was sent one of these images last year and was so impressed that I set about transforming our family holiday snaps. Great fun!
    If you continue to stare at the one point after the change to b&w you can sustain the colour after-image almost indefinitely.

  26. Arno says:

    Worked like a charm. I noticed that, as soon as I blinked, that the picture reset to greys. All in all a very impressive illusion though.

  27. Bletherskite says:

    Worked brilliantly. Got the full colour mode until I blinked and then it went to black and white.

  28. NoAstronomer says:


  29. WeeMan says:


  30. WeeMan says:

    A totally cool and amazing illusion!

  31. This Is Alot Of great Info Thanks Alot Great Web Blog

  32. bigjohn756 says:

    If I concentrate very hard on keeping my eyes on the spot the black and white picture will stay in full color for several seconds. If I blink or move my eyes even a tiny bit the color is gone and I can’t get it back.

  33. Katy says:

    We already had this one! I submitted it in 2009….

  34. theboywil says:

    That’s great the first time I tried it I glanced down at the instructions which immediately cleared the vision. But the second time I could see colour almost until the image flipped again by just continuing to stare at the dot..

  35. […] Never trust your eyes again! First, just another quickie to say that I have produced a new kindle ebook containing 101 Friday Puzzles!  It is […] […]

  36. JimC says:

    Seen it before (possibly on this very blog), but still impresses me.

    I’m always taken aback by the number of ways my brain is lying to me.

  37. philk222 says:

    It’s amazing. And it works even if you cross your eyes to make the image blurry.

  38. That is so very cool and interesting to me since I do a lot of photography including B&W!

  39. Carmen says:

    Wow, absolutely beautiful, I want more like this!

  40. CrabCanon says:

    This is amazing,I like it!

  41. Carlos says:

    Very nice. I imagine that the neuroscience behind this one has to do with cone receptors becoming overstimulated during the leadup phase, then continuing to fire when you switch to the black and white image. I don’t remember my visual pathway neuroanatomy enough to puzzle the whole thing through though.

  42. jcrpda says:

    My visual system longed for the ugly colored image so much that it imposed the colors on the black and white image. There, that’s the most simple (and possibly misleading) way I could explain the neuroscience behind the phenomenon.

  43. Jon says:


    $ a^n+b^n=c^n $

  44. Wow, i was looking for another thing like…
    Once i saw in black and white for a few seconds i don’t know why, and i was looking for an answer to that… then i found this, interesting =D

  45. Darryl says:

    Maybe you have discovered a new personal art form!

  46. I enjoyed your blog thumbs up!

  47. Cristo says:

    This is my favorite illusion, i can see the color for a long time

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