First, just a quickie to say that I have produced a new kindle ebook containing many of the previous Friday Puzzles!  It is called PUZZLED (available in the UK here and USA here) and contains 101 puzzles and the solutions. If you enjoy the Friday Puzzles and the blog, feel free to show your appreciation by buying one of the books.

Second, this is genius (via @atlasofdiplock) …..

Does it work for you?



  1. It seems to be the superimposition of the leftwards-facing eye that brings the illusion to life. If you block out that eye, then the image resolves to that of someone standing behind a cut-out shape the same colour as the background wall, with a tuft of his hair poking over the cut-out.

  2. It is great but not perfect – the eye is still staring left even in the ‘facing forward’ position, and you have to try to ignore it. You don’t often see someone with one nostril behind the other either, which you have in the ‘facing left’ position. Very effective illusion though.

  3. I ‘caught’ the sideways looking face first, then thought the body looked oddly distorted. I then noticed the ‘forward’ looking face, and realised that aspect of photoshopping. Only after reading the comments did I notice that the visible eye was ‘shopped as well.

  4. Look, I don’t want to be rude, and it’s endearing that you like this, but it’s just two pictures photoshopped together. It’s not even very well don e.
    There’s no illusion as the front of the face is completely abstracted by the use of the cutout of the profile. At best this is a poor attempt at an abstract portrait, but really is something that an a-level art student might come up with thinking that it’s all very surreal. There’s nothing here that makes one’s eye jump between the two dimensions.
    Neither the front facing ‘face’ nor the profile bear any resemblance to a recognisable form – it’s no different to superimposing an ant’s head onto a zebra and saying ‘Yeah? That made you look again didn’t it?’
    No, it just looks like you’ve bought photoshop.

    1. That’s like saying Picasso just used paint on canvas. It’s not the tool, it’s the idea behind it and the execution. Photoshop doesn’t choose where to use one photo and where to use another. A person did that. Photoshop isn’t magic.

    2. I’m with Jason on this, it’s just a photoshop exercise, and as Roger doesn’t say Picasso got to the arty-concept first.

  5. I saw the forward looking face and then that the cut out face image looking left lined up with the lips nose and eyes and then my brain clicked and realised the eye had been turned. Works really well.

  6. My brain cycles between all three ‘faces’ making difficult to actually see the person there. Awesome….really like this one! Well actually I really like all your posted illusions.

  7. When I first looked at this, my brain “read” it as a distorted caricature. After a closer inspection of what I was really looking at, the illusion disappeared

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