Today the Metro newspaper ran an article about a photograph of a ‘genuine’ ghost (here).

I posted the article on Twitter and @sealdriver quickly pointed out that the ‘ghost’ looked like one of the stock images from an iphone app called ‘Ghost Capture’.  I have presented the Metro image, and image from Ghost Capture, side by side so you can decide….

What do you think?  Evidence for ghosts or shoddy journalism?



  1. I still think it’s real. How do you think the makers of the Ghost App it got to be a “ghost image” in the first place, without it being a real ghost? [tic] (like the latin sic, but instead an acronymn with a more ironic meaning!)

  2. Richard, why do you waste your time on this rubbish. Only gullible morons believe these articles, and I’m sure they will continue to believe despite your efforts.

  3. It’s ridiculous, and irresponsible, that newspapers keep printing this dross.

    Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence about the level of fact-checking they put into other, more important stories.

  4. Surely, the first thing a paper should do when someone rings in with a photo of a “ghost” is to be polite, and then quietly go about finding some real news?

    Still, it appears to be what the people want from newspapers.

  5. It would be helpful if we knew the history of the children on the iphone app then it’d be easier to trace their history and connect them to the photo they’ve been morphed into…

  6. What I find shocking is that people refer to The Metro as a “newspaper” when all evidence points to the contrary.

    1. Agreed. It’s only a newspaper in the sense that The Sun is one. It’s designed for a commute or a tea break or whatever. If people want to take The Sun or Metro too literally, woe betide us all. 🙂

  7. Just in case there are people here from outside the UK, Metro is a daily newspaper that is given away free at train stations around London and Manchester and I’m sure several other cities.

    It is an easy-to-read rag designed for the daily commute. It is not meant to be taken too seriously. They often have, not exactly joke stories, but light-hearted stories, sometimes presented in a serious manner. They’ve got a cartoon on the cover page, which should be enough of a clue!

    Don’t take it to heart, folks!

    It’s the Sunday Times we should be worried about 🙂

  8. Clever marketing on behalf of the app developers, I’d say. It certainly got you lot talking about it!

  9. I’m afraid you’re all missing the point here, folks. Sure it looks like this lady has allowed her son to be used as a stock photo for an iPhone app, but the ghost is clearly that creepy figure in red on the right of the picture…

  10. That’s just the form that the ghost took to throw you off its trail. It doesn’t want you to know that ghosts are real, so it made itself look like a ghost from an iPhone app so that it could be easily dismissed. Those ghosts are so smart.

  11. That’s obviously a faked photo. Besides, noone would take a photo from that angle, its neither artistic nor has the kid at the centre. I can’t believe some people can lamely believe in something that doesn’t exist even when the evidence is clearly shown to them.

  12. My mum has an old black and white photo with an apparent ghost in the wall. My dad told his twelve year old daughter it was a printing error and I’ve been happy with that ever since. Clearly, ghosts do not exist but dodgy people do.

  13. I would say it’s shoddy journalism. Just judging by all the comments, you’d think the so-called journalist would at the very least look into the matter, rather than letting the article be as it is. An iPhone app like this wouldn’t require much “technical know-how to mock up a forgery” (as the originator claims, via the article). I mean, if you’re knowledgable enough to use a computer and use Facebook, even in it’s most basic sense, you’re more than capable enough to use the iPhone app to create this faked image. The app does practially everything for you – you just need to pick the ghost image to include.

    The article author is doing even more shoddy journalism by not doing a follow-up on the article based on the article comments.

  14. And I have just used my xmas book token on 59 seconds. I’m slowly working my way through Derren Brown’s reading list!

  15. Wow. Judging by his red uniform, the kid was clearly a child soldier in the British Army, could have been anytime after the civil war, when the Red Coat uniforms were adopted, and before the Boer war when camouflage became the norm. Maybe a Victorian Royal Dragoon Guard, lost in the Opium wars where children were used as messengers. Urgh.

  16. It’s not shoddy journalism it’s viral marketing. I wonder how many Ghost hunter apps they are selling now?

  17. The Metro seem to be on a crusade to proved ghosts are real. I wonder how many times they will be publicly shamed for their stupidity before they finally give up the ghost.

    I have started a flick group capturing the ones I see.

    Psychic sheep - The Metro is at it again.
  18. the picture may be fake, but that doesn’t mean ‘ghost’ or ‘spirits’ don’t exsist? As everybody should be aware; the universe and its laws are 4 percent known, so how can anbody arrogantly! claim and dismiss something they quite clearly do not understand?? open your febel minds folks; thats why you posess one 🙂

  19. Gary is either the most sarcastic troll I have ever read or a true noodle noggin!
    The laws of the universe are not 4% known. We have no idea how much we really know of the total.
    Reminds me of people who say we only use 10% of our brains. Well, maybe YOU do!

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