Want to be happier?  A few years ago I researched the psychology of happiness, and found that one of the best ways of putting a smile on your face was to remember a happy memory.

So, think back over the past 24 hours and then briefly describe your happiest memory in the comments box.

When I did this on Twitter I had a wonderful variety of memories, and lots of people felt happier just reading about the happy memories of others!

Don’t delay.  Post your happy memory from the last 24 hours and look at what other people have written!




  1. Richard Blais, a talented but anguished man, won Top Chef Masters. He had so underminded himself during a prior try for the title, that he turned a fairly sure win into a failure.

  2. After six months as a newbie on the stand-up comedy circuit, I had far-and-away the best gig so far last night. It was so good, and went so well, that a complete stranger stopped me in the street tonight to say he saw me and to tell me how much he’d enjoyed my set. Totally humbled, totally happy with how well it went.

  3. I sing in an acappella quartet and we’ve been working on a song for a competition we go to next week. It all came together and the chords rang, giving that “goose bump” feeling. Feels great to make beautiful music with friends.

  4. I secretly watched my four year old daughter singing and dancing with complete abandon to Queen’s Somebody to Love.

    1. me too 🙂
      kids are the best mirror for parents.
      my friend just told me a story about her husband and 2 year old boy.
      the father brought the boy to pick my friend, and in the middle of the street, other bike passed by giddily. the father spontaneously yelled “ASU!” ( means dog, our cussing word ). right after that, the boy called his father and said “papa……papa acu.. “

  5. Went for an early morning bike ride round the villages near my house and stopped to rest for a few minutes in a churchyard, listening to birds and looking at the flowers. Cliched, perhaps, but made me happy.

  6. If you get tingles down your back listening to a tremendous guitar solo then check out Dragonforce – Through Fire And Flame on youtube. At 3 min and 21 secs you’ll be grinning like a cheshire cat on drugs. Made me happy. Meeaw.

    1. Checked out vid on the dragonforceofficial page on YT, and did like the guitar solo. The whole song wasn’t 2 bad – sort of a cross between purposeful speed rock and meth melody, but cool. Thanks for the ref. Never heard of them b4.

  7. WARNING: DO NOT READ IF OFFENDED! My fondest memory of the past 24 hours is yesterday morning when my lovely, gorgeous, beautiful wife and love of my life performed fellatio on my unmentionable at 6 in the morning, receiving a large package of thanks in return.

    That’s the best I can describe it, and since we work weirdly offset schedules, this is rare. Don’t mean to be too vivid, just brutally honest.

    1. I smiled reading you describe your wife as ‘lovely, gorgeous, beautiful wife and love of my life’. I’ve forgot what it feels like to be so important to someone. And, yeah, about the fellatio… YOU GO GIRL!

    2. Rudy, I’m slightly surprised you needed an explanation for fellatio. Clearly you don’t know your Shakespeare.

      Have you not heard the famous line from Hamlet: “Alas poor Yorick – I knew him Fellatio?”

  8. I was feeling lousy, thought I was coming down with the flu, then a phone chat with my new friend suddenly made me feel better.

  9. I’ve had a very stressful two and a half years of uncertain (temporary and freelance) employment and job hunting. In a month, I’m moving from Minnesota, back in with my family in the California desert to regroup, try to rebuild my finances, and hopefully go back to grad school to study counseling psychology (still waiting for the uni to process my application). A few hours ago, while on the phone with my sister, she suddenly said, “Oh, by the way, did I tell you? [My brother-in-law] has talked to his manager, and she said she’ll hire you.” Yeah, it’s just a pizza place, but knowing that I have a job waiting for me really made my day.

    (And my sister’s friend – who works as a school speech therapist, but has never met me – wants me to apply for a part-time job working with her in the autumn, while I’m [hopefully] restarting school.)

  10. Once in a party I met someone like i didn’t care to meet her. Surprisingly the next day i discovered she was really what i didn’t want to admit i needed. So, we had wonderful times together.

  11. I went out for a walk wearing my new wellies, stomping in puddles and on the wet grass. I felt like I was a kid again (I am 43).

  12. I had the good fortune to stand in front of a gorgeous girl on the tube, with the cutest breasts I have seen for quite some time.

  13. I was very happy with the work that I finished yesterday.

    I work in graphic design. One of our senior designers is leaving soon, and so we’ve all been asked to design a page each to go in a farewell book. I’m not happy that she’s leaving, but I am happy that I’ve designed a page that is worthy of her to the best of my ability.

  14. Two king parrots and a cockatoo sitting in the tree outside my window this morning. A pleasure to watch. (The parrots that is. The cocky just screeched a few times then fucked off).

  15. Believe it or not, it was when I was too tired to work last night and I tried to find something good to watch on TV. There was nothing on any of the channels with the lower numbers, but I persevered… and deep, deep down in the schedules there was an old episode of ‘Minder’ from the 80s, which I used to watch with my dad when I was a kid. I watched it all and it was lovely; it even had a young Ray Winstone in it, who shouted at one point, ‘It’s the river filth!’ (referring to the river police), which was a line I remembered vividly because it made me and my brother laugh, way back then. It was great… I doubt this post will make much sense to anyone outside the UK because I doubt ‘Minder’ travelled particularly well, but it was really good. All right, it’s a bit cliched now (as I found out last night), but it was well worth an hour of my time!

    Ah, nostalgia. It’s not what it used to be, you know.

    Mind you, I would have rather have had Paul Pearson’s happy memory (as above in this thread). 🙂

  16. Reading a national tabloid online about a certain scouse medium, and people posting their views on what they really think about his fraudulent activity. It made me smile because at least it might stop a few grieving people from shelling out their hard earned cash for a few empty words and cold comfort. One day-hopefully, the government will outlaw these charlatans. In the meantime, I’m happy that bit by bit, they are being exposed. 🙂

  17. You are living and see….you hear….thots occur. Now, get to your good side. Dwell there. Do the work that makes you a better person. Blame no one. The darkness has no allure. We all know this. Why fail, then? I have painted this view for 40 yr. Oil on canvas. Publish every great moment of your thinking on the “cloud”. And, don’t forget to use your hands to “draw” your life. Touch your own being. Bare feet in puddles…cricket on wet grass…bright young people around you….dance and smile….with no one watching. I love all of you folks. Party on.

    1. I like your message, Corinne, but I disagree with your statement that the darkness has no allure. The darkness has _incredible_ allure. It’s how we disregard its ‘pull’ (or do not) that is important.

      (At this point I could do the ego/id/superego bit, but I don’t want to bore people, and I’m not sure this is the right place anyway.)

    2. I absolutely agree with David. Darkness often has negative connotations but I find its tranquility alluring. Imagine lying in a field at night, with no streetlights or traffic or bustling people, listening to nothing more than the beat of your own heart and that of the one you love. Bliss

  18. Rain in late afternoon yesterday – I just went out and took a deep breath without worrying about allergies (spring is not so funny with that).

  19. Just so inspired watching Chris McCormack duel it out with Andreas Raelert at last year’s Hawaii Ironman Championship:

    Vow to do that race someday!

  20. Went to see Richard Wisemans’s talk to the sciences museum and discovered how fun are the lete openings at the museum!! Have to go again!! and loved the talk!!

  21. I ride to work on my bicycle to work every morning and on the way I have to take the ferry crossing, along with the many adolescents on bicycles or scooters and mopeds. I was standing next to two of these young lads who were acting very cool and tough, so I just tuned them out and looked out over the water. I pulled my bicycle towards me and I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was one of the young lads, ‘ho ho’, I thought, ‘here we go’. ‘Excuse me sir’ (so I’m a sir now at 40), ‘you dropped your gloves’ and he handed me my gloves. I was flabbergasted and I saw the image of the cool, tough guy transform into a polite young man. His parents would be proud of him.

  22. My friend and I spent a lot of maths class today singing beauty and the beast songs… a little too loudly
    And also converting all our truncus graphs into pictures of trees and birds-eye views of elephant heads.
    Our teacher probably thinks we’re having too much fun in maths.

  23. I have a bunch of daffodils in the house in a vase. I am currently off sick from work and these flowers make me smile everytime I look at them and make me think of spring days and blue skies and what I am going to enjoy once I am able to get out again

  24. It was a long week going on and i was not able to get adequate sleep for some days and yesterday bcoz of the semifinal the office declared a half day and i had the best ever sleep in months… i was so happy that i cant describe it. just a mere break from work on a odd day can cause such happiness , i wasn’t aware of that.

  25. I got extremely happy yesterday when noticing I had probably lost weight and also my lung infection seemed to be getting better. Also, opening the balcony door at night and breathing the fresh night air seemed to connect me to some happy place. The air seemed to have changed from winter and felt like Spring! And today, the sun is up once again.

  26. The last couple of days at work have been a bit crappy and my head has been in a stressy/fuzzy place but what made me happy was exchanging text messages with my friend’s 16 year old son about Radio 1’s Big Weekend coming to Carlisle where he lives. He’s very excited as some of his favourite bands are playing but has a wonderfully cynical/sarcastic take on things too which always makes me smile.

  27. Out on a morning power walk, sun shining and I as walked under a cherry tree the wind gusted and I was treated to a snowstorm of confetti-like beautiful pale pink blossom. A fleeting, but lovely moment that left me grinning like a kid…

  28. Hearing that someone I love a lot has been discharged from hospital after years of monitoring for a heart condition – he’s 11 years old.

  29. I remember the days when it used to rain and there were streams of water outside my house. Used to make boats and let them sail. To see them flowing and finally ending up in the sewer was very amusing. Sometimes, the boat would topple and then I would place it back. The jumping on collected water in the puddles and splashing the dirty water on anyone nearby,,, this can’t be forgotten. good old childhood days…….

  30. Before you are gone….people around you say: You are extremely generous! You are so bubbly, you put champagne to shame. You are the most fun person I have ever met. You have a delightfully wonderful bright outlook! You have such a loving and free spirit. You are full of life and fun. Everyone should be blessed with a friend like you at least once in their life.

    1. I was going to post the same thing. That’s usually the happiest bit of each day and makes me smile when I remember the silly conversations we have.

  31. my wife got the result of her most recent mamogram this morning its all clear not only that a very kind doc and medical staff fast forwarded the result. it was an anxious wait considering she had breast cancer 4 years ago. all cancer survivors play the russian roulette game never knowing if that symptom is benign or malignant. We are over the moon! happy days

  32. My son on stage in a play that his middle school wrote and performed. My daughter on my lap in rapt attention through the whole thing.

  33. I spent the weekend with my friend – the most generous man I have ever met. He’s generous with his affections, his time, his warmth, his money, his home. He made me feel wanted, cared for and appreciated. And I felt happy.

  34. Getting some relief from a stuffy nose this morning after putting up with 6 weeks of sneezing and sniffing was almost worth framing for a moment in time it felt that good. Simple cure, warm, saline water made from a ‘kit’ bought from a pharmacy. The air smelled glorious this morning.

  35. Discovering that ‘feeling good’ can be switched on/ off by yourself.
    Good news, an inspiring meeting can change your state of mind. This proves that we can control this mechanism, ability to turn that switch. It is very promising and comforting to find that out: just the idea that you rely on yourself and that you are not a tool of all kind of extrenal complicated mechanisms. And yes, drugs can do that, but apparently we can produce the necessary chemicals ourselves. Exercise…!!!
    Of course every one knows this already, but one has to find it out him/her self to believe it.

  36. After staying at home with the kids for 10 years, I am now looking for work. (realising how under-experienced, under-trained and frankly under-educated I am) I got a phone call yesterday accepting me for funding to do a course which will get me on the road to employment. That made me happy.

  37. My girlfriend and I are in a six year long distance relationship. I’m in Connecticut, she’s in Germany. I work as a customer service rep and yesterday was rough day. A lot of upset customers, which means upset service reps, come up to me to try to solve problems and calm people down.
    I get back to my desk just before I leave to go home when my girlfriend came on MSN IM. She typed that she needed to talk. I braced myself, and typed back “okay. what’s wrong?”
    She proceeded to complain about her guild on the MMORPG she plays. Not only did I get instantly cheered up, it make me feel good that my girlfriend is a gamer. 🙂

  38. In the morning my 3-year-old son and I planted a tree together in our new garden, then he wanted me to tell him about dinousaurs. After that we made a den. This is pure happiness for me.

  39. I brought my wife flowers and she said “aww i LOVE you” with emphasis on the love and as if I didn’t know.. 🙂 it was happy

  40. We found a house where we can see ourselves raising our family. We’re expecting our first child in October and can’t wait to start nesting. We go make an offer on the house tonight.

  41. That’s a toss up. It was either the 4 year old last night when I said good night throwing his arm around me, giving me a big hug, and saying, “I love you, dad,” or it was the 1 year old breaking out in a huge grin and crawling towards me making excited noises. Really cool when the baby is happy and excited to see you.

  42. After six long months of Canadian winter, yesterday brought lots of warm sunshine, tweeting birds and melting snow. Hooray!

  43. Attended a party last night thrown by my university professor, who is also a venture capitalist, at his beautiful home. I went with one of my best friends, and we met some lovely new people; I usually hate cocktail parties.

  44. Coached soccer practice for my daughters 11-14 yo team last night. They’re good. Better than I was at that age.

    And that makes me happy.

  45. I cheered up after hearing a boy my age, who happens to be my favorite contestant, sing my most favorite song in the reality show I watch everyday. Though they look nothing alike, he somehow reminded me of my boyfriend 🙂

  46. (It’s a bit long, but bear with me)
    My grandma passed away a couple of weeks ago and having a catholic family but being atheist, I usually end up going through some hoops to be with my family during the mourning periods. Usually this takes the form of me sucking it up and this time I decided to go with my mom (it was her mom that passed away) to show her some support. I don’t really like it, but I do it to be there for here.
    There’s a part of the mass where everybody kneels down, right? I spent the whole thing sitting down and zoning out due to boredom, so as everybody kneels I’m still on the chair. This church has some things you pull down to kneel on, and my brother, who’s to my right, brings it down on my pinky toe and before I can react kneels on top of the thing. My inner self couldn’t contain yelling out loud “Ay pendejo !” (I’m mexican, this roughly translates to “You f_ck_r!” in the middle of a dead silence while everbody was praying or whatever.
    My brother and I could barely contain our laughs
    It’s weird, but as we afterwards retold the story to other people who asked us what was wrong with us, everybody would let out a big laugh, which brought some levity to the whole mourning thing.

    thanks for bearing through the long reply, hope it made YOU laugh too

  47. When I found out that one of my lovely members of staff, who always puts a smile on my face, got the job I urged him to apply for at the Science Festival. It makes me happy as he is incredibly excited about the position and he deserves the success that will come from it.

    I’m so proud of him!

  48. I broke up with my boyfriend. I know, not exactly happy. But I also realised how amazing my friends are. And somehow that outweighs the sadness. I know, cringy right? But ah well!

  49. I’m retired, and every day creates happy memories. I’ve just had two incredible days of deep powder skiing, run after run floating in untracked knee deep snow. It rocks.

  50. i felt really happy after volunteering my time to tuition kids at the family centre last night.

    sometimes joy comes from that of others 🙂

  51. Worked several hours on a painting of a woodpecker in flight carrying a strike-anywhere match in his mouth and dynamite in his claws.

    Know the reference? Anywho – I was so happy to paint and to have the company of my cats while doing so. 🙂

  52. Reading back the replies on herehas put a smile on my face. Today is going to be a good day, I’m going to make sure it is.:)

  53. Reaching home and taking a shower after a day of

    a) A cancelled conf-call for which I had done a lot of work.
    b) Someone standing me up (he promised to deliver a train ticket from Frankfurt to Munich and didn’t show up; and wouldn’t answer my call.)
    c) Having to take the ticket at a much higher price
    d) and finally a 90 minute delay with German Railway.

    reaching home was finally a relief, rather than happiness.

  54. The feeling of coming home again after a few days of business travelling. Kissed my wife, pet my dog and lied a few minutes on my bed. Took a shower, played some Gran Turismo 5 and ate a simple yet excellent dinner.

    I realised how happy I am that I don’t always need to reach for the stars. They are found in these small moments of everydays life.

  55. 1 year ago i made a vow to return to the island at the same time i made a wish that my ex and me will at least be on talking terms ago. 1 year later i fulfilled my vow and managed to get my ex talking back to me after a drunken sms exchange. Not such a bad deal after all considering the amount of vodka i wasted

  56. My sons and some kids from the neighborhood had a sleepover in a tent in our backyard last night. My younger son not only set up the tent all by himself, but made it all the way through the night in the tent without getting scared – both firsts for him (rock on, little guy!). Just listening to them whispering and giggling out in the tent until late in the night, I couldn’t help but feel happy.

    Having 5 kids at my dinner table, rather than the regular two, and taking them all out for ice cream afterward – now that was an experience.

  57. I’m in China (I’m British). My wife is Chinese – yesterday we went to her ancestral home in Hang Zhou to observe Qing Ming (tomb sweeping day). All the family (40 or so people) gathered to climb the nearby hill and visit the burial mound of her grandfather’s father. First we sat down as a family and had a huge traditional lunch, with the men folk testing my alcohol drinking potency (I’m from the North of England so it was easy to impress) and then we headed up the mountain (more of a hill really), there were enough obstacles on the way to make it interesting without being actually dangerous. Several people carried various offerings, incense, flowers, food, fake money to be burned (to pass up to the afterlife) etc. We arrived at the mound, shoveled new dirt onto it to keep it alive, Food was placed before the mound as an offering and then we, in order of family age, bowed 9 times to the mound. After that one of the senior family members told me I had to climb a little above the mound and urinate as it was a tradition, which I did. Everyone was laughing and then he told me they were joking (I took it as a right of passage). We then ate the food that had been offered. All of this was done without the slightest sense of religious necessity, seriousness, or sentiment – it was just a jolly day out for everyone and a chance to meet distant relatives.

  58. I was standing outside a party at 1 in the morning last night with my mate. I told him that he is my best friend in the world (literally – better than any friends I have in my home country), and I told him how much I’m going to miss him when I go home in 12 weeks. I told him that I love him. He told me he loves me too. Then we hugged for ten minutes.

  59. I had a lovely warm hug from a lovely new friend from work when we said goodbye yesterday evening (my last day at work).

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