Two nice movement illusions today.  Everyone and their dog sent me the following….

and Maximilien S sent me this…

Did they work for you?  Which one is best?


  1. Both of them worked for me, but the first one was a kind of throb and then it was gone. It didn’t happen a second time. The second one made me feel a bit ill, to be honest. But then, I’m feeling a bit ill anyway so it might have been a coincidence.

  2. Neither one does anything in this size. If I view them full size, the top one still doesn’t do anything, but the bottom one is quite nice.

  3. Top one is more subtle and overpowered by the 2nd one when presented together.
    2nd one is amazing, but I also like the gentle movement of the 1st, which you don’t notice until you look hard.

  4. Both worked. Second one was the most extreme, though I have to admit that I had a hard time even looking at the thing as it made me somewhat nauseous.

    1. Hello Sebastian,

      My name is Julie Coquart and I’m a french journalist. I’m working on a special feature concerning Optical Illusions and I wonder if you knew who created this crazy illusion (the violet, white and green fractals one) !
      Would you like to send me an e-mail if you know it or if you remember where you found it ?

      Thank you so much ! It’s pretty urgent…
      Best regards,

  5. The first one only works for me if I don’t look at it diretly – in the corner of my eye it’s amazing.
    Second one works fine always.

  6. I think I’ve worked out what’s causing it. When you look directkly at one of the words, your binocular vision fixes the distance. When you are not looking at one of them, the color-sensing gear estimates its distance, and it comes up with a different value.
    Look at one of the words, and leave your eyes there. The “moving” words settle down, but jut out from the page.

  7. I can tell by the architecture that the first one is a train on the Washington, D.C. Metro. So yeah, it moves, but it is very late and the escalator doesn’t work.

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