@jbrownridge kindly sent me this and I think it is lovely….

Did you see the twist coming?


  1. I don’t think I would have guessed the twist if you hadn’t prompted me to look for one by asking the question underneath. But once I saw that, I figured it out immediately.

  2. Thursday is when you ask everyone…”What are you doing this week-end?”
    Then, you set it up yourself. You have all of your players…go get that week-end. Do it.

    1. Tuesday is when you ask Corinne…”What are you talking about?”
      Then, you send a reply yourself. You are one of the replies… go ask that question. Do it.

  3. I guessed the twist, but possibly because I’d been prompted to expect one I started to imagine an even twistier twist. I had my expectations set on the fact that I was looking at it at ninety degrees and it was going to be something completely different. Which is why I was looking at my screen from a funny angle, much to the amusement of my manager 🙂

  4. I watched the Clip and thought it would be better if already turned over…then i recognized that the reflected sky was brighter than the sky with the clouds… and then (i expected a stone to be thrown) as the girl appeared… very lovely…(the thrown rock would have destroyed the sight for all others so this is the better solution even thouth a pan would have done too…)

  5. At first I suspected it could be a blue-screen (the girl as a little weird “border”) but yeah at 720p you can see some tiny ripples in the lake-landscape.

  6. curious to know if you can find out what language he is speaking 🙂

    it’s my native country, but perhaps the dialect makes it difficult.

    please dont post if you are from the same country 😉

  7. I didn’t read the note about the twist until after I saw it, but I assumed the clip had been filmed upside down from the start – simply because you posted it on your blog.

  8. Well, since I saw the words “Did you see the twist coming?” before I saw the video, it was pretty easy to guess from the preview image what the twist would be. So yeah, I saw it coming.

  9. spotted it pretty immediately. Cause reflections are nearly always darker then the original image and the bottom sky is much brighter. Still a nice video.

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