The wonderfully talented Jamie D. Grant kindly sent me one of his great “Anything Is Possible” bottle (it’s like a ship in a bottle, but with a sealed deck of cards), and it now has pride of place in my office.  Each one hand made by Jamie and sold for $100 (details here).   As part of a campaign to add more wonder to the world, Jamie leaves his “Anything Is Possible” bottles out on the street for random people to find!

This made me think about other impossible objects.  One of my favourites is this great mirror cube….

and there is this great impossible triangle….

But there is another way of creating an impossible triangle…..can you figure it out…..answer after the break…..

Did you figure it out?








  1. I like the last one, but I would bet that it doesn’t work in 3D. What happens if you look at it with both eyes open?

  2. I can think of one way to make the bottle.
    I would love to see the bottom triangle with both eyes to see if it still holds up. it is brilliant in a picture.

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