….great illusory movement illusions from @nedatutu…..

Does it work for you?  If not, try clicking on it and opening it up full size.


  1. It definitely works; but can I ask a question? And I ask this not in any cynical or sarcastic manner, but with a genuine desire to know. What is the point of these ‘illusions’? I know they are very clever, but someone has spent time and effort to create this, so is it for the purposes of sales or some sort of promotion, or does it help us understand something about the brain? I’m honestly curious.

    1. These illusions show us that we don’t see what is ‘out there’, but only what our brain constructs. Our entire visual reality is one giant visual illusion which, in the normal course of events, accurately reflects the way the world really is. Noticing the cracks in the brain’s visual processing algorithms helps us to understand better what our brain is up to.

  2. Yes, it works for me at full size – the inner section seems to jiggle.

    It’s something to do with the ‘shading’ on the little stars. If you rotate the centre so that the shading matches the outer stars, it doesn’t seem to move any more.

    So I’m guessing that it’s the brian wanting the shading to match that causes the illusion of movement in some way.

  3. According to the Gestalt psychology theories our brain’s trying to work out the simplest (most likely) pattern for the whole image. So I guess, as it struggles to present something meaningful it’s switching between two or three views that might be right. Am I close?

  4. The interesting part for me is that this image clearly shows you how much your eyes are moving, while you think you are keeping them fixed. It needs quiet a lot of effort to make the image stop moving (to force your eyes to focus on exactly the same spot).

  5. I found that if I focused on the central square the border appeared to move. When I focused on the border the square did. Would I be right in assuming the illusion somehow exploits our peripheral vision?

  6. hey guys i just tried taking the middle part of the illusion and rotating it 180 to find the illusion no longer worked…. interesting haha

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