Caption competition….


Time for a caption competition……

Give it a go and comment on your favourite ones!


110 comments on “Caption competition….

  1. Jane Hobson says:

    It’s obviously designed by a man – it’s talking at my tits.

  2. Jane Hobson says:

    Proof that, to a guy, it really doesn’t matter what you wear….he’ll always just focus on your tits, non-existent or otherwise.

  3. Jane Hobson says:

    She: “Does my bum look big in this?”
    He: “I have no idea, I’m looking at your tits – do you really expect me to multitask?”

  4. Mike Bethany says:

    We’re calling it the Sony Penis Head for now.

  5. ButMadNNW says:

    “Brain the size of a planet, and all she wants from me is fashion advice?”

  6. Marc Brooks says:

    With a brain the size of a small planet, I still can’t figure out why you would wear those socks with that pair of shorts.

  7. M Matthews says:

    To robot: I don’t think you are going to fit in this MRI scanner

  8. Mike says:

    “how old do i look”
    “er, 42?”

  9. Michael Kingsford Gray says:

    Marvin was bitterly disappointed with his new creation.

  10. Gareth Burge says:

    Not today Marv…I don’t think you need any more head…

  11. Martin Orman says:

    Trillion soon realised that shopping at “Slartybartfasts World of Dildos” was not such a good idea after all.

  12. cfssufferer says:

    Male robot no longer has floppy ‘disk’

  13. Cosmin Romania says:

    “Dude, you surely have a big head”

  14. Tracy says:

    The last two competitors in the line dancing competition go head to head.

  15. Michael says:

    “I wish I had some dingle berries”

  16. JimC says:

    “You look a little different from the picture on your profile”

  17. Alex says:

    Stop using my exercise ball as your head!

  18. Jon Treadway says:

    Well, if you can bend your hips like that, YOU clearly don’t have any problems with the diodes down your left side.

  19. Paul Pearson says:

    marvin: “There are so many holes in front of me, I don’t know what do do!”

  20. M says:

    “Why the **** did I marry you?” said the robot.

  21. Phaser Rave says:

    “Why bother?”
    “Would you like me to stick my head in a bucket of water?”

  22. This PROVES evolution is rubbish. Billions of years of trying, and the best it can do is a creature with hardly any space for a brain and ridiculously long legs.

  23. Keith says:

    “….then he changed the title of his book from 59 to 42 seconds and ended up as President of the Galactic Universe. No idea where the second head came from though…..”

  24. gustav says:

    “You’re running android and want to do some multi touch? That’s a bad pickup line!”

  25. edwardv says:

    Marvin loses the staring contest.

  26. TS says:

    “Alright let’s see what you can do, take it away”

    ♫ It was a teenage wedding, and the old folks wished them well
    You could see that Pierre did truly love the madamoiselle
    And now the young monsieur and madame have rung the chapel bell,
    “C’est la vie”, say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell ♫

  27. Noel Lackey says:

    did you just fart

  28. Ooutrageously Camp Patient says:

    Oi, Robot. Have you left your cock attachment lying around again?

  29. “i know I asked for a man with big balls but this is rediculous!”

  30. Noel Lackey says:

    robot to girl: Erm…is the blue bit called tits?

  31. JJ says:

    Felicity wishes she had gone for the SMALL butt plug.

  32. Mike Todd says:

    President Palin inspects ‘Balls-Eye’, the new gender detection robot. Balls-Eye will spearhead the Tea Party campaign against transvestites and cross-dressing terrorists.

  33. Codifier says:

    Marvin: Nice software!

    (Yes, I know where this joke originated so shoot me!)

  34. Sean Hurley says:

    “Yeah, so then Sir Alex said I wanna sign you up. See you at training next week… Can I buy you a drink love?”

  35. Andrew Wheeler says:

    Trillion to Marvin – “Why stop now, just when I was beginning to enjoy it!”

  36. AMWhy says:

    The design a mannequin competition had some very contrasting outcomes.

  37. Nevlem says:

    Ahh so that’s a camel toe

  38. Nevlem says:

    You know what they say about robots with big heads don’t you luv?
    Yes, big hats!

  39. Ian Fantile says:

    Girl: You have a very big head that looks vaguely phallic, like a big phallus,
    ha! ha! I said a big phallus.
    Robot: you are dressed in a way that provokes deeply sad people to post puerile sexist comments.
    Is that what you wanted Professor Wiseman?? Is it??

  40. Capnfuture says:

    Again, and without permission, Charlotte crept down to cruelly taunt the machine with another of her interminable Vogue challenges.

  41. Nevlem says:

    There were definitely two pork pies in the fridge last night!

  42. Kristian says:

    One of the stranger side effects of the infinite improbability drive, was Marvin acquiring a taste for beauty.
    He said he couldn’t be blamed.

    Or some variation of this…

  43. Ian Reeve says:

    Twiki, you’ve had a makeover!
    Look who’s talking, Buck.

  44. Vickieye says:

    Trillion; “42? Are you calling me FAT? Brain the size of a small planet and you think I have 42inch hips? Marvin; have you been plugging into the improbablity drive again”?

    Marvin; “I’ll just keep a-hem… Visually measuring until I get it right then….”

  45. Richard B says:

    Robotic royal wedding dress designer makes a break with tradition.

  46. FrankN.Stein says:

    Hellooo – and thanks for all the t*ts….

  47. uksceptic says:

    And what are you supposed to have come as?

  48. mittfh says:

    Exclusive! New ISIHAC host and Samantha pictured together for the first time!

    (Let’s face it – Marvin would make a brilliant host for ISIHAC!)

  49. Susan says:

    Hey! My eyes are up here.

  50. John Vale says:

    “Any chance of me getting a little head? I’ve had enough of this big one!”

  51. Jason says:

    Robot “If I said you had a beautiful body would you tighten my nuts?”

  52. Tom Green says:

    Totty robotty

  53. Andreu says:

    Not this one yet, but eventually I will succed in constructing a model that likes my socks.

  54. Martin says:

    Marvin, “I’m sorry, I thought you said look at my thighs !”

  55. Laupsavea says:

    behind me? Oh, Marvin, that’s just the power supply unit for my new Ipad 2.

  56. Noel Lackey says:

    Doctor, I am afflicted with a bald patch

  57. Duxall Inarow says:

    wow – they – really – do – go – all – the – way – up

  58. holon66 says:

    Until you stop dressing me like a fucking schoolgirl before sessions, I will have to shut down your Xbox connection.

  59. Does my head look big in this?

  60. Simon McArthur says:

    Hips vs. Chips

  61. davidmccool says:

    “I’m not accussing anybody. All I’m saying is if my spare finger isn’t in it’s box and it’s not under the couch, then I guess…”

  62. Helene says:

    I canæt deside wether Marv is looking at her tits or at her… well, down there.

  63. Graham says:

    “i see, so you are my partner for Strictly Come Dancing, well I suppose there’s always the ROMba”

  64. LincsDave says:

    Damn it Kryten….I don’t care if it is fancy dress, you’re not going out looking like that.

  65. andedavs says:

    tartan socks and hotpants….does not compute…does not compute

  66. Noel says:


  67. Capnfuture says:

    That was the moment she truly grasped the irresistible, mesmerizing power of Riverdance.

  68. alice says:

    girl ” wow your hard is so big”
    robot ” yeah well its not your head im looking at sweetheart, fancy a can of oil or whatever us you British drink, what do i know i was made in china, ya know quite the small talk GET YA TIT OUT LOVE!”

  69. Jason B. says:

    Well, this was the biggest waste of money ever — I’m going back to the iPhone.

  70. Trillion to Marvin: “Did you borrow my hair net again?”

  71. SimonH says:

    Oh! I guess I won’t be needing the orgasmatron!

  72. Marvin, I only want you for your mind.

  73. BIG Omi says:

    If i tilt too much, my head would fall off 😀

  74. BIG Omi says:

    WTF, we were promised princess Leia in gold bikini, and here’s a dude in blue shorts! FRAUD FRAUD

  75. vodkaanimal says:

    (She says) “Oh, come on, Steve, I know it’s you! This disguise won’t help you. I don’t want you!”

  76. mr beak says:

    Robot denies ANY connection with Mankind

  77. mr beak says:

    Pregnant…. How?

  78. Henry says:

    Why are you wearing my head buffer as underwear?

  79. Pat says:

    Japanese Innovation

    Re-defining “ballin'” since 1945.

  80. deepak says:

    where is the real stuff !!!

  81. Fable Fox says:

    Just asking, why a lot of the caption is sexually oriented?

  82. Derek says:

    Todd Palin, dressed as Robot, “Sarah, what do you think the chances of you becoming President of the United States if details of our cosplay hit the internet thingy?”

  83. Steve T. says:

    “But, I’ve never heard of the ‘Robot-superior’ position!”

  84. JoJester says:

    Blue short shorts are soooo last season

  85. Anonymous says:

    ” i wish i was human =L “

  86. Jason K says:

    Star Date March 2099 Top Gear reveals the latest “Stig”

  87. Soph Laugh says:

    Why aren’t you wearing your matching shorts?

  88. Jeremy Clarkson DVDs…

    Caption competition…. « Richard Wiseman…

  89. clawz161 says:

    trillian(thinking):i wonder if everything is proportional…

  90. lifeinyes says:

    hey, don’t worry, we can still be friends

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