The Psychologist (the magazine of the British Psychological Society) have kindly produced this skeptical parody of the X-Files poster to help mark the launch of Paranormality. You can download a full size version of it by clicking here.

Also, I am speaking at the BPS event, Psychology for All, on the 26th March in London. Hope you can make it.

Some more odd images today…..this made me think….

this made me wonder if it was fake….

and this made me feel ill…..

Which is your favourite?


  1. #1 upside down
    #2 likely photoshopped
    #3 scatological

    Personally, I prefer #1 because it plays with perspective and your senses and is really a good illusion. It requires you to see things from a new ‘angle’ if you will.

    The other two? meh…

    BTW, FIRST!!

  2. The first one is great. The second one looks photoshopped when examining the legs of the lower most holder-uppers. Still cool though. I wonder if the third was on purpose or just an accident.

  3. The best is the one with the shadows… if you turn the image 180° everything seems normal, and possibly it is not shopped…

    the Lenticularis is nice.. and the other two are a bit too un-subtile

    Would like to know if 3 is shopped..

  4. cloud: I just love those naturally occurring illusions.
    shadows: just turn your head (or the image) 180 degrees and everything is perfectly normal.
    Athlete: probably shopped….
    Women: I’ve seen many such photos. Fountains, trick of angles, whatever. Since the event is not actually what it is supposed to be, there is no ill feeling. I just know nothing truly disgusting happens, and so I don’t feel sick. I’m not amused either though.

  5. The 1st is best.
    The 2nd is a bunch of posed digital images SHOPped onto another image.
    Cute and good work but seen better.
    The 3rd is silly and is a posed perspective shot and has been done many times. I think the naughtyness is what makes it.

  6. To see the 1st picture 180 degrees around without twisting your neck and looking like a wild goose. –Press “ctrl-alt-down arrow” together.
    To bring back normal screen, press the same again but with “up” arrow.

    The picture IS perfectly normal but the idea is simply wonderful :3

  7. I like one best as it’s real, simple and so effective.

    two made me smile but it looks so obviously photoshopped that it detracts.

    three made me giggle as its again simple and has a sense of fun

  8. 1st pic I liked the best. Hate skeptics. Just because one incident can be shown to have a rational explanation, doesn’t mean that they all do. If a skeptic witnessed a truly unexplained occurence, s/he would close their eyes, turn away and deny that it ever happened at all. Skeptics have closed minds. They were probably restricted from using their imaginations when they were younger by dull parents – something which they have never got back. They would probably have been lonely children – being abandoned by the friends as they could not participate in any of the developemental games due to their lack of wit and creativity. They probably developed their skepticism after their imaginary friend abandoned them; God bless them!

  9. Oh !

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the first picture with upside-down walking shadows !!! I saw it a few years ago and I didn’t manage to find it again, I was a bit sad about it.

    And thank you for your blog I’m following 2 or 3 times a week. First comment here but I have been coming here for some months already.

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