Love this….

and wonder if this is fake….

What do you think?


  1. If you zoom in on the second image, you can see clearly where the person on the left was erased. (You can even see the squiggles from the erasing brush).

  2. Actually the second one could be done without photoshop. Wouldn’t be easy, but it could be done.
    For a reflection, the person in the reflection doesn’t have to be standing on the floor. You can also see they are not standing on something solid if they are suspended, and as you can see most of their bodies, that means harnesses and wires holding them even higher.
    They would only need to be a foot or so off the ground maybe 1 1/2 foot back from the shoes to be just out of frame.
    Then just place shoes (different size to take account of the change in distance) over the reflections from the cameras point of view.
    Having said that, this particular photo does look like it was photoshopped… just saying it could be done if you really wanted to.

  3. The 2nd one is a straight photo of the 4 best secret agents in the CIA but their bare feet are hurt by the road so they have sneakers on.

  4. When I first glanced at the second one I saw four Pierson’s Puppeteers…

    Seriously clever photo! Obviously easy in image manipulation software, and I think even I could manage it with my limited skills – but the idea is simple and effective.

  5. I agree with Charles, you could do the second photo w/o manipulation. But you don’t need harnesses or wires, just a transparent beam for them to stand on. Enough plexiglass, perhaps?

  6. I had seen the first one before, a cousin of mine sent it to me, it might have been coincidence, that somebody caught the birds on that exact position, it can be manipulated, but what really matters, and this is where we have to put aside our scientific thinking, is that is a gorgeous image, made to bring a smile to people’s faces, the second one is very exciting as well, lovely images

  7. the last one is fake, if the only light source is the son.
    after the light fund Offensive the shoe, the light going in Straight Line.
    so, the leg Section can’t be real, like this shape:
    sory about my bad english

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