Love this sign (sent to me by Emma H and Neda T)….

Four more great ones after the break….

Which is your favourite?


  1. My favourite “warning” about watching your kids is delivered by the ride operators at the end of Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise: “Any children left behind will be taken over to ‘it’s a small world’, have their feet nailed to the floor, and be made to sing that song over and over in 30 different languages.”

    1. That’s a seriously cruel punishment – I visited there 10 years ago and that song is STILL stuck in my head!

  2. The first sign – polite yet clear. My diner has pretty much the same sign up.

    As a photo, I love the last one. The framing is OK, but the lighting is just gorgeous!


  3. I’ve seen the joke in the first sign many times, and often it is used in making simple and polite requests in a humorous way in is very effective. But in this case, if I saw this sign outside a restaurant I would turn around and go somewhere else, they clearly don’t want my business.

    Of course I’m going to keep my child at the table to the best of my ability, but guess what? They’re not going to sit there as long as it takes everyone in my party to eat. So I’m going to get up and walk around the restaurant with them. And you know what? They might (gasp) talk to other customers. They’re not going to tear your restaurant apart, I’m not going to let them break things or be rowdy, but I’m not going to hold them in their seat till the scream bloody murder. These folks have made an assumption about parents and children based on a few bad apples, or else they don’t really love kids. The bad people are going to ignore your sign, the good ones are going to be offended by it. But hey, if you don’t want my party of eight’s money, go right ahead and insult us before we walk in the door. There are other restaurants that do want my money.

    1. I think you may have missed the word “unattended”. I have 3 children 4 and under and I TOTALLY agree that sometimes you want to get up and walk around with them vs. letting them sit at your table, crying. That’s not “unattended”.
      This sign is referring to the ridiculous parents who let their children get up and walk around “UNATTENDED” and bother others. I’ve seen it–it’s rude and inconsiderate.
      Why are people so quick to take offense to a stupid sign that is there in the interest of ALL its customers? Sheesh.

    2. The problem is that the sign starts with “We love kids, but please keep yours at your table! (with lots of underlining) They’ve immediately set me off before they go on to the joke, which is set off by a line. The unattended part is in the joke, and the joke is fine as far as it goes. It’s at a children’s bookstore I frequent, it’s on the wall at my veterinarian’s office, but it’s not preceded by an insulting assumption that I’m going to allow my kids to misbehave. There are enough people out there who don’t think parents should bring their kids to any restaurant but McDonald’s that reading that first part clearly tells me that my kids aren’t welcome. Simple enough, I’d take my business elsewhere.

    3. Hey, it’s not so hard to keep your kids at the table.

      I have an eight year old and a two year old, and they always remain at the table while we are at a restaurant. There’s no need to let them run about the place if you engage with them.

    4. Sorry, I have three kids (boys, even) and they really did manage to stay in their seats most of the time and we went to the lobby or outdoors if there were some problem or there was a need to run.

      Honestly though? If I wanted to talk to your child, I’d stop by your table on the way out. I’m a big winker and smiler at babies and love to see kids out behaving in restaurants. BUT, I and everyone else gets sick of the parent who spends 5 minutes at your table “amusing” us with their child…and then comes back again. Also not appreciated is the child running and yelling between the tables — and believe me wait staff doesn’t want to step on your child, spill food on your child, or trip on your child. Or the parent wandering behind their child begging them not to put their food covered hands on people or grab things off of other tables. Not stopping them, mind you, just sort of following and whining at them.

      I agree with the person above — ATTENDED is the key word and to me it includes not interrupting in any big way the eating enjoyment of others!

  4. When you get to my daughters house you see the 5th sign at the entrance and a large dog on the porch.
    A find nothing wrong with the 4th, but the first is real poetic justice! Luv it!

  5. Great post! My favorite–for comedy reasons–is definitely the first. I think the drunk driving one should probably be posted on every road everywhere.

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