1. Went to the Camera Obscura a few years ago. Absolutely brilliant place! Been recommending it to people ever since. Can’t believe how little known it is, I’ve only met one other person who’s heard of it, and he was a taxi driver from Edinburgh. His friend, also a taxi driver from Edinburgh hadn’t!

    Go visit this place.

  2. Everything has been seen before and many times. Most are very old. You expect people that are going to attend haven’t seen those before? 😉

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  4. I totally dig this idea, but . . . who writes the first letters you guys or us? (above says, you guys, but the email I got just said we write them.) What is the subject matter? Can we write about anything? I can imagine this can be a lot cheaper than therapy or medication for some folks. Can we include pics of our cats? How about recipes for vegan cupcakes? There is actually a chance I may possibly have interesting things to write about. What is the statistical probability that the reader will treatment? Good idea! You are all awesome. Please advise.

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