Tickets for the next Edinburgh Secret Society event go on sale at 10 a.m. today.  Details here.

The other day I made this little video showing the rubber band illusion……

Can you figure it out?  Please do not post your solution but feel free to say if you have solved it!


    1. So I decided to believe that Sarah is not an accomplice in a cheap production and that we did see a “genuine” magic trick. That of course leaves the magician to lie, as always 😉

      Taking into account topology, the properties of a rubber band, and Richard’s theatrics, I figured it out. The book site confirmed my suspicion.

  1. I can think of two methods, but one involves the band being stretchy enough to climb through! For a moment I thought you were going to perform ‘crazy mans handcuffs’ – a lovely and simple illusion.

  2. It took me a couple of minutes thinking about it, you just have to not make any assumptions about what you see. It took me longer than that to find the video solution to check I was right…

  3. Yes, I solved the problem with my first thought, and the video explanation on the Amazon website confirmed it. I have seen both Derren Brown and Peter Clifford do similar illusions. The fun is both in the experience and the guessing!

  4. Putting aside the feasible way, there’s a way to do it with one elastic band, a very very elastic one. Imagine the adequate emoticon here. Well, in fact there are two.

  5. I have one solution. But I wonder if it’s also yours. In the words “If at any point I release your thumb…” is where I found the clue to the mystery. Am I right?

    (@GeneralDumbo: That is not a mystery but an amazing singularity beyond human understanding)

  6. I did figure it out and confirmed it on the Amazon site, but I had to think about it for a bit.

    Hint: the rubber band is not extra stretchy.

  7. I guessed correctly, then I found a rubber band on MY thumb, I can honestly say that the prof has never let go of my thumb either so how did he do that?

  8. First attempt at working it out required sarah to be an identical twin and richard to have 3 arms… second attempt at working it out and I came up with the right answer. 🙂

  9. How can this be called a trick if we get a blank screen for a couple of seconds? We are only taking his word for it that he didn’t let go of her thumb.

    1. By the way, i think it’s cooler when you don’t have to lie. When i perform my tricks i never lie, and the effect is still awesome. And i could do this one without lying too.

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