Following up on yesterdays photos, here are two more that are a tad less rude…



  1. The second one is an obvious photoshop, you can even see remains of the womans forearm on the elbow of the man on the left. Also the lighting on the added forearm of the woman is different from the rest of the photo

    1. Yeah, Samuel is right. No photoshop. It looks completely unreal, but it is the woman’s hand with the mic, what looks like her hand is the person behind her. It’s all the blue that does it.

  2. It took a while before I understood the second one. But yes, the woman is holding the microphone. Someone is behind her and that persons arm looks like its hers.

    Nice one!

    The first one also put a smile on my face, but that one is easy.

  3. Yes, the second one took a while to be “deciphered.” I initially thought that it might have been photoshopped, but apparently not.

  4. At first I thought the second photo was an obvious photoshop. After reading the coments above I took a closer look… the photo appears to be genuine. Just try covering up the arm that first appears to belong to the woman.

  5. cool pics, both indicate a smaller person behind the main subject, the hand that appears to be the woman’s right hand, is obviously a man’s hand, and the one with the mic does look as a female hand, and why would the guy hold his hand up if he didn’t hold her arm?

  6. The real question I have about the second picture is what’s with the creepy bare arm at the far right of the image? It doesn’t look fake so much as totally out of place.

    1. In the more contentious lower picture we see three rows of people: 3 persons in front (the two men each holding one of the woman’s arms), 2 in the middle (both obscured save for one arm each), and 1 man in the back. At first I thought this photo was was crudely manipulated and fishy because of its compression artifacts and low vibrancy. But after reading the discussions it’s perfectly legit. The freak aspect is supported by the low fidelity. At higher quality the configuration would probably be more obvious.

      In the (presumably) football shot it’s also clear that there are two persons; we even see a sliver of the rear guy’s head under the chin of the front guy. It sure looks like the second guy agonizes on the first one’s head, which is … unusual, even on the pitch. Killer bokeh of the lens, though.

    2. Actually, for the football picture, I originally agreed with you and thought it was an (unusual) shot of agony.

      Looking again, though, I think this is the start of a goal celebration. The player who scored is about to blow kisses to the crowd, and his teammate behind him just grabbing his head.

      I don’t know the teams, but it is probably an international match as there are no adverts on the front of his shirt (although there might be some on the back). Maybe Ukraine or Ecuador?

  7. Cindy McCain at the Republican National Convention. There are other photos of her in the same jacket carrying the same microphone. Not a photoshop.

  8. Bottom line, never trust a picture, photoshopped or not. A camera just can’t give you 100% of the story no matter what your brain thinks it can do.

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