First, the tickets for the next Edinburgh Secret Society event will go on sale at 10 a.m. today.

Second, this could be chance…..

But this can’t be, can it?

How long did it take you to spot what is hidden in the images?  Could it be chance?



    1. No way the first image is chance. Did you notice they’re all farewell messages? They’re all leaving, they did it on purpose, or else it’s a joke.

  1. I doubt either of them is chance. There’s a companion photo out there to the first one that spells “penis” instead of “cunt”. Both photos are at a resolution where you can’t read the words in the articles, which makes me suspect that it’s just a real newspaper page with the first letters photoshopped in.

    The second one seems to be real, and certainly was intentional.

    1. It makes sense that it would be a running gag… but are there any pictures where you can actually read anything other than “cunt”? It’s strange that the resolution is so specific.

      From what I’ve seen… you’re probably right that it is real.

  2. Took a good minute of combing the photos for RW’man likenesses, squinting at the text, couldn’t see it. Only as I UNfocused to give up did I see it.
    That’s ruuuuude! Lol.

    Second one; saw almost immediately.

    Top hunting, Photohound. X

  3. saw both instantly.
    then again, if you’ve ever watched RuPaul’s drag race you get really good at spotting cheeky C-bombs

  4. The first one I would say was a faux pas but the second one no way could it be unintentional, the way each line is aligned makes it easy to see. Is it a comment on the deceased or from him though/

  5. There’s a couple more around in the same vein; one came to mind immediately, the other after an hour or two. A bit of digging around gives these each the generic term ‘acrostic’.

    Firstly, James May did a similar thing to the first photo, but across an entire issue of Autocar. Curiously, it turned out to be one of the _last_ things he did there, as he was quickly fired. See his details on Wikipedia for more information.

    As Californian Governer, Arnold Schwarzenegger did a similar thing to the tombstone example in 2009, in rejecting a bill (Google says bill 1176).

  6. The one from the newspaper I saw as I was closing the page, I had to open it again to make sure I saw what I saw, quite funny.

  7. Saw the first one quite quickly and the second one immediately. The second one I would guess is definately deliberate, the first one may not have been intended at the start but someone somewhere must have been clued up and let it pass.

  8. There was also the editorial in the Daily Express about organic farming written by outgoing columnist Stephen Pollard, at the time of pornographer Richard Desmond’s acquisition of the tabloid. The editorial was pretty dry stuff, but on closer inspection the first letters of each sentence spelt out “Fuck you Desmond”!

  9. 4 random letters causing that word: 1 out of 456976. Could very well be chance
    7 random letters causing these words: 1 out of 8031810176

    Since the second is a very strange text, i’d say it is not by chance. What could be is that someone copied the text from a book, not realising these words are hidden in it. That would be sour.

  10. the first one was a unerversity newspaper gg they do it every year. second one was definetly intentional just listen to how strange it sounds.

  11. On the headstone one, before I figured out the lettering on the left side, I thought it was what looked like two people dancing and kicking up their heels (per engraving) in the flowers (bottom lower left). Didn’t anyone else see this?
    Or am I just weird?

  12. I first noticed the “NOT” in the 2nd photo next to the heartfelt tombstone. That’s what I get for having two teenagers.

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