Really really creepy photo….


I have seen loads of creepy and ‘ghostly’ pictures in my time, but I thought this one put a real chill up the spine…..

Does it have that effect on you?


100 comments on “Really really creepy photo….

  1. Matt says:

    Once I found the creepy bit, yes. It took a few seconds though.

  2. Maki says:

    When you see it, you’ll sh!t bricks!!!!

  3. Thomas Widmer says:

    Help me. What should I be seeing.

  4. Toon says:

    It made me chuckle. I like it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    i don’t find this creepy at all

  6. Richard says:

    If I’m supposed to be seeing what I’m supposed to be seeing: meh.

  7. urotsukidoji says:

    Took me a while to take my eyes off the fit girl to be honest.

  8. nate says:

    Look above her head kind of follow her index finger to top of picture.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If that’s a bloke with “the eye”…. I wonder if the flash of the camera stopped whatever he was doing 😉

  10. Lea says:

    Is it the staring eye?

  11. ButMadNNW says:

    Meh. I had to read the comments to find it, but even knowing it’s there, my brain keeps trying to see it as a rolled up poster sticking out from the edge of the bed.

    Before I read the comments, the “creepiest” thing I saw in the photo was that this girl still has Christmas tinsel up in February.

    • lilabyrd says:

      @ButMadNNW after coming back and looking at the photo again it really does look more like a rolled up paper or roll of twine/cord and if you cover over everything but the “eye” it seems more of a inanimate object. Hey you mean to say you don’t leave your Christmas stuff up year around…lol….

  12. bex says:

    Can’t see anything. Feel like a failure. Boo.

  13. nate says:

    Its a whispering eye, at first I thought it was that melted sponge bob face on bottom left…

  14. lilabyrd says:

    At first no didn’t see what I thought I should be looking for….never found what I first thought I should be seeing……ahhh but then I saw IT and yes first sight made me feel a flutter of butterflies in my stomach and a quickening of my pulse…..then enlarged the photo and have been trying to see what it really is or why….and what might have happened after the photo was taken…..he he he could have caused a scare to the person featured in the photo!

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  16. Raymond says:

    What is so creepy about someone looking out from under a duvet to see what is going on?

  17. elevenses says:

    Hay come on that isn’t fair she’s not at all she’s lovely indeed, what seems though, can’t tell the inner personality!!

  18. Vikas says:

    The EYE on the top… above tinsel! it is scary!

  19. ddave says:

    Saw the eye right away, then spend the rest of the time trying to figure out if she’s got a nice body or not.

  20. Jake says:

    I’m not even sure if it’s a real eye. For some reason, every time I look at it it looks just a bit… stylized, as through it was drawn or something. I dunno, is that just me?

  21. Victoria says:

    After a basic zoom-in-and-snootle, I definitely think it IS there (in the original) and it is real because looking closer reveals the edge of a nose and the suggestion of the corner of a mouth, too.

    Yup, jolly unnerving to randomly see an eye floating about the place but once brain had worked out “it’s a bunk bed” then we were well away. I think the reason it’s freaking people out is not the last vestiges of last night’s make up, but that the eye looks alarmed or afraid. Even with just one little “corner” of a face to scan, fear in others unsettles us.

  22. Helene says:

    Wow, that’s certainly something toget the creeps from!

  23. I just figured it was a roommate at college who had no makeup on and did not want to be seen in the picture. It was a bunk bed. Nothing creepy, unless……

  24. Clarista says:

    I thought it was the weird doll-like face next to her handbag…had to read the comments to find the eye.

  25. M says:

    I had to read to find the eye. And then still I don’t understand why that eye-like object would give you the creeps.

    In the lower left there is also a white thing with a strange face.

    Oooh… scary…

  26. florayG says:

    Nope. If I try REALLY hard I can make that look like an eye but it still isn’t creepy in the least. Am I missing something?

  27. Kathy says:

    Ok, must be thick cause I don’t see anything ghostly on it at all!!

  28. LZ says:

    I have to say my reaction was along the lines of: “girl in foreground, bunkbed behind, person under duvet peeping out. Where’s the creepy thing? Nope, I don’t get. Ohhhhhh, some people might not see a person under a duvet immediately. Now I get it.”

    Didn’t work for me, though, sorry.

  29. lifes says:

    Oh dear.I cant believe I spent a minute of my life looking at

  30. JimC says:

    When you see the eye, it’s looking straight at you. As a species, our instinct is to interpret a direct stare as threatening, unless further information from the rest of the facial expression provides a different context (as with the girl, who is also staring at us, but who is clearly friendly). Of course, there is huge variation between individuals, so some will find it more creepy than others.

    The other factor that makes it creepy is our habit of creating narratives. On first looking at the picture, before we rationally figure out that it’s a dorm room with a bunk bed, what we see is a young woman with someone behind her, of whom she is apparently unaware. It works like the shower scene in Psycho, to create an air of possible danger.

  31. Jools says:

    Nope, not scary or creepy. Not sure if it’s a depth-of-field thing but the partition looks too close for a real eye to be that small at that distance.

  32. Anataboga says:

    Nope, not creepy here either.

  33. Corrine says:

    It’s an eye. And?

  34. Bernhard says:

    Sorry, not creepy ..

  35. Carol says:

    A bit freaky.

  36. Lindamp says:

    Not creepy at all. Couldn’t even see what was supposed to be scary for ages. I agree the eye didn’t even look real at first, but after reading comments I see it could be makeup.
    Very disappointing illusion.

  37. JDR says:

    Took a while, but identified the bunk bed before the eye, so didn’t interpret it as suggestive of anything paranormal. Found it creepy due to a visceral feeling of, “This is how a serial killer would watch you before they chop you into bits”

  38. Nothing. Even after reading the comments and knowing what I’m supposed to be seeing… still nothing.

  39. Pete Barnett says:

    I was expecting this to turn into one of those screaming flashing terror flips that lure you in with a calm and focussed challenge.

  40. Neil Jenkins says:

    I must be getting resilient in my old age because I didn’t find it that creepy. Shame, really!

  41. Marc says:

    As someone who finds tinsel quite creepy, yes.

  42. T9sus4 says:

    About as creepy as a stale bread roll. *yawn*

  43. Glen Greaves says:

    Its just some one in the top bunk bed. Why is that creepy?

  44. Tash says:

    I’m not skeptic but this is blatantly a photo cutting of an eye placed in front of duvet.

  45. Ed says:

    Plain stupid…

  46. Grania says:

    Nope, not creepy at all. Its far too easy to provide a perfectly rational reason for someone being under a duvet in the top bunk. Christmas decorations in February aside.

  47. mongreltiger says:

    YES! That abnormally short pointer finger is mega-creepy!

  48. Lux says:

    Pictures of the black dahlia or Manson Family victims on slabs freak the me out to the pit of my intestine. This eye doesn’t quite register on the bowel-shuddering scale.

  49. severn says:

    Even after reading the clues in these comments and enlarging the photo I still cannot see what I’m supposed to see, although I can see what I think is supposed to create the effect that I’m supposed to see (if you see what I mean).

    Is it a good thing or bad thing not to be able to see things that aren’t there?

  50. If it were an eye then where would the rest of the face be? There’s not space in that mattress for it – there’s no depression in the mattress. So it can’t be an eye, it’s obviously one of those artefacts – a rolled up poster or something; and too unclear to register as anything other than clutter.

  51. Tomble says:

    Definitely not creepy. Not even remotely ghostly…

    If it had been in colour I doubt anybody would have given it a second thought.

  52. Darren Long says:

    Nope can’t see anything but a hot water bottle poking out of the duvet cover

  53. Berber Anna says:

    Not creepy. Saw the ‘eye’ straight away, but the effect is ruined by it sticking out over the duvet (so it can’t be properly attached to a face, clearly).

  54. I saw the eye straight away and thought it looked like something drawn. Couldn’t figure out what the fuss was about. Then somehow I forced myself to see it as a real eye and… yes, I was creeped out.

  55. The Pick Man says:

    If this one put a real chill up your spine you must be easily impressed. It is about the least scary ‘scary picture’ that I have ever seen.

    Pretty girl though.

  56. Kay says:

    Didn’t see it until I read the comments – not scary

  57. Julia says:

    24 February 2009 was mardi gras, i.e. the main day of carnival celebrations, which may explain the tinsel and the excessive makeup on the person under the duvet.

  58. SonofPearl says:

    Didn’t see it until I read the comments. Still not creepy now I’ve seen it!

  59. diavoli says:

    Person under a duvet? Not creepy in my books.

  60. Derek says:

    It looks like the eye of a dead person!

  61. NoAstronomer says:

    Pathetic. If I squint *really* hard it kinda sorta looks like a picture of an eye. Otherwise it’s just something in the background. If this puts a chill up your spine you’ve led a very sheltered life.

  62. Mark says:

    Maybe I’ve been looking at too many “photobombs,” but it just seemed kind of funny to me. Was I supposed to think there was a DEMON back there or something?

  63. Gus Snarp says:

    Meh. Not creepy. Just reminds me of the face under the sofa cushion picture.

  64. WG says:

    Took me ages to spot it… I think I was looking for a “ghost” type image 🙂 But yes, I admit to being freaked out.

  65. Mot says:

    She is a murderess. She has just lured some unfortunate fellow into her lair and has brutally killed him. She has wrapped the body in a duvet and taken this photograph as a trophy. Does her gesture intimate that this is the second time she has perpetrated such a deed, or is she asking, ‘will you be number 2’?

  66. Julie says:

    I’m a very easily scared kind of soul but I’m not getting this at all. Had to read comments and keep going back to see what was supposed to be creepy. Can see what is being talked about but can’t see it as an eye. Meh.

  67. namowal says:

    Is that an olive loaf peaking out from under the covers?

  68. Caroline says:

    Took me a while to see it, on my phone no effect, on the computer a little scary!

  69. Steve says:

    Tinsel in February – Yipes that is creepy

  70. The other Matt says:

    I saw the Cam Eye at once ! But i thought that is not the creepy part…
    Two Possibilities:
    1. Many Girls do fotograph herself in front of a mirror. But then the Cam will be on the Picture too. So she hide the cam under the bedspread.
    2. Her friend hided a webcam undeer the bedspread, and that is real creepy !

    • The other Matt says:

      Ah, and 3:
      We are not any more accustomed to watch black and white Pictures. If we see a B&W picture, its art or its from a criminal archive.

  71. […] Really really creepy photo…. I have seen loads of creepy and ‘ghostly’ pictures in my time, but I thought this one put a real chill up the […] […]

  72. Anonymous says:

    What is creepy is not the picture but that so many people focused on whether the girl had a hot body…

  73. says:

    I just showed this to my boss and she jumped about a foot in the air when she finally saw what it was. Really disturbing and I don’t know why!

  74. namowal says:

    On a more serious note, I wonder if vision acuity has something to do with it. I didn’t find it that very creepy, but I’m in my forties and don’t see small details as well as I did earlier. The eye wasn’t that distinct to me.
    if I had sharper vision my subconscious might have flagged it and sent the “someone’s peeking at you!” chills down my spine.

  75. Anonymous says:

    I keep getting drawn to the left side of the image – there’s a bit of dark tinsel and then what looks like an ornament on the shelf. Just next to that there is a face – looks a bit like a mask, but a ghostly figure.

  76. Rabbitpirate says:

    Related to this I just saw an interesting video on Youtube that is being promoted as a ghost video. I am leaning towards it being fake but either way it is very well done. would be interested in peoples thoughts on this:

    • Jake says:

      Yeah… I’m thinking fake. She goes away but doesn’t stop the camera recording, she’s giving TONS of details about the moment, just so you’ll feel she’s a real person and be more likely to believe what she’s saying, and I can’t think of an easier way to move this glass than just pulling it from off screen. If you just had the glass on a piece of paper and pulled it an inch, that’d accomplish the effect perfectly.

  77. dmmaxwell says:

    A bit odd, yes. Scary? Not really.

    p.s., I use Christmas lights for lighting all year round. Perfect when all you need is a warm glow. ;-P

  78. Jane O says:

    Surely it is obvious that it is the top of a hot water bottle – I could just about see it as an eye if I squint a lot. Definitely not creepy.

  79. Pat says:

    Just looking at this photo you can see that the perspective is off on the eye. There is a slight overlap where the eye seems to be in front of the blanket. Unless this person has eyes and mascara that pop out of their skull, then I cry fake.

  80. Mauricio says:

    Man that scary 😦

  81. Stage 4 Brain Cancer…

    […]Really really creepy photo…. « Richard Wiseman[…]…

  82. Anonymous says:


  83. The top of a water bottle? Really? She obviously either photoshopped an eye onto those covers or had a friend lay under them with their one eye peeking out.

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  85. Ashley says:

    Omg. I dint see it at first I had to read comments. But I still couldn’t I looked at the pic for about ten minutes I turned it all different directions and then I saw it😵😫😭👹👁

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