@MetalMonsterUK sent me this wonderful video.  Great idea, beautifully done.

Like it?


  1. Saw it right away. Don’t know why but it didn’t fool me for a second… Sadly because I’m fond of illusions when done well

    1. The same. As soon as I saw the structure (and given the title), I knew what was about to happen and how it had been done. I guess it has something to spending time often on Dr. Wiseman’s blog. 😀

  2. *Sigh* the illusions for the past couple of days have all been ones I’ve seen before. 😦 It takes some of the fun out of it when you know how it’s done. I will say that when I first saw this one, I didn’t know exactly how it worked. I knew that obviously the ramps went in a different direction, but I couldn’t tell which just from looking at it straight on. Although, of course, by the end of the video I couldn’t see it any other way.

  3. I too was reminded of that other similar illusion posted some time ago.

    I find it amazing that even after seeing it multiple times my mind swaps right back into the illusion when back at the right angle.

    Sure I can say to myself that it’s a trick, but my mind keeps seeing the uphill structure.

    I think it’s very well done.

  4. Always enjoy these. The “giveaway” here (besides from this being a repeat theme on this blog) is the shadows on the columns – note the shading on the left face of each column, and how different they are. Also look at the shadows cast by the columns, especially the 3rd from the left.

  5. I knew what was going to happen as I’ve either seen this one before or one like it. Still saw the illusion as it was meant to be seen only knew why it was happening. Would love to see some new ones….. :}

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