Yet another rude picture….


First, a quick reminder that the website for my new book, Paranormality, has just launched here and contains a nice little video to put a chill up your spine.  The book can be preordered from Amazon at 50% discount here.




Second, James M sent me this lovely picture yesterday……

I am wondering if there is a male/female difference in  of it, so feel free to say if you are male or female and what you saw when you first looked at it…..


146 comments on “Yet another rude picture….

  1. Hugh Jardon says:

    I’m a male. I see a chick with odd glasses.

  2. Levi in NY says:

    I am a male and all I see after staring at it for a minute is a girl standing on a cliff with some forested hills behind her.

  3. Brad-Utah says:

    It’s a girl on a cliff.

  4. Rob J says:

    I see the rudeness, but I probably wouldn’t have, if I hadn’t been told to look for it.
    Having said that, it didn’t take me long (ooer) to see it.

    • Navneeth says:



    • Cally says:

      Triple ditto.

    • FlorayG says:

      yep me too – it was immediately obvious but Idon’t know if it would have been had I not been expecting to see it. But no way of knowing that is there?

    • Steve L says:

      I’m a bloke and I’m with these guys. Only saw it because I was told there was something there.

    • Zinox says:

      I’m a Guy, Saw it only because was asked to look for something with rudeness in the picture.

    • Juan Antonio says:

      I’m a guy, me too.

    • GeneralJumbo says:

      How do you all know that you wouldn’t have seen it? Did you perform a control experiment where you cloned yourselves then cunningly erased that specific part of information from the clones brain that they had to look for something rude then showed it to them.
      How do you know that the surprise in seeing the wang in an ostensibly innocent photo would not have enhanced its effect on you?

    • Beau says:

      Is that a serious question? The reason being for myself, (and I’m sure a lot of other people) is that I would have just moved on to the next website/blogpost or whatever I was doing. I wouldn’t study a picture that I haven’t been hinted to.

    • GeneralJumbo says:

      Beau – so in responding to my question you are saying you are able to suspend your disbelief over the cloning and brain cleansing aspects, but not over the “looking at pictures” bit?

      My previous question was deliberately facetious, to point out that it is impossible to know how you would respond without the information, something the commenters above had confidently asserted and I beleived to be erroneous.

      I would have thought that this kind of subtle nuance of human behaviour would be apparent to followers of Dr Wisemans work. I love the big baldy.

  5. Nick says:

    To those who can’t see it, look at her knee

    • M says:

      Thanks for the explaination. I did not see it at all. It is not a very good one. It would probably work better if we first only got to see the lower half of the image.
      And i am male.

    • Anon female says:

      I absolutely would not have noticed that without the explanation. I thought the ‘rudeness’ was referring to the billowed-out skirt!

    • MarKill says:

      Thank you I really didn’t see it!

      i’m a girl

    • Marion says:

      I didn’t see this at all without your explaination, thank you. Maybe I’ve just lead a very sheltered life!!

    • Jin says:

      I didn’t see it before you mention that… but after LOL ! (I’m a dude)

  6. Anna says:

    You’re all wrong. It’s a girl standing on a cliff wearing an ugly sweater.

  7. Morgan says:

    The rock has pretty coloured lichen on it, but the photographer needs to have better awareness of light to bring out the best in their subject.

  8. I am male. When I first looked it did look like a penis sticking out from her skirt. Then I realised it was just her leg and a shadow

  9. BlueEcho says:

    At first I didnt notice it, now I cant stop seeing it! Sheesh thanks for that…

  10. Bob says:

    Male. Looks like she’s got a wang coming out of her skirt.

  11. tal says:

    The ugly shirt

  12. Jason Olney says:

    I found what you’re talking about but it took me a few moments. It’s kind of a fleeting illusion for me. I’m a male.

    If you look at her right knee in the correct way, you might see a penis stick out… (I hope that’s what I was supposed to see…)

  13. Jeremy says:

    Male: It took a really long time, and I still didn’t get it until I noticed the file name was “light.” I don’t want to expose the answer, but the hint is that the light makes the illusion.

  14. Andy Jones says:

    All the men who replied to the effect of ‘I didn’t see the penis’ clearly feel insecure about seeing penises that are not there. Maybe personal issues…

  15. Kya-chan says:

    I’m female, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t seen it on Lamebook the other day.

  16. Seraph says:

    Female. didn’t notice that at all..

  17. ButMadNNW says:

    Female. It’s a girl on a mountain with a gorgeous valley in the background. And the girl’s eyes have been pixelated for some odd reason.

  18. Tony says:

    Male. Immediate guffaw and am impressed with the length

  19. ddave says:

    Male. Didn’t see it until i gave up and looked at the comments. Now i see it, but it’s ‘meh’

  20. Tracey says:

    I am female and didn’t see it until it was pointed out. But like others have said now I know what it is I home straight in on it every time. 🙂

  21. Helen says:

    It took me ages to work out what the “rude” element was. If I didn’t know to look I wouldn’t have seen it.

    Worried bout Richard’s knob fixation.

  22. michael says:

    I am male, and did not see the rudeness until I looked at the comments.

  23. Misty says:

    Female – saw the impressive semi sticking out from under the skirt even before it registered it was a skirt!

  24. Pekka S says:

    I didn’t notice the knee penis until I read the comments. I did however see a penis with balls in the background scenery. It starts at the twin hills in the upper left corner and bends right toward the girl.

  25. Bjorn says:

    Male – and what I saw first was the awful skirt which at first glance look like very baggy jogging pants, and an ill fitting sweater. And the hairdo is pretty ‘rude’ too…
    (Do I – at this point – also need to point out I’m gay too…? 😉

  26. Luis says:

    I’m a male and it took me reading the comments and looking hard at the picture until I realized what the deal was.

    Now that I’ve seen it, two things: (i) if you think this is rude, then you are possibly the kind of adult that still giggles like a 4-year-old when someone mentions peepee parts; (ii) if you are one of those who saw it “immediately”, then you have a lot of imagination, but you are using it for the wrong purposes.

    • Julia says:

      😀 totally agree! Some of these ‘rude’ illusions require a lot of imagination – I was already going to say so yesterday, but this one’s even worse…

      oh, and: female, only saw it after reading the comments.

  27. Michael says:

    Male; It’s a holiday snap of a lovely young lady in reasonably dramatic lighting but very badly framed.

    I did see the issue, but may brain sticks much more readily to the straightforward than the Freudian interpretation. The clothing and hair just won’t let any other view persist.

  28. Charles Sullivan says:

    Long Jane Silver

  29. David Mathew says:

    I saw the blurred out face first. Took me a few seconds to notice ‘the other’!

  30. fluffy says:

    I see a girl standing on a cliffside with her eyes pixelated for no apparently-discernible reason. Even after looking long and hard after reading the comments here I can’t see what’s rude. Apparently her leg ostensibly looks like a penis? Looks like a leg to me.

    Oh wait, now I see it.

  31. Tom Ruffles says:

    Don’t you get bored with this stuff?

  32. The Pick Man says:

    If the majority of the above comments aren’t tongue-in-cheek I’m mystified. I saw the ‘penis’ at first glance. A closer look showed that it is caused by the shadow.

    I’m male.

  33. Erica says:

    My homosexual male collegue saw it immediately. It took me – heterosexual female – 5 minutes to discover “it”.

  34. Berber Anna says:

    Female. Took me a while to figure out that the lighting on her knee is what makes it ‘rude’ — didn’t spot anything at first.

  35. Tom says:

    Male. I saw the girl first (especially her pixelated eyes drew my attention), noticed the background after that. I did not see the rude illusion until I read the comments here. Now I can’t unsee it 🙂

  36. Heather S. says:

    You men have funny looking wangs. Female and I didn’t see it at all until I read through comments.

  37. Martha says:

    Are we maybe getting a sneak preview of Richard’s next-book-but-one? :o)

  38. lifes says:

    Even after reading the comments I still dont see anything

  39. Lindamp says:

    A girl with her eyes pixellated out. Couldn’t see anything rude at all, until an explicit comment pointed it out.

  40. Tom Crosbie says:

    I’m male, and it took me a good few moments to realise what I was actually looking at there.

  41. Nick says:

    Male and I saw a penis.

  42. Suzanne says:

    Female and only saw it because I looked specially for it.

  43. vyewalker says:

    She must be a cock-knee from London.

  44. Alfred says:

    I’m a male, and yes… I saw a pennis… ¿Maybe because I read it on Twitter?

  45. Fresh says:

    Saw it straight away. Very funny.

  46. mittfh says:

    I immediately saw *something* that appeared unusual poking out from under her skirt, and initially thought it was something flesh-coloured that had been placed there. I didn’t think it was a penis, but I thought “I assume that’s supposed to look like a penis, but it’s completely the wrong shape and size.”

    It took a closer look to discover it was a coincidence of the way a shadow fell across her leg.

  47. Male, and like (I think, from a quick scan of the comments) most people of both sexes, I spent considerable time looking at the image without seeing anything untoward. I did think, “It’s probably the knee, which looks odd because of the lighting, but certainly doesn’t look anything like a penis.”

    Eventually I discovered that it does kinda sorta look like a penis provided you don’t look straight at it. You have to look at another part of the image, e.g. the wrist, and see the leg through the non-focusing part of the eye. Or else edit the image and make it darker, so that the part of the leg in shadow is harder to see. That helps too.

    Absolutely no possibility I would have noticed this if I hadn’t been told to look. I almost didn’t notice it as it was.

  48. Engywuck says:

    I’m male.
    Finally I see something beneath the skirt. But never saw it that way if there wasn’t your hint.

  49. Craig Anderson says:

    Hi there!

    Yeah, I was linked here from Wiseman’s Twitter feed, where it said: “Woman Penis Illusion”. So I was already looking for an illusory penis. When I scrolled down, I immediately saw it. It’s pretty obviously the play of light and shadow on her knee, but it’s there.

    It did take me a while to scroll down, because I couldn’t decide if she was really hot in a girl-next-door kind of way, or a teenager and therefore what we Americans like to call “jailbait”. I eventually decided that enough other respondents have noticed that she’s kinda hot, so if she IS a teenager, at least we’re all going down together. [nods] That’ll probably be a very small consolation when we’re all doing time in the big house.

  50. Tessa K says:

    Female. The first thing I saw was the stripey jumper (I hate pink). I didn’t know I was supposed to be looking for a penis until I read some of the comments and then it took a few seconds to find it. Possibly because the end of it was considerably lower than I expected – that would be a really long one with possible erectile issues… 🙂

  51. I’m female and I saw it straight away! Not sure what that says about me 🙂

  52. Alex Nicole says:

    You have a lot of really uptight readers, eh? I’m female and I laughed!

  53. Male, noticed it after looking at the face, shirt and landscape; laughed.

  54. I’m female. I saw the penis (possible because you’d primed me, possibly because I have a crude streak) and then I saw that it was the light on her knee and the way the wind’s blowing her skirt.

    When I look back, I see the penis again, and then the truth.

    Thanks for the giggle.

  55. Barry Hurford says:

    I was so convinced that she had a huge penis that I initially suspected it was the work of photoshop, rather than the way the shadows are falling.

    I am male – but not as male as the girl in the photograph, so I’m off to stand in the shadows – now where did I put my little grey skirt…?

  56. JohnF says:

    (Male.) Saw it almost immediately. However, that was only after, for some reason, I examined her breast area for anything possibly “rude”. Maybe that says something deep about me. “Hey! Some rude illusion featuring a female!” And I immediately scan the subject’s breasts. Hmm. I never knew this about myself before today.
    Anyway, after reading the comments, my reaction is “Stop picking on the poor lass’s fashion sense! Hasn’t she got enough problems already?”

  57. Ladyboy says:

    I am the girl in the pic. That is not my knee. It IS, in fact, my penis.

    I’ll thank you all to look away.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Female and I still can’t see anything but a knee in shadow. Okay so there’s the patella and the top of the rectus femoris tendon and the vastus medialis muscle but still…

  59. Tony says:

    I’m mail and wouldn’t have seen anything noteworthy if I hadn’t known there was somethign to look for, but then it jumped out at me (as it were) at second glance.

  60. emilydev9 says:

    Female. It looked as though her leg were twisted the wrong way, and/or too thin.

  61. Clair says:

    If I hadn’t been told what to look for, I probably wouldn’t have seen it.

  62. Bletherskite says:

    Female. I saw a young woman in a stripy top and skirt standing on some rocks overlooking some nice scenery. What else is there?

    • Bletherskite says:

      Ah, right. Now I’ve read all the comments I can see the knee/penis. Knew I should be looking for something rude when I first looked at the pic (this being Richard’s blog an’ all ;-D) but couldn’t see it at all till I read the explantations.

  63. EmilyT says:

    Female, just saw a girl on a cliff until I read the comments.

    Now it cannot be unseen!

  64. Ian Davies says:

    I looked a couple of times but couldn’t see anything. Having now read ‘the answer’ it jumps out of the pic!

  65. Lucy says:

    I’m female and saw it straight away. It’s a good ‘un – made me laugh.

  66. Suzanne Coxon says:

    Richard – the way in which the brain processes the information reported via the eye is paradoxically both universal and highly subjective. Although the illusion of a cock once specifically indicated was obvious, until that point, my brain had been aware of was a knee with a shadow falling across it; from this I surmise two things; you are circumcised and/or used to looking at your penis with the foreskin pulled back, and you haven’t had sex in a really long time!

  67. trendy09 says:

    Male and at second glance I noticed the shadow effect.

  68. wolter says:

    As allways, rudeness is in the eye of the beholder 😉

  69. Juan says:

    I am a man and… yes! i have my mind dirty 🙂

  70. Kathleene says:

    I’m a female, and didn’t see it before looking at the comments here. I do have a sense for bad jokes, but it still leaves me asking, what is so “rude” (as Richard’s messages often are titled) about a penis? I’m beginning to feel a bit tired of these postings. (Sorry, I’m not a native English speaker either)

  71. Peter says:

    I´m a male, and the first thing I thought was; chick-with-a-dick!
    But then, after some consideration I found that a bit farfetched.

  72. Sue says:

    I had to really look to see anything. Saw just a girl until I paid better attention.

  73. Sari1967 says:

    Had too look for a good few seconds to see what the rudeness could be, I would not have noticed it otherwise

  74. Kasey says:

    Female. Looked at the background (river, trees) for a few seconds, noted the vaguely 80s clothes, and then said oh my god, she has a penis peeking our from her skirt?!

    • Ben Hastings says:

      Male. Similar experience, but I don’t know that I would have even noticed the “illusion” had this not been titled as a “rude” picture.

  75. L.Long says:

    Didnt see much of nuttin except a girl on a cliff.
    till some one said look at the knee
    Now I Cant stop seeing it!!!!

  76. bluecombats says:

    im a heterosexual man i though someone was talking about pac man in the trees. i thought the thing on her knees was like a thumb until some one suggested a penis.

  77. Anton says:

    I’m male and didn’t see it after a minute until i read the comments. Then it became clear.

  78. FB says:

    I’m a male and didn’t see it at first (2-3 min). Saw it after examining the queen Victoria picture.

  79. katie k says:

    I’m a female, and I saw a huge penis.

  80. JimC says:

    I can’t help wondering if the split here is not male/female, but watches porn/doesn’t watch porn. I suspect there is a strong correlation between the two, however, and as asking commenters to self-identify which side of that split they fall on is likely to lead to inaccuracies, perhaps Richard’s idea is best.

  81. JJ says:

    I’m male and I instantly saw a girl with a penis hanging down to her knee. Damn.

  82. Jewel says:

    I’m female.
    I usually see the rudeness right away, but I actually had to look at the pic for about 45 seconds before I saw it on this one. Now it is glaringly obvious.

  83. […] Yet another rude picture…. First, a quick reminder that the website for my new book, Paranormality, has just launched here and contains a nice […] […]

  84. otowi says:

    Female and I don’t see the rudeness.

  85. Trixie says:

    Female. Saw this posted elsewhere with no hint of any kind, and I saw it immediately. In fact I had to look hard at her knee to get my brain to “unsee” the penis so I could see that it was just her knee with sunlight creating the illusion.

  86. Tim says:

    I saw a face in the forested landscape to the left – the lake is the eye – before I saw the real trick of the light.

  87. Sally says:

    Female – looked for a while, and didn’t see the rudeness until I read some comments.

  88. bluedolphin says:

    Female. Saw it straight away.

  89. bigjohn756 says:

    Male. I saw a pretty girl standing in front of a scenic view until I read that it was supposed to be a rude picture. When I read that, I looked more closely and saw the “rudeness’ produced by the shadows.

  90. Brent says:

    Male and it took me forever to see it.

  91. lilabyrd says:

    Female and didn’t see it until read some posts. Did see in the back ground what looks like a head to chest profile of a woman lying on her back {head near left and chest on the right top} and maybe having a really bad hair day.

  92. nick says:

    Does anyone know what’s creating the shadow?Where is it?

  93. Dave says:

    I’m male and saw it straight away (the folds of the skirt add to the illusion), and had to look hard at the knee to unsee it – though my eyes did note the 80s top and her cute small boobs on the way down.

  94. Jenny says:

    I’m female and I saw a young woman at a scenic site. I still don’t see the rudeness. I’ll read the comments now and go find it, I guess.

  95. says:

    I am female and I saw a thin girl. I looked her her knees and thought they were nobbly! I only looked back at it to see what was rude after seeing the comments but then it took me ages to see it!!

  96. jon says:

    I’m male and this truly sucked.

  97. kiddy says:

    i have read most of the posts but i still cant see it. im a female!

  98. Kate says:

    I am female and stared at it for 10 minutes getting annoyed with myself for not being able to see it and had to get someone to point it out to me. And I thought I had a dirty mind 😦

  99. Vern says:

    I am a member of the Male sex. Saw what looked to be an obviously faked penis. My curiosity pricked, I discovered upon closer penile inspection the woman’s manhood to be a kneecap, suggestively lit by a shaft of light. The profile of the cock is blocked out by a shadow cast by the rod of her left leg. Upon this evidence I believe my case to be well hung.

  100. Norman says:

    Male, no rudeness seen. Even with explanation I had a hard time to see a penis in her knee.

  101. Julie says:

    I see a lot of comments very down on her perfectly okay jumper/sweater. It’s probably very chilly up there and she popped it on to keep the cold out. Nothing wrong with it. Tsk.

    Oh and I also see a massive cock.

  102. Pilar says:

    I am a girl, I see a girl, and I see that the shadow on her leg creates an optical ilusion, that seems like she is also a boy, with a long long male part

  103. Stared at it for ages without seeing any rudeness.
    Read the comment about the ‘knee’, then stared for a while longer, saw it after about 30 secs, but wasn’t sure for a while if I was seeing the right thing – it’s not terribly good is it really? I mean, a bit, but not really.

  104. Wow, took me forever. Had to read the comments, then examine her knee for almost a minute. Now I can’t not see it.
    I’m a male, and my wife has really bony knees like this girl, LOL.

  105. nimi says:

    male. saw a chick witha dick

  106. Angela says:

    Female, saw it straight away, but took me a while to see the real picture once my brain had noticed the rudeness…couldn’t switch off..

  107. cal says:

    It’s lighting on her knee. The Wind is blowing her dress out and the sun is creating a shadow effect. A bunch of perverts you are

  108. Adam Fraser says:

    Male. Nothing out of the ordinary.

  109. Humza says:

    I am a male and i just see what the picture shows… a girl on a cliff and behind her is a beautiful scenery… That’s all..

  110. nick says:

    How can that be lighting on her knee when it extends beyond her knee?

  111. Talon says:


  112. Anonymous says:

    im a female and i sat here laughing my ass off for 12 minutes then showed like 3 friends

  113. Todd says:

    I am male and didn’t see it until I was told where to look and then I saw it instantly. I don’t think I would have seen it unless I had been given a hint as to where to look. I could have stared at that picture all day and not noticed it without a hint.

    I was given an optical illusion test of a spinning cat once and I couldn’t make the cat change direction until I looked at another website showing a different contrast. I like to joke my brain is stupid when it comes to optical illusions–it won’t solve them until a hint is given 🙂

  114. hashmat says:

    rudeness is the big sickness in life because whom has rudeness he / she never can make friends and life because rudeness never leave him or her to make it.

  115. Madelein says:

    There is no rudeness, come on people, its a girl standing on a cliff, there is a shadow forming on her knee on the one part, and light on the other, what makes you think its a penis? Goodness

  116. obvious thinker says:

    There nothing there just looks as if it is from the shadow but it really her knee which is quite obvious

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