I can make you laugh and gasp


Two videos today.  The first is from the amazing @Chris_Cohen and guaranteed to make you laugh….

and this will make you gasp….

Did they have the intended effects?

49 comments on “I can make you laugh and gasp

  1. Hilary says:

    Laugh? Absolutely. Gasp? No.. but I felt sorry for the flowers.

  2. Zach says:

    I laughed twice

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  4. Navneeth says:

    Truth be told, I only laughed for the second one.

  5. lilabyrd says:

    both had me roflmao……still lol…….I admit I am easily amused.

  6. beanfeast says:

    Smiled at the first one – perhaps I’ve seen the non-Animal Magiced version too many times.

    Belly-laughed at the second one and then started to wonder what would have been the outcome if the washing machine were firmly restrained.

  7. lilabyrd says:

    OK going to try posting a link to video of conversation with black cat… hope this works…. http://www.facebook.com/video/?id=750335662#!/video/video.php?v=474075460662 if not right to that video then is at bottom of page 1

  8. Jeanne says:

    Nope to both. I found the voice dubbing on the first one annoying – just the cat hitting the printer would have been funnier.

  9. Tom Ruffles says:

    First one was amusing but I can’t say I laughed, this sort of thing is a bit passe now. Second one, well, I’ve done that myself but the brick didn’t dry.

  10. Mark says:

    Nope and Nope.

  11. FlorayG says:

    the cat and the printer is already one of my FAVOURITE Youtubes – I keep a link to it on my desktop and watch it when I’m fed up at work it still makes me laugh every time after nearly 50 viewings. The commentary changes it from mildly amusing to frankly hilarious – but then I’m not offended by swearing. The only emotion raised by the second one, however, was boredom – I can’t see anything interesting in it, of course that will happen if you take out the normal ballast what’s to be amazed by?

  12. I laughed at both, and gasped at the second as well. I have seen cat and printer, both versions, before and love it. Not seen the washing machine one before, certainly one way of destroying a broken machine!

  13. ButMadNNW says:

    I laughed both times. The first is one of my favorites. Laughing at the second one *may* have been caused by the fact that I first saw the “animated” version of that, where eyes and speech bubbles were superimposed on the machine.

  14. Hilary says:

    The cat video is one of my all-time favourites – it always makes me laugh out loud. I didn’t gasp at the second one, but I was amazed that the machine kept going for so long.

  15. Stuart Brown says:

    Both were laughs, I’m afraid.

  16. BlueHornbill says:

    A smile for the first, not specially funny. But the second one OMG! Laughed my heart out.

  17. Faye says:

    I laughed a lot at the first one but the second one just made me think “oh right so that’s what happens”.

  18. JohnF says:

    I can’t quite get why people find the cat+printer video so funny. It’s what cats do! Anyone who’s had a cat and watched it playing will have seen such behaviour (admittedly, not always with a printer!) before. It’s cute and it’s cat-like but funny? Hmm… what am I missing that I haven’t already seen my own cats do a thousand times before?

    I can’t say I’ve ever seen my pet kitchen appliances behave the way the one in the second video did, so that one was much more amusing/entertaining.

  19. Oh good..
    2nd one was better nice experiment..

  20. Juan AR says:

    I laughed twice xD

  21. Martin says:

    I thought of combining the two videos but it has already been done:

    • Gus Snarp says:

      That’s just cruel. They also don’t show the part where the cat has his revenge by pissing on the bed and shitting in their shoes.

    • lilabyrd says:

      reminded me of a Steven King short story….the one where the man does a stop smoking program….they show him the first example of what will happen if he sneaks a smoke….a cat in a box like the one in this video only it uses electricity and the man is told it will be his wife instead of the cat….. I’d never do that to even a stray cat but would to an ex-husband…..lol……evil grin…..

      despite my slightly twisted humor I really do love cats.

  22. EmilyT says:

    Cat vs Printer brought a smile not a laugh. Brick vs Washing Machine got a good few giggles though😀

  23. Geraldine says:

    Anyone who’s ever put an uneven load (such as a couple of beach towels, as I once did) in their washing machine won’t be at all surpirsed at what a breeze block can do.

  24. Etiam says:

    The cat and printer thing left me totally unmoved, but I did laugh at the washing machine.

  25. Anna says:

    I dunno. The first one I didn’t even realize that it was the cat that was being dubbed. I thought it was someone commenting on the machine at first (but not the cat). At first the dubbing didn’t doing for me because I got a real unpleasant feeling since I know the cat was scared/angry but then I started to chuckle and I thought the end was hilarious where the cat falls off.

    The second one didn’t make me laugh or smile at all. I felt more like “Why would you do that?” and “Isn’t it obvious what will happen?”

    • Anna says:

      I also thought that something hilarious like the cameraman getting hurt was going to happen. I can see how it would be funny if someone put eyes on the machine though … heh.

  26. A cat in the washing machine would have been funnier, especially if you tossed in the brick too!

    (Just kidding cat-lovers!)

  27. mynameistoey says:

    They both made me laugh.

  28. theboywil says:

    Laughed at the first one. Thought the second was irritating.

  29. Gus Snarp says:

    The first managed to produce an amused smile, but no outright laughter. The second merely caused me to wonder, “Why?”

  30. Ben Hastings says:

    1. Grin->grimace
    2. blank stare -> giggle

  31. Matt says:

    No and no.

  32. Dee says:

    Laugh at both but the 2nd was funnier

  33. bletherskite says:

    smiled at the first one then laughed out loud when the cat fell off the stool. (I do love cats honest)

    Didn’t gasp at the second one more of a – bloomin ‘eck! reaction

  34. […] I can make you laugh and gasp Two videos today.  The first is from the amazing @Chris_Cohen and guaranteed to make you […] […]

  35. Alek says:

    both made me laugh!

  36. jtradke says:

    Can’t say that ever gasped at anything, actually. As in, audibly inhaled as a shock response.

    Anyway, I chortled at the first and laughed at the second.

  37. Sally says:

    First video – smiled. most cat antics are totally amusing. Didn’t think the accompanying vocals helped.
    Second video – amazed at how much damage a brick in a washer can cause, but also wondered while watching: why cause all that damage for a little amusement?

    • mikekoz68 says:

      Ya I’m also amazed and a little surprised more people aren’t! I would have thought a brick would make a lot of noise, damage the drum, maybe make the machine ‘dance’ around a bit- I did not exect such a violent and complete destruction! That was awesome! To answer your question, I suspect that the machine was probably broken and perhaps not worth repairing, obviously the spin cycle still worked so they put it out with a bang!

  38. sjonnie6 says:

    What a horrible way to die for a washing machine

  39. sravan953 says:

    I feel good to say that both the videos had the intended effects.😀

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