Hi.  I will be away from my computer until Friday so thought that I would post a longer-than-usual piece.  Let’s see if we can find the world’s rudest illusion! After the break are ten rude illusions – take a look at them and then vote on your favourite (not work safe and not suitable for some children)….

1) Is this a book?

2) Nice lamp….

3) Bubbling

4) Anyone want a massage?

5) Beach party

6) Good shot….

7) Old ad…

8)  Camping…

9)  Piglets

10) Nice arms…


  1. I went with #6 as it seems the least staged and the piggy second but running close would be the last one….. but hey where did the photos go? One second they are there and now they are gone?

  2. Rudeness (like pornography) is in the mind of the beholder/listener. It is time that people accept reality and understand that all things, all symbols, all words, will educate–that there is nothing sacred nor profane but a part of life. One sees what one desires to see–and few see what truly exists. It is from this self-centeredness that mortals define their own limitations and create illusions for the mind to placate its quest for knowledge. I applaud the photographs for they, individually and collectively, detail the mentality of each person–much in the same way that religion is an illusion that pacifies those who do not think for themselves but kowtow to others they feel are somehow superior or to a book determined as unique (none are) or a deity that is the ultimate fantasy.

  3. The lamp one…visualize legs and a thong bikini.

    The massage one…look at upper left photo…visualize that it is not a neck that she is massaging.

    Hope that helps.

    1. if you don’t see a neck being massaged then that person has a odd growth on her lower right thigh and is in desperate need of a mega waxing or shave of her right thigh too!…….lol……

  4. ok I feel like a dumbass but I’ve been looking at number 3 (Bubbling, mostly the top one) all day on my phone and just can’t get the illusion. somebody please?

  5. It sure seems we need to take out ‘dirty thoughts’ bias out when considering what’s rude. At first glance, many people (particularly innocent 4 year olds) may actually see pigs!

  6. Do you realize that I had seen the lamp image for quite some time before I even realized that it was supposed to BE an illusion? Absent any descriptive reason to believe otherwise it just looks like a lamp modelled after streetlamps.

  7. The last one always blows my mind. I know it’s the other girl’s arm, yet every time I see it I’m all “hee hee, it looks like she’s naked, hee hee.”

  8. ‘Not suitable for *some* children’ – nice attention to detail there!

    Almost as good as calling able-bodied people the ‘not-yet disabled.’

    I hadn’t seen the piglets one before. Beautiful! To use completely the wrong word.

  9. There was I thinking that the internet was free from censorship. I suppose you’ll be telling me that Santa Claus don’t exist next. We used to snigger at stuff like this in the playground during the 50’s

  10. I didn’t find anything really obscene … Maybe my mind isn’t keen enough. The bubbling is, of course, a dirty trick! The last picture struck me as “Ew”, so I voted.

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