Mark Baars kindly sent me this great use of an illusion.  Basically, the back of a bus is made to look like the front of a bus, complete with inattentive driver….

I am not sure that this would get past an ethics committee if it were part of a psychology experiment.  So, you decide…. cruel, clever or both?


  1. Clever, but probably a bit irresponsible. Very distracting if you pull up to the rear of a bus and it looks like it’s facing the other way!

  2. I am from Holland, and I have seen much more of the commercials of Centraal Beheer Achmea. They belong to the most hillarious commercials in the Netherlands. Just look for “even apeldoorn bellen” on you tube.

    1. No, Dutch licence plates are exactly the same, back and front.

      Anyway.. I really like this one! I live in Amsterdam, but havent seen it yet!

    1. Translation is in the image. “Even Apeldoorn bellen” is their slogan, which loosely translate to “Just call us”. It translates directly to “Gotta call Apeldoorn”, Apeldoorn is the town where this insurance company is head quartered.

  3. Quite scary if you think it is real. I remember once driving down the motorway to see a lorry FACING me up ahead in my lane. It completely freaked me out until I worked out that it was, in fact, just a cab on the back of another lorry and it wasn’t actually heading straight for me 😉

  4. Pretty irresponsible to create an illusion about which way a vehicle is facing imo, it’s going to prevent people correctly anticipating how it’s going to move off early enough. Does anyone else remember esso poster a few years ago that had to be witdrawn cos it featured a gigantic tigers eye. If two of the posters went up next to each other car drivers got so distracted looking at the enormous pair of eyes that they didn’t pay attention to the road and crashed.
    I don’t want to be a killjoy but optical illusions and traffic probably shouldn’t be mixed.

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