First, there has been lots of press recently about the new Bem ESP study that will be published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.  Lots of people are saying that they are going to try to replicate the study and so it is important that they pre-register their experiments.  For that reason, we have started a registry of experiments here.  If you know anyone who might be doing this work, please bring the registry to their attention.  Many thanks.

It’s inkblot time again!  I am always fascinated to discover how people see different things when they look at an inkblot.  So, take a look at this and tell me what you see….

Post your thoughts in the comments below and let’s see what common themes emerge, and therefore how strange you are!



    1. Me too. Looking longer, I saw a couple of pigs (looking like the space captain pig muppet in the ‘Pigs In Space’ skit), and a few faces

  1. It’s a sheep – at least in the middle. After some more work I found the two dots on either side were bunnies, rather oddly floating in midair and looking at the sheep.

  2. I see a goat looking animal in the center with a crown on its head and a mouse on each side of it and the bottom the of ink blot looks like either the goats nick or another mini face bellow it

  3. I see a Mother bear/animal figure with her arms toward me in a gesture of embrace. Two disfigured faintly humanoid guardians flank her, each bearing what looks like a club. Hmmm… Club/Cub/Bear/Mother/Violence/Embrace/ No need to page Dr. Freud or Jung on this one where I’m concerned. Making my reservation at Bellevue now.

  4. A frog and he is pointing his index finger and pinky at me.

    And there is another frog sitting on a chair inbetween his legs.

  5. I see the Queen of Hearts. Crown, nostrils, eyes, odd hair, ruffled collar, her friends the White Rabbit and the March Hare to either side. Very Alice.

    1. I see the Queen of Hearts too, though didn’t get the rabbits. I just saw them as an extension of her collar

  6. Gnarles Barkley – Crazy. Although i don’t say that to make a joke, that is genuinly the first thing i thought of.. but looking at it again, some sort of dog with a beard. Normal? Lol

  7. I see the face of a giraffe with a mullet, surprised by the two chocolate bunnies that have inexplicably materialised either side of it.

    1. You should seek medical help immediately!

      Ok, kidding. Me neither. I had to stair at it for a while before form a pattern out of it. Then I saw this creep insect head in the negative space.

  8. A fat cat sitting on the base of its spine, showing its tummy, and two big mice or rabbits – one each side.

    1. That’s what I get – a cat lying on its back, legs splayed, and two cartoon-style mice with big ears looking at it.

  9. In quick succesion a skull, a clown’s heard, and the face of a man with a pointed beard (probably from a playing card) surrounded by some unidentifiable black blots

  10. I see an Oriental woman with a dwarf with a large nose, there are two of them, one on each side of her looking out 🙂

  11. 1) some creature crawling downward in the middle
    2) a frontal dogs face in the bottom
    3) two bunnies on the left and right


    A picture of roses made monochrome with the computer settings set very badly.

  12. Two mice on their hind legs, looking at a cow’s head. The cow is consuming a doll, head first, and has got to its thighs. Its legs are hanging out of the cow’s mouth.

  13. It reminds me greatly of the end boss of a game I played about 15 years ago called The Illusion of Gaia. You can see a picture of what I’m talking about here.

  14. two ladies leaning forward and kissing the claws of a lobster. there is definitely a lobster in the middle of this picture. unmistakable.

  15. Kind of see a dog with a rose on its head with 2 big blocks (maybe rabbits?) to each side of it.

    Or boring answer: I see black and white pixels 😛

  16. In the middle image I see a Shogun in battle armor. The images on his left and right are nothing to me. I stare and stare and nothing comes to me, they just look blobs of ink.

  17. When looking at these things I always tend to view the black parts as the background and the white parts as the foreground, hence I look for the patterns in the white parts. Prior to this example I’ve always seen *something* using this method but this time? Nothing.

  18. two clowns’ Heads facing each other, or a kind of insect face, or three figures facing each other, or a barely dressed femal having tow bellybuttons, or an insect face, or the black spot on top at the midde seem to be some kind of mite crawling upward… barely can integrate the black spots at the left and the right

  19. Two rabbits on either side of a shape that just plain refuses to fit any conceptual model in my head. This is strange, because I usually get quite strong pareidolia.

  20. I see a face in the centre, a girl’s face with a crown on. On a second look she seems to have a beard! With two blobs either side of her.

  21. A woman wearing a head dress (more like an angry tribal goddess) dancing in the centre. I see two bunnies on either sides too 🙂

  22. It’s a sheep that has just won a beauty pageant. It’s wearing a crown, make-up and is quite disturbing. There is a dwarf on either side, facing away from the sheep. They are wearing belts and have their hands clasped behind their backs.

  23. Fist impression is a sheep looking face on. Then that with two black rabbits either side. There is then a dog’s (?) face straight on under the sheep’s chin.

    This all with a second or two – not prolonged examination

  24. First I saw rabbits in a field of flowers.

    Then, looking more closely, a demonic skull, that brings to mind both the aliens from the”Predator series” and the dinosaur triceratops

  25. I see a man with a beard or goatee, rasta hair, fisted hands, with the index finger of each hand pointing towards me.

  26. In the white space in the middle, there’s a lobster, which is resting on seaweed with rocks either side.

    Otherwise an evil teddy bear wearing body armour and firing pistols with a friend either side each wearing an ammo belt while firing a rocket launcher.

  27. I see two cartoon bears blowing trumpets and between them the face of a very large lion. (It’s possible that this interpretation is informed by the fact that I read aloud three chapters of Prince Caspian for bedtime story last night…)

  28. Two rabbits staring at a vase of flowers.

    I didn’t see the sheep’s head at all until I’d read some of the comments and looked again.

  29. I saw an Aztec headdress-wearing person (apparently with two belly buttons and a bow tie, on closer inspection) with outstretched arms, the hands reaching for me. Have I watched one too many horror movies?

  30. I see a rottweiler wearing a tiara, with his paws up on either side of his head. I imagine the dog has jumped up against the window, trying to look out, and we are seeing it from the other side of the window.

  31. A rabbit on either side of a cow wearing lipstick with a teddy bear on top of it and Charlie Chaplain at the bottom, really I can see all kind of images. I also see two faces on either side of the cow. The interesting thing is that when I turned the picture (?) upside down I saw the same images inverted; not a different set of images. Now I wonder what would happen if the inkblot had been shown upside down. Would I have seen different images? Interesting to see that lots of others saw similar images to me.

  32. It’s a really really bad image of a woman with those little pursed super red lips with flowers all around her head leaning on Charlie Chaplin.

  33. A fairy (my daughter, 4 and 1/2)
    Footprints (my son, two and 1/2) (also did a lovely little hand sign)
    I think it is itchy the mouse putting scratchy into a mincer that is next to a mirror. *whirr crunch whirr splat*

  34. I see a woman holding a pane of glass and blowing a kiss against said glass. The blots on the sides are her hands holding the glass.

  35. A smiling devil of some kind with huge hands giving a thumbs up to left and right while standing on a tiny skate board.

  36. PS – sorry, not a thumbs up. He has his index and little finger extended towards the viewer, rapper style.

  37. A poodle emerges from the middle… Widen the focus and… He’s giving a massive double thumbs up. Right on, dawg!

  38. It may sound weird, but I see a biology textbook-style of the female reproductive system. The two outlying oval blotches are the ovaries. Wow… that sounds even weirder now that I type it out.

  39. I’ve deliberately not read the other comments, so I’ve no idea what others ‘see’ at this point. My first take is a standing figure with a teddy-bear head, tiny legs and outstretched paws (hence size). Now I’ll read the other posts to find out how weird I am!

  40. Er… two rabbits either side of a giant doll’s face but I had to really stare to see anything much in the middle one.

  41. Two dancing bunnies, and old dawg’s face in the middle, two kidneys at the bottom, two goldfish feeding below the head of satan himself at the top.

  42. It is an old school zookeeper or police officer (in a hat) with a big bushy moustache linking to sideburns in a Rio carnival outfit (feathers behind him and attachments to outstretched arms). He is on tiptoes with knees bent outwards.
    Makes perfect sense.

  43. The face of a lamb, with two “Michelin” bunnies on either side.
    The face of a centaur, with two “Michelin” rabbits on either side.
    Two Lenins, one on each side, looking inward towards Charlie Chaplin as Hitler, with lobster claws. Underneath the lobster claws is a Saint Bernard wearing a bow tie.
    A pig, with big head, super fur on the arms, and a double belly-button.
    A very happy cat, with lots of fur around its head, waiting for a belly rub.
    Two clowns, with clouds as hair, facing each other.

  44. I saw Rosarch. Nooo, don’t hurt me Rosarch, I didn’t know anything. Arghhh. Noo….

    Seriously, I cannot see inkblot without remembering or seeing Rosarch. It’s like the earworm music. You can’t get it out of your head.

    On an unrelated side note, I could never process the spinning ballerina. However, someone made with spinning rabbit – and in just a few second I felt like a shockwave goes from the screen into my eye, and the rabbit rotate the other way around, and I cannot unrotate it anymore.

    Scary stuff.

  45. I definitely see the two rabbits that many others have mentioned. But I saw them in a garden, nibbling on things. A berry patch maybe?

  46. I really hope it’s because they made a gag on “The Simpsons” yesterday, but I saw the face of Charles Manson… :S

  47. Two mice mourning a splattered hedgehog in the middle of the road. Although the Hedgehog appears happy.

  48. I saw a sheep meditating. Hands out in the classic yoga meditation pose.. if there was more im sure he would be cross legged with some incense burning.

  49. I see a cartoon person seen from above holding their boxing gloves either side of their head sporting a bushy hair style with their legs looking diminutive as seen through a fish eye lens.

  50. It really looks like a demon in the center of the picture on a hill with flames all around him… Am I insane?

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  53. I see a face like the queen of the hearts and 2 Sheeps on either side to of it with long noses like a dwarf wearing a sheepskin cloak

  54. The top center is a daisy the entire center is an ancient Brazilian and the bottom center is a skull of an alien

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