I am a big fan of upside down art and here are three of my favourites….

turns into this….

Number two….

turns into….

Number three….

turns into….

What do you think?ย  Which is your favourite?


  1. How is number two upside down? It looks like the eyes may have been there but the mouth and nose were drawn on after it was flipped. Not that impressive.

  2. The is something very suspicious about number two. Those are definitely not upside-down versions of each other. The eyes have been flipped, but the mouth and nose are not the same.

  3. Both # 2 pictures can certainly be turned upside down and will still be men, but they are not the same picture. Drawn by the same artist and very close to being the same picture if put side by side the same way. The frown in both their foreheads becoming a mouth and the smile or mustache becoming a patch of hair on the forehead.

  4. Number 2 is different on the RSS-feed compared to the website: the facial figures on the front (that turn into the mouth and nose when looked at upside down) are missing on the RSS but are present on the webside.
    But I still like Number 3 more ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Haha, read all the comments about #2 and couldn’t figure out what was wrong until I saw that it had been changed. What was it like originally?

  6. No 2, I believe, displays reflected symmetry and not rotational as it should be. Easy mistake with most image manipulation software.
    Not a fake as such, although I could be wrong… I have work to do so I cannot ‘save image’ and attempt it myself.
    No 3 is brilliant. Lord Melchart from Blackadder, both ways up!

    1. Same as 3rd one. It’s been mirrored instead of rotated. I just don’t know why everybody says that the 2nd one is fake! Ok, it’s been mirrored, but if you rotate it, it still works.

  7. I like number 1 best; is it meant to be Stalin turning into some old Russian tsar? Also, can someone post the fake number 2 on a web page, for us curious types? (It sounds like Banachek saved them and turned one of them upside down?)

  8. I read some of the earlier comments and thought I was going mad…I couldn’t see any difference between the two images. Then I read that Richard had fixed it. Now I am curious as to what the original image looked like.

    Anyway, number 3 is my favourite. It really does work as a face both ways.

  9. Number three is my favourite because it has so much more detail than the rest rather than just spuriously adding lines to a face to make it look right both ways.

  10. Sorry but if I’m looking at them properly then #1 is the only real upside-down. #2 & #3 are both flips or mirrors depending on the definition.
    But the #2 & #3 are good and #1 is not that great, it is too ‘busy’ with all the lines.

  11. I like the third one best because it parses the best both ways.

    Also apparently writing a comment in umop-apisdn speak ends up getting flagged as spam, or something.

  12. I like one and three most because the eyes on the faces are in different parts of the picture depending on which way you look at it. Number 2 has the same pair of eyes either way up.
    I think it’s clever how the artist has hidden an extra pair of eyes in 1 and 3 that you really have to look for.

    1. I like number 2 for the same reason, on with noses. In 1 and 3, the nose is the same bit in each. With 2, the nose is cleverly hidden.

  13. See the fantastic Upside-Down Artwork of L. R. Emerson II at http://www.e4fineart.com.

    Emerson has been creating upside-down works for over 25 years and was recetly recognized by acclaimed artist Georg Baselitz who remarked “inspiring” about Emerson’s art. Emerson’s work was shared with major Museums and Galleries accross the globe in 2005.

  14. Hi Richard,

    I really like your upside down drawings . Can I get an original copy of your drawing – prefer a black and white soft copy.

    I will produce an educational game and want to use yours as one of the artwork.

    I am welling to mention your name .

    Thank you,

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