First, @_LriCh_ sent me this yesterday….a genuine rabbit – duck illusion….

Second, magician Pete Firman told me about this ….

It is a very nice variation on a trick known as the Substitution Trunk.  Any ideas how it is done?


  1. At the begining, the lady put her left hand out. I do notice the hand (shown outside) was changed from left-hand to right hand at around 26 seconds.

  2. How its done is easy (there are no additional people) but the speed of change over is very good. Shame on you Richard for encouraging a magicians secrets to be revealed.

    1. Hmm, not sure about that. As Jet said, when the lady drops the curtain, you can clearly see that the left hand becomes a right hand. At 0:26 it’s a left hand and just after, at 0:28, it’s a right hand. I think that during these 2 seconds behind the curtain, the third person just removes his hand and the magician puts his in the hole.

      And also, how can you explain that when the lady and magician exchange their places, the hand is always holding the curtain?

  3. Somehow maybe involving two similar-looking girls. We didn’t really get a good look at the body size or even really a good shot of the face of the girl in the beginning of the trick.

  4. There was definitely a third person. Steven’s remark, I believe is right.

    One identical girl is inside the stand itself. She comes out when the switch occurs. In the meanwhile, the girl inside the box slips into the stand, leaving only her hand poking out. The man gets into the box through the overhanging floor, and when the covers are pulled, the man switches his hand for the girl’s, leaving the original girl completely within the stand.
    You can tell that that particular switch occurs because the hand turns from a left one into a right one at that point.

  5. Well actually it looks more of a rabbit than a duck . Its done in a simple way . The 2 sticks ( the beak ) has been stuck at the back of the rabbit’s head . The eye has played the trick here. The shape is such that it makes the viewer confused . The eyes are pointed from both sides.
    Here’s brainteaser link –

  6. I don’t think two identical girls are needed for the trick (rather, two identical magicians would be better). Probably just a third assistant (the hand holding the cloth from inside the box) is enough for the other two to switch very quickly.

  7. There is definitely NOT an identical girl needed. I have seen this trick done by Hans Klok (a famous Dutch illusionist) and a Dutch celebrity was invited to be the ‘girl in the box’. Since Im pretty sure she has no identical twin, I can eliminate that option.

    A ‘regular’ third person would be my guess too, but I prefer to go with the most obvious explanation: MAGIC!

  8. I don’t know how Richard did this….not a clue where he was able to get his hands on what I hope is just a photo and not the real thing….. it being the last known remains of the little known Jackamallard who is related to the now legendary Jackalope. More accurately this Jackamallard is closer to the Western Jackalope. No one has seen a live specimen in many years. Maybe Richard could shed some light on the issue of just who this LriCh might be and does he have the remains of the poor Jackamallard.

    1. @Martha you know I haven’t seen nor heard Richard use his gorilla recently…..maybe his gorilla ran off with the crocoduck after that poor gorilla saw the remains of the Jackamallard…not wanting the same thing to happen to the rare crocoduck.

    2. No, the gorilla went off somewhere with the Spotted and Herbaceous Backson. He and Backson are busy together.

    3. @Martha, I should have know I can’t keep up with them, but I hear that the ole dog does and even has lol to see such a sight as that hot dish ran off to do a little spoon…..never a dull moment!

  9. At the 10th second when the magician cover the girl’s hand with the cloak, the close-up on the hand watch that it’s a man’s hand.
    At the 24th second, the girl hide the hand and I guess than something happen at this moment (a change, …)
    At the 27th second, just before the girl take off the cloak, it’s a left hand in the hole and 2 seconds later we can see that the magician have his right hand in the hole.

    They probably did 3 changes in arround 30 seconds, so they are probably 3 persons … but I don’t know how they can be so fast.

    (Sorry for my english)

  10. Okay I re-watch the video, and I think that I’ve got it.

    A man is hide in the foot of the box.
    The girl is inside the box.
    The magician put the cloak on the box (first change because the hand changed) the girl can exit from the box.
    The magician hide the foot of the box with another fabric (the girl can move behind).
    The magician throw the fabric catch quickly by the girl (second change, you can see the hand drop and catch the fabric)
    The magician go behind the foot and inside the box during the girl fold and get back the fabric.
    During all this time a third people (hide in the foot of the box) have his hand in the box’s hole.
    At least, the girl take off the cloak on the box and at this moment, the magician put his hand and the third person take off its.

    Am I right?
    But I’m still impressed by the execution speed.

    (I’m still sorry for my english)

    1. Yes, I think that is more likely.
      I can see that the hand’s wrist is always from a low angle whereas both performers’ wrists must always be more lateral. Plus, Occam. 🙂

  11. The trick is done with a fake hand coming through the curtain. If you look carefully at the close up when it first comes out you can see that it’s fake. The box he is is essentially just how it appears, except obviously with a trap door. As soon as the curtain goes up the fake hand is pushed through. It obviously has good controls. The girl climbs out and does the switch with the guy. He quickly climbs in. At the point where the hand changes from a left hand to a right hand that’s because he pulls out the fake one and puts in his real hand, but either for practical reasons or because he forgot, he puts in the wrong hand.

    1. That’s how they did it on Breaking the Magician’s Code, iirc, but I’m not sure if that’s the case here. The hand doesnt look that fake to me.

  12. I don’t feel right talking about how this one is done somehow. These guys are out there doing this illusion right now trying to make a living. Maybe it’s just because I feel like I have some professional knowledge about it that I feel I would be breaking the code. Somehow it seems different talking about how some guys performed metamorphosis on the street. Perhaps because metamorphosis is so well known that it seemed like just discussing the unique way they did it was OK. Here I feel like I’d be revealing something that I shouldn’t.

  13. Depended on the degree of popularity, a magician can let to prepare a hight quality flat screen with a hole for a lot of money…

    However a trick is revealed, all people will say: Thats easy, also i can do it, everybody can do it ! But the different is: Not everybody will really do it. And you have to be a showman too. And you have to show the trick easy looking . And you dont should be nervous. And…
    The same also with the modern art: All people say its easy to do it but the fewest will actually do it.

    What the heck will Richard do with all our answers ? Analyzing all and make a chart or anything like this ? Writing a new book ?

  14. wow rabbit duck illusion O_o”
    “Very cute ^, ^ ”

    that magic trick is very cool first i think he use fake hand
    but……he doesn’t use O_O Wow!!!

  15. so the 3rd person is hidden in the stand… you can see that the stand has black sides which make it look slimmer than it is actually is… and possibly wider at the back… also front panel of the box is not closed properly at the end… basically he didn’t slide it back completely… a bit sloppy 🙂

    Nice trick!

    (it’s an illusion, Michael, a trick is something a whore does for money)

  16. The most interesting thing about the magic trick is the audience chanting afterward. Look how willing they are to make a man into a god.

  17. You don’t know how it’s done!? is this some kind of experiment?

    …one i can’t work out is ‘One’ by DC. looks like an old morrit illusion – but it can’t be.

  18. it’s really easy.
    the hand that comes out isn’t the girl’s is a fake one that comes down when she pulls the black sheet off.
    How do I know it is a fake hand?
    well the thumb is facing the left and right after the black sheet comes off, its facing the right.
    So she put the fake hand through the black sheet and she went right off and replaced the guy that jumped quickly in the box she takes the sheet with the hand off and then the guy quickly puts his hand through the hole.
    It took me around 10 minutes to figure it out.

    Really clever trick

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