1. I noticed it immediately, but I might not have if I wasn’t looking for it. Since you mentioned a spin in the video that gives away the illusion, it was pretty easy to spot.

  2. Just seen it (though static) on QI, so the upside down face meant I looked for it straight away 😉

    It was very well done, and worked really well as a video

  3. Saw it with the eye brows too – but as has been mentioned, had been primed to spot something more than the mouth.

    I wonder if it would work if seen slightly more to the side, and ear was flipped?

  4. Ewww – I shouldn’t have watched that whilst eating breakfast – feel slightly sick! Just spotted the mouth, again, mainly cos the description warned me about the spin

  5. i recognized the mouth right away; was proud of myself and stopped at that. Whoa… didn’t even notice the nose level eyebrows….

  6. I noticed the eyes immediately (well, the video’s title is a bit of a giveaway!), but I didn’t spot the mouth until the spin.

    Watching a second time, both are really obvious.

    I suppose the effect works because we’re primed to expect the eyes / mouth to be the right way up, so don’t tend to notice when combined with the rest of the face being upside down. Obviously, look at it the other way round, with the eyes/mouth upside down but the rest of the face the right way up, and the effect is immediately noticeable.

  7. The mouth was very obvious for me, because I tend to look at the lips of a person when he/she is speaking. Spotted the eyebrows, and then the eye lashes, and knew it!

    Even though I could spot the difference, it is very interesting how normal the face looks upside down. good video

  8. i have ever seen in this book
    Allan Phase : The difinitive book of body language
    but it’s only picture too ^ ^”

    acctually, is that mean people always recognize+interpret other’s emotion from eyes and mouth

  9. Damn, you catch me all the Time !

    Make following experiment: One Person lay down on the Floor. The other person stand on the head side, watching to the face, upside down. When the lying person is moving his face or speaking, it will appear very weird. Especially if you try to find a normal rightup face ON the turned face. (Normal you start with the eyes, then search a mouth on a fold in the forehead). This effect will not be appear on a Photography, of coarse.

  10. Spotted the eyes first, only the mouth after, what is odd though, is when she is upside down, and eyes/mouth wrong way up she looks more attractive than when she is normal, and with her mouth and eyes right way up.

  11. I noticed to eyes and eyebrows but didn’t notice the mouth until the spin, the mind is amazing in it’s adaptability. (or is that gullability!)

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