What do you see when you look at this?


Hi there.  First, if you have a background in psychology and are looking for a position as a research assistant, you might be interested in this project looking at the psychology of precognitive experiences (I will be involved in some of the work).

OK, so…..what do you see when you look at this?

The image was kindly sent to me by Patrick L….. what did you see and what does that say about you?


115 comments on “What do you see when you look at this?

  1. Mariani Lima says:

    Now I see three pigs. 😉

  2. Jules says:

    Well…er not sure how to word it politely so you can guess what I saw initially but scrolling down the bit where balls should be gives it away. What is it? Some kind of over excited vegetable?

  3. Elsie Assap says:

    Well you can guess what my first impression was….OMG! Not before breakfast….tried to see it as something else, hid the screen from my nosey son…..

    Tried seeing it from a different persective but felt like I was being corruputed and now I am intrigued as to what I am actually looking at!

  4. Is it a naked man with a pig’s head for testicles?

  5. Elsie Assap says:

    Ahhhh! Three pigs (blushes)

  6. Repton says:

    It obviously looks a bit like a guy’s penis and thighs, but a second look discounts that because there’s a lot of things that don’t fit.

    I couldn’t tell what it was, though, until I looked at the image filename..

  7. RichT says:

    Well there goes the last of my pretence at full heterosexuality…

  8. Daniel Preston says:


  9. Pandora says:

    Piglets. Initially I thought it was some misshapen potato or something, but upon closer inspection I saw the three little piggies 🙂

  10. Ralf Nowotny says:

    WAAAAAH! Bad brain! Bad, bad brain!!!!!

  11. Jeanne says:

    3 pigs. What does this say about me? – I’m seeing other websites. Sorry Richard to be such a floozie!

  12. Tom Pedersen says:

    I see a man’s club-like diddlegeroo. What does that say about me? That I’m human.

  13. Steven says:

    At first glance, it appeared to be a withered old crone, but I looked at it again and saw a beautiful maiden. Weird.

  14. Tom says:

    I saw something phalic then tried to convince myself it was a mishaped vegetable before realising what it actually was.

  15. Fiona W says:

    A piglet squished between two adult pigs. What were we supposed to see?…..Oh it’s like that is it?

  16. Noadi says:

    Well whatever it is it goes “wee wee wee”. Sorry, I know it’s a bad joke.

  17. beanfeast says:

    immediately – the victim of botched genital surgery
    2 seconds – a misshapen vegetable
    5 seconds – 3 pigs

  18. Tom says:

    Wiseman you lecherous cad. You should know better than to post your…


    They’re pigs…

  19. Adam Wood says:

    Well, I see it now people have mentioned pigs. But yeah, I saw a botched genital surgery shown from below.

  20. Drew says:

    ooh er missus! It was a strange penis untill I read the first comment.

  21. Berber Anna says:

    Genitals for one second, then I saw the middle pig’s face, and was like ‘OH, it’s three pigs’. Haha.

  22. lilabyrd says:

    Goodness knew the middle was a little piggy right away…..but will admit for a few seconds thought …..there is a name for that kind of thing and where I come from that ain’t legal! Bad Bad Richard! then moved the page down some more and knew it was two greedy grown pigs that were trying to send that little piggy weeee weee weee all the way home without supper.

    • lilabyrd says:

      OMG OMG I have now read several dozen answers and so far NO ONE has seen what I first saw! I saw a little pig right off but thought I also saw two male thighs and thought of a well known fact among those that are familiar with animals and pigs….pigs will eat anything….. sooooo ……ewwww…..ohhh the hair pattern is the same as the little piggy….ahhh…..3 pigs…. as said my first thought ain’t legal where I live….lol… oh dear I guess I spend too much time with critters and not around……ummm….humans.

  23. More Tea Vicar? says:

    Hahahaha…Damn my filthy mind! Cute middle pig!!

  24. BlueHornbill says:

    First look, only the top of the picture, “Uh thats a strange penis top, whats that little projection!”
    first look the whole picture, “uh oh, looks like a small dog standing underneath a persons’s knee!”
    second look, “Thats a very strange thigh hair patterns pattern! wait a minutes, those are pigs, two big and one piglet!”

    what does it say about me?no idea other than saying that I have good observation skills.

  25. Shirl says:

    I thought it was a guy sitting naked on a glass table as seen from below but then I thought it can’t be cos the thighs are strange and it looks like he’s somehow mutated or something if thats what it is. All kinds of things ran through my head as to what it might be and then I realised eventually that it was three pigs.. the one in the middle is a piglet.

  26. Flavio says:

    I thought about a classic porn shot but it wasn’t quite right. Then first comment about pigs. Alright.

  27. safc4ever says:

    Today: ‘Oh, Richard’s found the picture of the pigs, as seen on Tumblr a couple of days ago.’

    A couple of days ago: It took a few seconds to work out what it really was, but I did not actually think the obvious, more like ‘What is that? It is obviously posed to confuse.’

    I think that visiting Richard’s site has affected my viewing of other sites, always now questioning the content of ‘shocking’ photos like this one, and also photos purporting to show dead people.

  28. Lindamp says:

    I absolutely saw what you wanted me to see, as did my husband. Took a while to work out what it really was, now I can only see piggies!!

  29. Kelvin Kao says:

    When I first saw this in my RSS reader, I was like “How did this end up in my inbox?” Then I looked closer and realized what it was. What does it say about me? Hm…

  30. brian says:

    A giant COCK

  31. I think it says about me: I shouldn’t have visited chatroulette 😉

  32. mittfh says:

    Once I’d got over the initial shock of what I thought it to be, I deduced that given the comparative size of the piglet versus its parents, the part of the body the piglet is mistaken for would be far wider in girth and longer in length than I would assume would be anatomically possible. Suffice it to say that should there be an adult human male with the anatomy the picture initially represents, he’d find it very difficult to reproduce by conventional means…

  33. Zoe says:

    You can’t fool me with your Evolutionist mind tricks. I KNOW what I saw.


  34. Matt says:

    Castrated sitting White man . From the mouse (not birds) eye view

  35. Walt says:

    2 pigs and a piglette bewtween. I can see the resemblence male anatomy as well.

  36. Sander says:

    Dammit, goatse.

  37. TS says:

    I’ll be damned, now you can get POV pigs… 🙂

  38. MarKill says:

    When I opened the site my browser cut off the lower part of the picture which made me think OMG that guy has one misshapen huge cock. Then when I scrolled down I saw the pigs head and I only thought “How funny my browser cut that part off”

    Lucky I am a woman and am supposed to see dicks in anything LOL

  39. Jean says:

    At first it looked like some male human body parts, but then I saw it was 3 pigs a baby one in the middle

  40. JAMarton says:

    Reverend Horton Heat has a song called “Nurture My Pig” that comes to mind when I view this. 🙂

  41. Pepijn says:

    You shouldn’t have said “find out if you have a dirty mind” in your tweet, now I have no idea what I would have seen if I had been unprepared… Knowing what kind of picture it would be (and what it would not be ;-)) I instantly saw that it was actually three pigs.

  42. Andon Smitty says:

    Legs apart, massive cock.

  43. lifes says:

    haha..saw the obviously first thought that most got then the pigs.

  44. BaldySlaphead says:

    What it looks like: for a couple of seconds it looks like a naked man with a massive stiffy, then it becomes obvious that it’s some pigs.

    What it says about me: I am well within the normal bell curve for pattern matching

  45. Immediately I saw a large penis between two legs, although something seemed off. As soon as I scrolled down a tad to reveal the piglet’s eyes, I was able to determine the true subjects of the photo. I don’t know quite what that says about me! LOL

  46. Poly says:

    Three pigs!

  47. meawnoy says:

    OH Gosh O_o”
    ิyou make me shocked Richard

    ูู^ .^ ♪

  48. fluffy says:

    What I see is immaterial compared to what my boss thinks he sees when he glances at my computer screen while walking behind me. Jeeze.

  49. Anastasia says:

    On order of perception:
    1) an indecent pose of male
    2) some tree or a mutant daikon
    3) 2 pigs and a piglet

  50. Gus Snarp says:

    Took forever for me to figure out it was pigs. I don’t think it says anything about people who see it as a pair of legs and a penis, it’s cropped and arranged intentionally to make us see that. It may say a lot more about the person who created the image.

  51. The other Matt says:

    I saw the bottom of a hermaphrodite….

  52. The other Matt says:

    What do you see on this Pic ? A studys result says that kids under 5 see the nine dolphins only, while older kids and adults see the lovers.

  53. […] What do you see when you look at this? Hi there.  First, if you have a background in psychology and are looking for a position as a research assistant, you […] […]

  54. Che says:

    I initially saw a smaller picture posted on facebook…It wasn’t until I opened this page and saw a bigger picture that I realized what it really is

  55. Bletherskite says:

    At As I scrolled down the first half of the pic I thought – male genitialia with a case of gigantism but as I scrolled down fully I saw the three pigs.

  56. Niall says:

    an NSFW tag would have been nice, god knows what people at work would have thought if they walked past. Despite that clearly 3 pigs or a very deformed man

  57. Steve.P says:

    At first I thought it some tree branches, or a mutant potato/parsnip/vegetable. Possibly in the shape o someone rather endowed.

    Then I saw the pigs heads.

  58. Zach says:

    I’m glad my boss wasn’t over my shoulder

  59. Maija says:

    a small piglet amongst two bigger pigs!!!

  60. Kristine says:

    How to have more sex with Richard Wiseman?

    Oh… It’s a pig. Nevermind.

  61. Very interesting article, I recommend

  62. ohhhhhhhh

    three pigs

    really funny

  63. Kim de Boer says:

    It obviously looks like a penis.
    After that I saw three pigs.

    The only right answer I guess 😛

  64. Kelsie says:

    at first i saw a naked man then pigs!

  65. Mike says:

    I saw something horrific

  66. Anonymous says:

    2 pigs and in the meddile it is a piglet

  67. Enily says:

    looks like a penis 🙂 I know i’m rude but just guessing

  68. Abijah Gupta says:

    Lol….. i must admit, i did think it was a… well… you know! 😉

    but then saw the small head between the two adult pigs!

    so, 3 pigs! 😀

  69. Anonymous says:

    it is so easy
    they are 3 pigs
    the left pig is fatter then the right pig
    so it is not human ( idiots )

  70. kenny ma says:

    “Hahaha” come after “Ewwww”

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  72. mary scott says:

    What do you see when you look at this picture? from your loving daughter, Erin

  73. Anonymous says:

    2 big pigs and a lil pig in the middle

  74. mika says:

    Guy got in trouble on the radio because his wife thought one of his co-workers sent him a pick of his johnson.

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  76. Anonymous says:

    yeah i just wacked off to this

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  78. Anonymous says:


  79. random says:

    oh at first i thought is was a male pigs pemis but it is three pigs lol

  80. bob lott says:

    It is one piglet nuzzling between 2 larger pigs..

  81. SomeOne Else says:

    I thought it was a person that was born with both a penis and a pussy but as I read the different posts I relooked at the picture and I saw the three pigs. The middle is a piglet and the outer ones adults.

  82. adz says:

    i thought i saw a pig then i reakized it was a cock

  83. Glo says:


  84. JimD, PhD says:

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  92. Anonymous says:

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