What do you see when you look at this?


Thanks to everyone who took part in the fun experiment yesterday.  There was a big difference between left and right handers, suggesting that handedness does indeed affect the perception of the duck-rabbit illusion.

The other day I came across this and it made me laugh.  What is the first thing you see when you look at this?


60 comments on “What do you see when you look at this?

  1. Ralf Nowotny says:

    *urks* okay, saw a penis first

  2. Rooker says:

    I see someone who is going to have a nasty sunburn in a couple hours.

  3. Jess says:

    He has a man-penis!

  4. julie says:

    i definitely saw a penis at first and was going to laugh at how small it was…but then i saw it wasn’t a penis.

  5. Charles Sullivan says:

    I man walking in shorts.

  6. I was amazed at the articulating arms on this particular appendage….

  7. Richard says:

    Well… I’m just awake, and still really tired and jetlagged. And my first impression was that it was a guy striding across the screen and a guy working a barbecue. Which is odd, because I’d have thought that a tired brain would be quicker to jump to a shortcut conclusion.

  8. vicki says:

    dirty mind

  9. SP says:

    His penis is so big it has TWO elbows.

  10. Lindamp says:

    It made me laugh out loud when I (very quickly) realised it wasn’t a penis.
    My husband (who saw it from a further distance – could this be relevant?) just insisted that he saw one man walking and another tending a BBQ in the background, and was very snooty about it!

  11. Yvonne says:


  12. Boulet says:

    I saw it last week in a “demotivator”. The text was: “Hungry ? Don’t worry, my penis will cook you a hamburger”.

  13. Col says:

    I saw a headless bloke and green shed… Then I scrolled down! Saw hideous swim shorts….

  14. Sally says:

    Saw a little man popping out of the swim shorts.

  15. Christopher says:

    Also saw a penis sticking out of some ridiculously short swim trunks.

  16. Adrian says:

    A knob-head?

  17. FrankNStein says:

    what? a hairy penis doing a BBQ, no big deal… 😉

  18. Nikki says:

    That’s what happens when people spend more time with their computers than with their romantic partners: they begin to imagine human-shaped penises attached to guys’ outer thighs.

  19. Gem says:

    A man with quite a fat bottom with a hand poking out of it. Then the pseudo-knob.

  20. Terry says:

    I saw a man in shorts walking by. There are 2 people in the background. I couldn’t find anything funny about it. Sorry. I really don’t see the penis thing at all, not with such a clear perspective. I guess a lot of people wanted to see a strange member really badly, but it ‘s just an ordinary photo to me.

  21. Julie says:

    A bloke with a teeny man penis.
    So not a man with his dick out and not a man in the background just a terrible science experiment gone wrong. Not sure what that says about me. 😉

  22. fluffy says:

    I was too busy staring at his ass to notice the illusion. When I did notice the guy bending over in the distance I thought that yeah, it could sorta look like a penis maybe?

  23. Tracey says:

    When i first looked I did see a wiener. But looking at it again I see its his ego struggling to get noticed. 😛

  24. Nik says:

    It’s just his old man.

  25. almostclouds says:

    saw a man in background, walker in foreground.

  26. L.Long says:

    I did not see IT.
    I had to change my point of view from looking to looking for some risque before seeing the manheaded penis.

  27. Roding says:

    Is this why it’s sometimes called the old fella?

  28. b says:

    I saw a penis!
    I saw a penis!
    Penis, penis, penis, penis.

    • lilabyrd says:

      @b don’t know if you are male or female, young or old but what I see is “you” running around and skipping while you sing your reply……lol…..

  29. Kjell Ove says:

    Some prick tending a barbeque?

  30. oh jes? says:

    Well, I did NOT see a penis right away. Is that bad, doctor Wiseman?
    (I am a woman)

  31. […] What do you see when you look at this? Thanks to everyone who took part in the fun experiment yesterday.  There was a big difference between left and right […] […]

  32. lilabyrd says:

    My first thought/saw…….”OMG it grew arms!” then relief…. just a trick photo image….. wow that was a close one…..man…. I mean…..well if men now seem to be fixated on their penises now…..what in the hell would happen if it grew arms!!

    • lilabyrd says:

      I mean couldn’t you just see it….. at sporting events all the “high-five” action taking place…lol….omg and if there has been drinking and that guy is already somewhat fresh or cheeky with his first set of hands ….. well……wait there could be an up side….maybe the extra appendages would help to perfect their aim when they are in the loo…….rofl……oh gotta stop….bad, bad, badddd girl……

  33. Rob says:

    I definitely saw a penis first. The illusion lasted for less than a second.

    For that short but disturbing time I had a sudden sense of ‘wrongness’ when I spotted that the penis had arms.


    Luckily that did not last long and I quickly resolved the perspective.

    I think that one if the most interesting things about this image is the way that Richard asked: ‘Do you have a dirty mind?’ I think it prompted some people to be very defensive. I do not believe for a second that seeing a penis instead of a man means you have a dirty mind, nor do i believe that Richard thinks that. It is cod psychology and he is much better than that.
    The ‘penis’ illusion is quite effective, particularly because of the folds of the shorts. It is not unusual to see it- in fact, if it were unusual, we wouldn’t be having this discussion because the image would not have been posted. It is common, nay normal to see a penis in this image. It does not IMHO reflect your libidinousness. In fact, a prude would be quite shocked and so may (possibly?) be more likely to see the illusion, although they too may be quite determined to deny it.

    And I also have to say – if it was his penis, it is quite substantial. Not unusually large, but DEFINITELY NOT SMALL.

    So for anyone who feels that this is a small non-penis, I echo the question – just which penises (penii?) exactly have you been looking at?

    Don’t use porn as a guide to penis size.

    Many men feel quite inadequate as a result of the obsession over size.

    It is bad enough that women are constantly bombarded with images of physical perfection. The struggle for equality should lead to a culture where women can feel comfortable with their appearance in the same way that many men do, not that men should start to have concerns about their penis size reinforced by thoughtless comments.

    Or should we say F@~k equality and all treat each other as objects?

    I , for one, just think it is a bloody funny picture. Unfortunately all the good puns have been made – ‘nob head’, ‘Some prick tending a barbeque?’ all good stuff.

  34. Jon Reston says:

    Nice ass, then the man-penis. Realised it was a man straight away, but is still an amusing image.

  35. Rex says:

    I first saw nothing wrong, then I saw the little guy bending over, then saw that he looked like a penis. XD

  36. Thomas says:

    Penis -> Person

  37. Marie says:

    HAHAHA i saw a penis but not regular penis a penis that had a guy hahha

  38. velocirapper says:

    Yep, saw the bbq man and the penis BUT the folds on the shorts have been photoshopped so even if you cover up the bbq man it still looks like there’s a penis there somewhere!

  39. jabedshoeb says:

    walking man!!!!!

    Here’s what’s enclosed and what I love…

  40. Pekka S says:

    Walking man with an erect penis

  41. Sky says:

    I live in a town in the Netherlands and I ride my children (4 and 6) to school. My 6-year old can ride on his own bike and my 4-year old rides with me. Most of the parents ride their bicycles as it is in the centre of town and you can’t park your car anywhere. I don’t know when I will let them ride to school on their own as there is a lot of traffic. The school is next to the hospital so there are a lot of taxi’s, ambulance and other cyclists that don’t pay a lot of attention to the children riding their bike.

  42. Kim de Boer says:

    Sky, wat heeft dat te maken met deze post?

    • Berber Anna says:

      It’s a bot, posting random comments it picks up online on other websites (using the site it wants to promote as the linkback URL on its nick).

  43. Marion says:

    After reading the introduction to this picture I saw it as it actually was and no the rude version- I had to look to see that, How depressing!

  44. Flavio says:

    Meh it did nothing for me. Yes I get the illusion but it’s always clear that the “small guy” is in the background. Fine ass though.

  45. KEN says:

    s I saw a man cooking then his body became the shaft of the walking man penis.

  46. bose says:

    i saw a man in trunks….. i wondered whether he is goin or comin frm swimming!! then saw women sitting at a dist… then saw the penis man…. am i short sighted??? or my mind is clean??

  47. Anonymous says:


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  50. demotivator says:


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