Yesterday I drank a bottle of ‘Drink me’ and this happened….

Anyway, how many faces can you find in this picture….


  1. A) why are to pretending to lean against the leg of a giant table?
    B) there is one face. That of the white horse. A clutch of rocks does not a face make. If we start counting rock faces we have to count all of them.

    1. Love it. You are brilliant.
      Yes Richard, why are you pretending to lean? Why?

      Why are we counting all of these ‘faces’?



      They aren’t real faces, just rocks. You ARE silly, Richard.

      lol 😉

    2. Some aren’t even rocks, for Jebus’ sake. They are leaves and moss and trees.

      I think you are experiencing pareidolia.

      (Great word, thanks prof, just thought I’d drop it in casually)

    3. Started to count lots of phony faces after first looking at the horse & wondering if he counted,thought he should. Then I saw your answer & knew I agreed-white horse is only rea l face ergo only one that countsw. Well done! 🙂

    4. All he faces count. They’re not pareidolia because they were intentionally created by an artist to look like faces. If the artist drew a horse with a face, then he drew some more faces subtly (or not so subtly) hidden in the surrounding environment, what makes one face drawn by the artist (on the horse) more “real” than another face drawn by the artist (composed of rocks, trees, and water).

    5. When I was an archaeology student I had an argument with a visiting speaker to the archaeology society who’s idea was that the standing stones at Avebury had faces carved in them. (he was pagan, just sayin). So it may be that I am, though my education, against seeing faces in what are natural (or intended to be natural in the case of the artist) rocks.

      But they don’t count. There’s one face. There rest is just scenery.

    6. If you’re going to get fussy about whether or not the faces are “real” it’s worth pointing out that none of them are real faces. The whole image is just paint and canvas. Not even that in fact. It’s a digital reproduction of a photograph of paint and canvas.
      Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

    7. I believe that the purpose the entire image was created was to hide faces within the image and then make a game out of finding those faces. There are entire books made of these type of games, from simple to very complex. I have always enjoyed them. Most have an answer page where they highlight the intended answers and it was fun to see if you were able to find all of those and maybe others too.

    8. Lilabyrd, I know that. I’m also having fun.

      Micheal, I’m am taking into account what things in the image are representative of. Not reality as such. Rocks don’t have faces. Well they do but if you want to count all the rock faces good luck to you (coz they are not exactly regular shapes are they)

    9. Hey helen1984…..yeah…..some times I’m a little bit slow on the up take….lol… but then again I may be some slow all the time…. :}

  2. I love the picture of you against the table. The 2nd picture I’ve seen before and I think there are 11 or 12, but I can only find 10. 6-8 are obvious, the rest are well hidden.

    1. Oops! found a couple more! 33! Very interesting, the more I look at the picture, the more faces there seem to be, may be my eyes are playing trick!

    1. mittfh if you look that whole back ground of green behind the horse are several more faces…same goes to the sides and many of the faces that are side-by-side that you have marked will have a face formed by putting them together to form another face….also many small faces…I got to figure out how to do what you did….marking them on the image….not very good on the computer…lol…just learned to copy and paste…boy does that save time….

  3. I got 35 but then had to count the horse…lol…missed that one until I read some posts….so 36….aha but then I read some saw animal faces….I’ll have to got back… and better when I enlarged the photo {it being a little blurry that way helps!}.

    off topic….and shameless plug….on both of my blogs I posted photos of our new born baby…..sorry Richard but she is prettier to look at then you standing my an over-sized table?! Feel free to shamelessly post a plug on one of my blogs if you want…lol….but she’s sooo cute when she smiles……

  4. Ah, so Richard’s up at the Edinburgh Festival. The table and chairs are on display at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art – they’re by Robert Therrien. Cool guy.

    Incidentally, I wonder if Richard’s been to see his colleague Peter Lovatt’s show last week, because I did and it’s really interesting.

  5. There are 13 faces… (not counting the horseman and the horse) pretty sure there aint more. But you can always imagen more with your fantasy. But in that way it becomes interprenting and not seeing actuall visual faces.

  6. I know this illusion from a book by the artist, and there are only 11 faces, so if you’re seeing more, well, how about that…

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