Just back from the Essential Magic Conference.  It was a great event, and many thanks to everyone who came online to watch.  One of the performers was the incredible Ponta the Smith.  He is the best coin magician I have ever seen.  Watch him here…..

Any thoughts?


  1. Well practiced routine. 🙂 Though I personally enjoy more naturalistic manipulations rather than dance-like choreographies.

  2. It somehow has a shot-backwards-and-reversed feel to it… though the drop looks fine. The controlled misdirection is amazing, *both* his hands are moving nearly all the time.

  3. The title is a bit of a misnomer. I spotted at least 4 coins. It was very smooth though. You could see two palmed coins smaller along with the larger third in his right hand at the 33 and 35 second mark. I doubt you would notice this watching live.

  4. 7 sec You see the coin drop, he spits it out
    13 sec trows it behind his arm, picking it up later with his thumb.
    Man the guy is great this takes years of practise and commiment

    1. Correct, except…there’s nothing up his sleeve. In summary: One small coin, one big coin, and the only trick going on here is his master coin manipulation skills.

    2. In addition, at the :15 mark, he drops the coin from one hand to the other, obscured by his forearm.

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