Compare and contrast


The last Old Spice ad was genius….

They have just released the new one and I think it is a great follow-up….

Which is better?  Vote now and explain your choice below!

UPDATE:Ace magician Eric Mead (@meaderic) just sent me this great version…


48 comments on “Compare and contrast

  1. Owen says:

    The new one is indeed great, and certainly better than most other ads out there, but the original remains my preference. Perhaps it is because the original was so … well, original! And even though the new one is a technical marvel with a talented and handsome actor and very funny writing, the first had all of that plus the element of surprise.

  2. magicpeacelove says:

    Both great but as Owen says you just can’t top freshness.

    BTW, this Leo Laport interview with the creators is almost as much fun as the original commercial itself. How much CGI did they use? The answer will probably surprise you — and teach everyone about deception yet again!

  3. Tom says:

    The new one was too gimmicky with rougher transitions. Not bad but the transitions were not as subtle or clever. More brute force.

  4. mjr256 says:

    I concur. Love them both but the first one has that extra freshness. Plus the “I’m on a horse” line just kills me every time. Genius.

  5. Debbie F says:

    The original one relys more on a great script as well as the visual misdirection, which I find more satisfying – and amusing 🙂 And the timing of the first is sweet…

  6. MarKill says:

    in the first one the text seemed to fit better I think. I guess timing felt better

    and of course freshness

  7. Supergoonybird says:

    The old one has he virtue of freshness. Viewing the new one staight after doesn’t no favours & isn’t what wd normally happen. But also much prefer the uncontinuous cuts of first to links in second – much funnier. And the final line is the icing on the cake. (of course I’m a will ferrell fan & it seems ad 1 in particular owes much to his comedic style)

  8. ButMadNNW says:

    Four words: “I’m on a horse.”

  9. Mark says:

    “Swan Dive!”

  10. elsiem says:

    What everyone else said. The new one’s fun, but the old one made me laugh out loud.

  11. Steve Ulven says:

    I would say the newer one, but that’s because I haven’t seen it a hundred times. Throw in this commercial for 3D Dot Game Heroes and that’s what I’d pick. “Look again, the sword is now a giant fish… I’m a tank.”

  12. lifes says:

    Like both but the first one speaks for itself..’I’m on a horse’

  13. Waddett says:

    I still crack up at “I’m on a horse”. But they both are still very good.

  14. Flavio says:

    The new one is more spectacular, but looks more heavily CGI’ed and lacks a great line such as “I’m on a horse”. That was good writing.

    But kudos for letting us see even more skin than in the first ad.

    • Flavio says:

      And thanks Youtube for related videos with even hotter guys spoofing Old Spice’s ad!

  15. They’re both hilarious but I prefer the old one.

  16. Fergus Gallagher says:

    In the new one the script is less honed and the delivery (esp. at the very beginning) a bit ragged.

    I can’t wait for the reveal on how his trousers changed underwater…

    • mittfh says:

      Easy. There’s a crafty cut in there. Film him in shorts being inserted into the hot tub, then stop it while the actor gets out, changes trousers, gets back in, then spends about 5 minutes getting into the exact same position he was in before the cut before the camera rolls again.

  17. Artisticanne says:

    I have a clear preference for the original one.

    At the start, he gets closer… in the new one, he goes further away!!

    His voice seems deeper and more masculine than in the new one??!!

    The interaction style – Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man… and later, What’s in your head? Here, you are forced to think/compare/question. In the new one, more questions are answered for you. Does your man look like me? No… Yes… Of course you do…

    And overall, the original one flows better and appears more realistic!

  18. piciwarelungi says:

    the third one

  19. Jon d says:

    Second one seems like it was made up of the leftover ideas from the brainstorm for the first one.

    The game advert reminded me of this

  20. Finnur says:

    Talking about illusions, I thought you’d like this photo:

  21. EmilyT says:

    Like them both but the first one is far more clever and less forced.

  22. Simon says:

    “I’m on a horse” – wonderfully stupid and totally unforeseen. That’s why I like it so much..

  23. Mitch says:

    The new one is too obviously CG.

  24. Stephen says:

    This is an advert designed to make me buy Old Spice. The problem is that I spent the viewing time admiring the cojones of the scriptwriter, the director and the effects team, and none of what I see on screen makes me want to buy the product! I like both equally for the bravado of the production team in creating and selling the executions to the marketing team for the Old Spice production company. Well done!

  25. Lindamp says:

    The bit at the beginning of the new one where he splits in half just freaks me out.

  26. bletherskite says:

    I had never seen them before so watched them in order.

    I like the old one best probably because of the element of surprise therefore it seems more original. I agree with some of the comments above that the second adverts transitions are bigger (ergo not so subtle). It doesn’t feel quite as intimate.

    Also….”I’m on a horse”….’nuff said.

  27. […] Compare and contrast The last Old Spice ad was genius…. […]

  28. Scott G says:

    I’m don’t think there is CG in here except to remove wires/harness (for the swan dive, for instance). What looks like CG (the start and on the motorcycle) is a physical model – he’s standing behind something painted to look like his clothes.

    I do agree that the first one has set the bar, however. This one hasn’t beaten it.

  29. Sho says:

    I like both, really my fave is the kids spoof version!

  30. mittfh says:

    Definitely the first one. The transitions were so much more spectacular than the second.
    Split screen – probably chromakey.
    Kitchen – set built on site
    Dive – wires (digitally painted out)
    Hot tub – at a guess, two hot tubs. One was the one he was originally inserted into, and another had the trigger for after the crafty cut (it would probably be difficult to keep a hot tub leakproof and have the sides triggered to fall away on command).
    Shorts –> Jeans – crafty cut, obviously.
    Motorcycle – already standing in the second hot tub.

  31. Jon d says:

    Tickets to that thing you like seems amusingly vague compared to specifics like a gourmet cake.

  32. Zebedee says:

    I work for the company that makes Old Spice – and I can reveal that, if you really want to smell like a man, then don’t use scented soap or wear any deodorant at all….hmmmmmmmmm ;o)

  33. JE says:

    I liked the old one because it was advertising magic, as well as featuring a good looking man. He did say that my own man would compare poorly but then started talking about possibilities.

    The new one is all about my man’s supposed shortcomings in comparison to him, with scent being the only one that can be fixed, as a sort of consolation prize for ending up with second best. It focused on the actors attractiveness more than the magic. Anyone who calls my husband second best is not making me happy.

    So I thought the first one was targeted better. Zebedee’s comment about how to smell like a man was completely accurate, though.

  34. BriansAWildDowner says:

    I prefer the first one, mostly because of the “i’m on a horse”

  35. JB says:

    The first one. Every single line is delivered perfectly.

    “The tickets are now diamonds!” cracks me up every time.

  36. Bucket says:

    I like the first one better, I was distracted at the beginning of the second one because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his legs. then they came apart, and that was slightly terrifying.
    also “I’m on a horse”. It’s brilliant.

  37. BillWhite36 says:

    I havew a great matchstick puzzle for you. How do I send it to you?

  38. Sally says:

    Prefer the first one. That it was the original must have a lot to do with it: so visually surprising, with a text as equally compelling.

  39. Julie says:

    The old one. You can’t beat that final line.

    “I’m on a horse”

  40. BigDaveSB says:

    Look at your grades!

  41. Simon says:

    wow.. “look at your grades” is a great follow-up. I was wondering how long it would take ppl to come up with something nice..

  42. Marie connroy says:

    that’s really good ha ha but cool how the kid did it

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