Today I am announcing the start of a new fun experiment.  Here is the idea…..

1) I have placed a mystery target item in this box…..

2) Tomorrow morning I would like you to come to the blog and describe any dreams that you had during the night.  I will then send a signed copy of 59 Seconds to the person who had the dream that best matches the mystery item.

So…..are you on for joining in with the Big Dream Experiment?

Oh, and here is a wonderful video showing how to make a wonderful optical toy…


  1. Hope that box isn’t empty because all those who report they can’t remember what they dreamt will technically have won and you’ll be forking out 59 Seconds in no time flat!

  2. Is there a way to make a picture to glue on that optical toy that creates a coherent picture in both positions? So it would morph between two images when you flip the cubes.

  3. This is probably a day early, but I dreamt of a cat last night, although it looked more of one of those wild water cats than a domesticated kitteh. Do you have a cat in the box? Do I get bonus points if it is named after an Austrian physicist?

    1. OMG I had a very similar dream only the cat that was in the box was both alive and dead at the same time! And I dreamed that I guess right in my dream last night about Richard’s asking us to tell him our dreams today! Do I win?

  4. The only parts I remember of my dream is my mom coming over to visit me and my dog play fighting outside with her dog. Oh and a sink full of clean sudsy water with only one dish in it.

    I know there was so much more to that dream, but I just can’t remember anything else.

  5. Well, since I am here in the states, and by the time all you lovely people in the UK wake up, I’ll be sleeping, I’ll mention my (SUPER-nerdy) dream from last night.

    I dreamt that I was watching Steve Jobs’ big Apple presentation, but instead of announcing some new product, it was like a raffle, and he was announcing people to whom he would give a computer.

    And then he picked me! And when I got the computer, it was a really old iMac, and I thought Steve Jobs was really lame.

    … So even though I do not think there is a computer in the box, the dream gave me enough of a chuckle, I figured I’d share.

  6. I dreamed I was walking through a field of pumpkins, when a friend ran up to me and said I had to see what he was working on. He claimed to have invented a new type of printing press. The pages coming out of it had antique-looking printing, but was on modern paper. ( ? )

  7. I love that cube video, I just may have to make one for myself.

    As for the dream, the best I can remember is I was at some kind of a large camping area with hundreds of people attending. Many of us were carrying pistols in holsters for some kind of target practice event (I had gone target shooting the day before) that was to be held later in the day.

    I boarded a sailboat that could hold at least a dozen people and this boat was going to take us for a little joyride and then bring us to the other side of the lake where the target event was to bed held. Midway through the trip some minor trouble happened (excessive waves maybe, don’t recall exactly what). Shortly after the boat got under control I woke up to the noisy birds outside my window (I knew I should’ve left my window shut) so I never made it across the lake.

  8. Eh, the video distracted me and I failed to follow instructions. I will try to remember to come back tomorrow.

  9. Just because I found this blog today, I won’t remember my dream.

    Sunday night I dreamed I went into some kind of weird military. I rode a bus, got bitten by spiders, and my drill instructor made me go to the hospital when I got big welts on my legs.

    Then we learned about music and fashion in our spaceship-like traveling compound.

    I hope none of THAT is in the box.

  10. I was in a room and had been given a bag full of old coins and while I was sitting there looking at them and trying to grade them…. the door opened and Richard came in but he had long blond hair and was brushing it with a hair brush… a large blue and black hair brush….so maybe the box has a hair brush with blond hair.

  11. I dreamed about a breakfast drink, and an argument, and a room. Oh, and the Internet. Which is itself a box.

    (Technically, I breathed in air during the dream, and presumably there’s air in the box. But that’s obviously not the “target item”.)

  12. Good morning,

    My dreams were a little wacky last night and tended to flout the laws of physics and biology a little; but there were some concrete objects as well.

    Some real world objects that popped up: a baby (you’d better not have that in there), a tennis ball, and a can of Spam!

    Yeah ok, call me a weirdo!

  13. I dreamed of something and then forgot it! You didn’t put something in the box and then fogert it did you 🙂 Hope not – That would ruin the competition but not the surprise…

  14. I dreamt you revealed that there was a chicken in the box. I woke up, went back to sleep and this time dreamt there were a pair of number plates in the box.

  15. I’m not good at recalling dreams, but there was something last night with water and some clockwork mechanism. Not a water-powered clock but something where the gears dipped into water. The water container was a little stone or concrete pond with rocks in it. There was some splashing.

  16. i dreamt that i went on a rollercoaster ride that went underground then while on one of those rides that spins you upside down a voice started to speak to me and giving me evil instructions. he laughed at the suggestion of being satan and claimed satan was his minion. i am in no way religious and work in a science museum so this was an interesting one for me.

    if thats in the box……

  17. Just got up and rushed in here. I live in a school dorm and I dreamed that our dormitory adminstration gave each of us cake and soda this morning. And nobody knew why.

  18. I wrote them down each time that I woke up (3x).

    I dreamt that I was peering down an old-fashioned water-well that I somehow *knew* to belong to Newton. It then morphed into a reflecting telescope inside a cupola.
    Then I was in my outside shed, and dreamt that I was able to steal sationery from my neighbour through a hole in the shed wall: letterheads, business cards, etc all with the name of a company that started with an “A…”.
    Then strangley the shed morphed into a 1960’s decorated lounge room, and a female stranger played the guitar and sang for me, but the choir who snuck in later morphed into cannibals. Then a wizard staggered out of a bedroom an pretended to die, but I took his pulse and said he was OK. At this stage he vanished.

    I have no idea if any of this is of any relevance to what might be contained in your box, unless it is medicine for schizophrenia!
    Please don’t show this to a shrink.

  19. Hmm – quite fragmented memories of my dreams. Putting some sheet music otgether for a concert, going cycling, arranging to take a colleague’s friend for dinner at High Table in Christ Church.

    Possibly more worrying is that I can pin down the events/discussions whic probably triggered all of these. And I haven’t been to High Table for about 14 years..!

    Of the things that might be in a box of those dimensions (to refer toan earlier puzzle), music abd cycle stuff seem possible.

  20. I dreamt I entered a football match, and suddenly scored a goal from 40 meters. I guess there might be a football in the box. The upcoming world championship must be affecting me.

  21. i dream about the CP30. he call me, and he say’s he wanna ride my scooter. to buy some parts he say. maybe in the box, there’s a action figure…

  22. I can remember dreaming about working for Underbelly at the Edinburgh festival this summer and hating it. (?I had an interview last week and obviously not as keen as I pretended to be.)

    I remember part of a dream where my great Uncle Bernard met my Norwegian friends, pronounced there names well but thought they were Russian.

    The last dream was a murder film/story, which I wasn’t watching so much, as being a part of it (though half way through I thought I realised I’d seen it before and knew the ending). It was mixed up with Home and Away characters though, which is the only part I can account for.

  23. Why is it the one night I have to report on my dreams they make me look like a psychopath? I blame too much Mentalist.

    Anyway, being chased through a massive dome or greenhouse like structure/also chasing through the greenhouse a blonde woman (who kind of looks like Julie Benz but is also me). Me/murderer catches up with me/blonde woman and cuts her hair. It all gets a bit murky there but somehow my/blonde woman’s body is discovered by a rather nosy workmate of mine underneath a great triffid like plant in the greenhouse – and then some rude, yet compelling, guy with blonde hair uses uncanny perception to work out who the killer is through an elaborate stunt. Oh wait, that last bit might actually be the mentalist.

  24. I went to bed with this picture on my computer screen in front of me. Just to see if it affected my dreams any.
    Not really.
    Here’s the dream I can remember. A whole civilization, including was living inside a space ship. It had no windows, no decoration, nothing remarkable about it. In fact, the inside metal walls and doors of the ship was painted a metallic dull blood red, with no variance and no markings. I was trying to find my assigned room. Never found that, but I did stumble upon a room with my dad and my brother watching a New York Yankees game. (They were winning! 🙂 ). I remember the announcer being very funny and a wise arse, but he said he was going on vacation soon, so he can cut loose a little.
    From that dream I have three guesses: a model or toy of a spaceship, a small television or baseball equipment (or since that is unlikely, given that you’re in the UK – maybe cricket equipment)?

  25. Don’t remember a lot about last night’s dreams, except they were somewhat weird, as usual!

    One of them I can only remember seeing a bag of the sort of rice you make rice pudding with.

    The other I can remember more of. I was in a fight with some guy with somewhat wild shoulder-length brown hair. He was holding a metal rod that had other metal pieces attached to it that spun freely – closest thing I can describe is like a weather vane, except that this thing had many parts that could spin round and they were all sharp and somewhat rusty looking.
    I was trying to hold the thing in such a way that he couldn’t get me with it, but with all the sharp edges, and him turning bits round to try and trap and scrape my fingers I had to keep changing grip. Eventually he had this thing pressed up against my left forearm, which was flat against me by this point and I had hold of it so he couldn’t move it.
    At this point he pushed against it really hard, trying to cut/stab me with the edges and I remember saying “Are you actually trying?” and him looking a bit scared that this wasn’t hurting me at all and running off, leaving me to pull the thing off from me and extract what looked like a small kitchen knife from a point on my left upper side of forearm about 10cm from my wrist.
    I woke up at that point with a somewhat sore arm in the exact same place I’d just dreamed I pulled the knife from, probably from lying on it.

    So my guesses are:
    – Rice-pudding rice (uncooked)
    – Weathervane like metallic thing.

  26. I dreamt about barbecue chicken wings that got up and started walking around when I put them down outside the car. I kept them as pets.

  27. I remember two dreams… The first one was about me, my sister and someone else I can’t remember. We were lost on some big highway. I called some friends for help but they all turned their backs on me… And then the highway was a train station, and me and my sis got into a crowded train. I don’t remember the rest.

    In the second one, I was on a beach with my family, of which only my dad actually exists. The rest I seemed to have made up…anyway there was a really big wave and four brothers went missing. Me and my dad found two of them pretty quickly, but no luck with the others. My dad wanted to give up because the beach was still dangerous, but I decided to stay and keep searching. I eventually found the other two brothers, one of which was inside-wait for it-a large cardboard box.

    So my guesses: a toy car, or a toy train, maybe even a phone… Sand, water… dolls? Maybe even a family member. 😀

  28. Sorry I’m a bit late for morning… I’m in the states just waking up.

    Several things happened in my dreams which I’m having trouble connecting in my conscious mind:

    1. I was inside some sort of stone tower, with a big window and a small sort of skylight. There was a big thunderstorm going on outside. During some parts of this I was a Jewish male, and during other parts I was myself (female, not religious). There were other people intermittently present, I’m not sure who or why… but I seem to recall being capable of some minor flying action.

    2. I was in the drive-thru at McDonald’s trying to count the right amount of change to pay for my Bacon-Egg-and-Cheese Biscuit and Hash Browns. For some reason, I was finding it impossible to count properly or hold onto the coins. I kept forgetting the amount I needed, and it didn’t help that the amount seemed to keep changing. Then a blonde girl came up to my window and asked if I had change. So I had to count another amount of change! Again there was confusion about the amount and I couldn’t keep hold of the damn coins… At first she needed $1.16, then $2.16… by the time I had finally succeeded in counting it properly and was handing it to her, she only needed $0.16 and I ended up giving her $0.20. By this time, I’d been at the drive-thru window for eons, and people were starting to pull up behind me, so I was very stressed about this whole impossible counting situation. I believe that I eventually delivered the proper change, but I can’t remember ever receiving my tasty breakfast…

    3. It was the middle of the night, and the Brazilian girl who was my best friend a decade ago was pulling up a stash of money and pearls from the bottom of a lake and giving them to me.

    4. I was with the cast of “Friends,” and Joey was singing a parody of the already ridiculous “Enormous Penis” song by DaVinci’s Notebook ( about Ross’s bad haircut.

    5. I was in a Russian language class, taking a test on my computer in the middle of a forest. I was trying to write a sentence about a cup of water, and I couldn’t for the life of me remember the word for “water,” so I cheated by googling it. My google search turned up the word “пути,” which seemed right in the dream, although this word actually means “way” or “road” as far as I can remember (my Russian studies are a couple of years behind me now).

    And that’s the end of my memorable dreams. If there is a Bacon-Egg-and-Cheese Biscuit in that box, it is legally mine!

  29. I dreamt of a large earthquake while I was in a casino. I crawled under a small table, and ‘walked’ the table over to the craps table.. and slid underneath that. After the quake, I immediately got on my cell phone and called my girlfriend to be sure she was ok. That’s really all I remember.

  30. I dreamt I was in a building detonated to collapse in the manner of the pacman wooden block puzzle. I watched from windows overlooking a courtyard. The building flopped according to plan but in order to get out I had to climb out of the window which was annoying.

    That’s what’s in the box: the wooden cube fing.

  31. Dreamt that I moved to a new flat and it was an old very tall building in the middle of a generic busy city, with nothing inside, wooden floorboards, brown, dark, old wallpaper, dusty. I remember being on the roof or hanging out of a window or something and trying to jump from one window down to another and there were lots of plates on top near the edge and I was trying to prevent them from falling off and breaking.

    I also remember my friend came to stay but I left her on her own for a while and when I came back she was in the shower wearing nothing but a white t shirt and my dad was also in the shower as well.

    Finally, I remember going to the toilet and it was really exposed with windows on all sides and I was embarrassed cause people were looking in.

    To summarize, in brief: plates falling off an old tall building, friend in the shower, going to the toilet and feeling embarassed. All in the same building.

  32. I dreamt of horses. I don’t remember the context of that dream. I did have it this morning, but can’t remember now.

    Later, I dreamt of not being able to breathe and trying to tell my husband (without any breath) that I was suffocating. My voice was coming out in squeaks.

    I dreamt of being on a very steep ski hill, clinging onto the side of the mountain, not wanting to slide down. Someone was sliding down on their bottom ahead of me. I had skis on, but didn’t want to stand up.

  33. Right. Family attempt here…

    My 9yr old son, Phillip, is convinced there is a vase inside. (I wonder if that was influenced by the table?)

    My husband says he saw you putting clothes inside. Stuffing thyem in without folding them first.

    I had an odd dream in which you calmly loaded paper into the box and a large soft toy – a pale soft toy like a rabbit or something before placing it on the table.

  34. A girl/lady with no face face dropped her green handbag outside my house. i tried to find her to give it back but she disappeared. i never looked in the bag but i know that it was really important.
    So maybe its a green handbag? or a lady with no face?

  35. I have reoccurring dream about tornadoes, it happens different places, but always tornadoes, and a storm, and almost dying in it. I had this dream last night and we were at my grandparent’s house.
    Then I woke up right when the tornado was on top of us.
    Went back to sleep and had a dream that my teeth broke apart and fell out of my mouth.

    If you got a tornado in the box I would be impressed, and teeth in the box is just gross.

  36. Ok so if theres a bar of gold an unopened corgi toy car. 2 islands, a copy of halflife 2, a gun, a mobile phone or a bag with the afforementioned in it under the box, I might just faint!

    Started by finding a gold bar at the back of a cupboard that in realality is now a modern airing cupboard, but in the dream it had been untouched with the rest of the house when upgraded. also found a bag with the small corgi car, which was a promotional offer, and seemed the bar of gold came with it.. ( as a freebie???) there was also a note and a phone, i never got to use the phone at all, but the note was about the promotional offer, and suggested that the gold was worth nothing, the actual words, sorry unfortunately value 0. still, that didnt stop others wanting it. Next I was on what i found out nearer the end of this section to be two islands, one that was luch and green and the other had nothing, and never did everyone that went there returned. on this island i was being chased down by combine soldiers from hallflife 2 ( which i havnt played in a while) there were choppers hovering around searching for me, using old stilted beach huts i made my way across the isl;nd staying out of sight where i could. Almost met a couple of people in these huts but the presence of the enemy made me change my mind and continue running. Then the action jumped to my town, where i was running passed shops and ran into a bar, which is actually a antuiqes store, where someone had just had a 60 litre bag bong and it was blocking the entrance, i stopped for a moment looking in the bottle and seeing they hd finished it i carried on. then in the market place i was being chased by car and shot at by someone i do not know from the centre seat ( or where gear box would be ) and coming towards us was another car with similuar set up, but i knew the person with the gan. They shot at each other numerous times, the 2nd person trying to help me ( or at least help himself to the gold), finally as i ran past the front of the car one last shot was fired which was a perfect shot through the shooter that was chasing mes’ throat, right through the adams apple. and there it ended. Oh the bar of gold came from 1989, which was dissapointing, hoping it was much older, but in the dream i had to keep asking people how many years ago that was, and the dream was set in this year, i just couldnt figure it out.

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