The devil makes his presence known in the strangest of ways….

Which is your favourite?


  1. Third for the win. Look, it has a goatee and everything! Church one is a close second, though, it’s all dramatic.

  2. The burning building looks more like Statler from the Muppets (the old men critics-puppets) than a devil.

    Nice images – I love the devil cloud.

  3. the pope! the ‘devil’ in the world trade center doesn’t look like a devil, he looks like a character from Where’s Wally

    1. The thing is, the tiny pseudo-horns don’t really make him more devilish-looking. He looks like Darth Sidious in every picture ever taken of him anyways.

  4. That third one I’ve seen many times before – usually connected with conspiracy theories that the devil was behind a certain incident in NYC about nine years ago (or mixed up with extrapolating theories from certain character combinations in Microsoft’s Wingdings font).

    But I certainly like the image of Ratzinger best. Especially as he’s got the wrong fingers clasped together. Rather than 2 and 3, he should have 1 and 2 together, followed by a gap then 3 and 4. After all, “Live Long and Prosper” isn’t too far away from “Go Forth and Multiply” – both of which tally with their philosophy of natural conception and natural death (which must not be unduly hastened, either by provision of or a lack of medical intervention)

  5. Duh, pope wins… Just look at the popes face, it matches soooo good with the devil horns, he actualy seems like a devil.

    On second, I will take the church… Just look, glowing horns, devil about to corrupt the church, and realy, those horns look so cool and stylish that I actualy wished I had them.

    On last place, it is the tower… It doesnt look like a devil, it looked more like some guy with a beard that had just sniffed some salmiac… And realy, it may be photoshopped, the other two pictures at least had a more visible reason to why the “devil horns” showed up…

  6. Asthetically speaking, I love the second one. The view is breathtaking, and the celestial horns just make it so creepy. It’s like the devil is hiding behind something, waiting to pounce on that tiny church.

    However, the first pic made me laugh hysterically. Devil-pope… in this case, would that photo be considered ironic or appropriate? Either way, if there is a hell, I’m going there because of how awesome I found this photo.

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