Good morning. I have just come across some rare footage of Bob Dylan performing a magic trick – thought you might enjoy it. Fingers crossed you can see it here.

Also, this is a lovely illusion.  See if you can identify the picture below.  Once you have it you won’t believe that you didn’t see it in the first place…..


  1. You’re totally right. I can’t believe it didn’t pop out immediately, took me about 30 seconds. I actually thought I saw a cat in it for a moment 😛

  2. Mediterranean Sea, right? Not much of an illusion then. Italy is pretty darn recognizable 🙂

  3. hehe… dont know if i should thank Sarah.. but if it wasnt for her.. i would have never guessed that… i am not so good at geography .. you see..

  4. Ahhh, I see now. After seeing the responses I see it now, it is the Mediterranean. So I was half right. Okay, a third right, I said “bad version” of a map or a gnome. But it’s a good map of the Mediterranean. To me I saw a warped version of North America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

  5. I blame it on the poor quality of the map. Greece lacks the whole of Peloponisos, Crete is further down and larger, Cyprus is nothing like it, Spain doe not extend up that way, Africa is not aligned like that, Italy is further down… etc… Maybe it is an imprint of an old old old map, before we knew from satellites what the earth really looked like.

  6. I quickly saw it, and then I read the article and thought there was something hidden in the black shapes! 😀

    I wouldn’t call it an illusion.

    1. I wouldn’t call it an illusion, either. But then, for as long as I can remember, I’ve seen an “elephant” in the Mediterranean, so maybe I’m just well-practised at flipping between “elephant” and “map”? 😉

  7. Maps have always fascinated me. As a child I used to trace them and try and draw them freehand. I saw this as the Med before I had started reading the text, but I think there must have been some change in sea-level. It was so obvious, that I can’t help thinking there must be something else in it, that I can’t see.

  8. Well at first I thought it was a map with the land in white and water in black….but then I saw it and wonder why I didn’t see it right off! Left to right…chin, mouth and big nosed Mrs. Gnome yell at Mr. Gnome who is laying down {see his neck …chin…nose…little bits of white hair from under his pointed hat} she is yelling cause the fluffy cat is in the middle of everything with it’s tail end stuck into the face of the lady with the mask on only showing her eyes and the weird little left hand coming up under her to pick at her mask all the while those strange hands above the lady are squeezing and holding an elephant upside down in the right hand and pulling the poor sore trunk in the left hand! For some reason Mrs. Gnome blames it all on Mr. Gnome……don’t know how I missed it!

  9. I can see only a Map with Italy there. I come from Italy.
    I can’t see any other else…
    Is there something hidden?

  10. I can’t see anything but a bad draw of the mediterranean sea. Whoever drew this have clearly never seen Spain…

  11. I’m waiting for Richard to tell us it wasn’t the gnome it was the witch praying (tilt your head to your left she is in white)… or something similar.

    Here’s a variation on the “images in maps” This is a link to a map of North and South America ( tilt your head to the right so that South America is on the right of your vision. Do you see the duck?

    1. Well Mark …I see the gnomes {Mr. and Mrs.} and the whole story….hehe….but the link you posted all I see is a hog with big ear rings and a small turtle in the mouth/snout about to be eaten by the hog…..and why yes by golly that hog is wearing lip stick! Sorry no duck….lol……

  12. Less than 10 secs. but I had been warned there was something specific to identify. I probably wouldn’t have if I had come accross the image by chance.

  13. WOW! I just looked at the picture for like a second and immediately I thought about Europe! And I suck at geography!!!

  14. A version of the Mediterranean sea with a huge Gibraltar Strait, no Bay of Biscay, lack of a lot of islands and an ill-formed Black Sea 😀

  15. It was the boot shape that made me finally realise what it was. Took a while because I’m not used to looking at that particular outline!

  16. Interestingly when I stare at the centre of the image for 15 seconds, turn to a wall and blink continuously for 5 seconds and then stare at the wall, a bird or plane becomes visible on the wall. This is similar to the “Jesus illusion.” I think the only reason a bird or plane shows on the wall is because the Mediterranean Sea and seas joining the Mediterranean are shaped like a bird or plane (minus where Italy is.) In other words, everything coloured black has the basic shape of a bird or plane.

    Regarding the actual Illusion that Richard refers to, I don’t think it would work if the colours were reversed.

  17. Black and white map with black and white reversed.

    And Dylan isn’t performing a magic trick. It’s been digitally inserted into old footage of Dylan.


  18. Hey! It’s not a magic trick!! He is just doing some basic algebra… it’s very easy to find…

    well…maybe the fact that I am a maths teacher helped me ^^;

    As for the “illusion”, since I’m french it’s a part of the globe that I know well so… I immediatly saw it.

    Sorry for the bad english.


  19. oh yeah!!!!!! i think its harder to see cause the black is the sea… i usually think black is the main bit of the picture…. dunno why! :S

    1. Because black usually *is* the content of printed material. With that in mind, I’d wager that the confusion/illusion would be much less effective if the background for this site were black instead of white.

  20. If I hadn’t read some of the posts I would have never gotten it. I was looking for a person or something else… my brain can’t see something that simple unless it is pointed out to me. Thank you Sarah you helped a lot.

  21. “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God…” Psalm 14:1
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  22. I saw Italy immediately then spent 5 minutes tilting my head around and trying to see the illusion, then I game up and came here to see what I was supposed to see and found out it’s just a map with Italy in the middle?

  23. I figured it out in seconds. At first glance it looked like random blobs, but something seemed geographical about the edges. I tried “reversing” it in my head (that is “what if the dark part was the water instead of the land) and recognized it.

  24. it looked immediately like the Med area. Husband saw it too. Can’t see anything else. I’m wondering what I’m meant to see…………

  25. Bob Dylan:

    Pick a number: X
    Double it: 2X
    Add 10: 2X + 10
    Divide by 2: X+5
    Subtract your original number: X+5-X=5
    You are left with the number 5.


    It looks like a map of Europe.

  26. For about 5 seconds it looked like an abstraction of “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo (which I find somehow fitting), but then I noticed the boot kicking the ball and it all became clear.

  27. So Richypitchy what is the quirk? You see the Mediteranian Sea but when you look longer you see……………????

  28. I kept trying to see people or a battle in the black space but then stepped back and saw the white (or the light haha).

  29. Interesting. I immediately picked out that this was a map of the mediterranian but could for the life of me not say why. Then I started to think that maybe it was something else, and read the comments a bit. After finding that most people seemed to agree with me, I scrolled back up, and this time I could see why.

    A case of “trust your gut”?

  30. Look from 30 cm at the nose of the boot.
    Do this for 30 seconds.
    Than look at a point at your cealing.
    After a few second you see the picture reversed.

  31. Based on Ron’s long, rambling post above, it appears a simple way to get Richard Wiseman to leave a comment is to be batshit insane. (It’s okay, that’s a medical term. I know, because I’m a doctor.)

  32. Yes, a few seconds for me. I was looking for something else to pop up like those old Magic Eye posters, then I saw Italy and it all fell into place.

    BTW, what’d up with Ron?

  33. Not sure if this has already been pointed out (I don’t exactly want to read all 71 comments thus far), but that Bob Dylan “magic trick” is simple algebra. Say the number you thought of equals X.

    Double it: 2X

    Subtract 10: 2X – 10

    Divide by 2: (2X – 10)1/2

    Subtract X: (2X – 10)1/2 – X

    End up with 5: (2X – 10)1/2 – X = 5

    If you reduce the fraction (2X – 10)1/2 you are left with X – 5

    The Xs then cancel out and you are left with 5=5, which will ALWAYS be true.

    Math pwns.

  34. I saw Italy immediately. Pretty weak illusion, IMHO. Unless there was something else I was supposed to see?


  35. I saw the Mediterranean sea immediately, so I kept squinting and turning my head sideways to see something else. I would still be doing so if I hadn’t read the comments.

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