1. WOW! I’m not sure if that was camera trickery or an optical illusion.
    Regardless it gets a grade of – C.
    For – COOL! Maybe – WC for WAY COOL!

  2. Very cool! I’m glad they showed how it was done, that would’ve really got to me if they didn’t.

  3. Simply amazing how, even KNOWING what it is, my brain wants to take it at its initial “face value” and marvels at the upwards motion!! Wow.

  4. That was great !
    I built some stuff by Jerry Andrus, wish we had the plans for this one !!
    Thanks !

  5. The part that’s so cool is, as KatyM says, the fact that my brain refused to see it the “right” way even after they showed the illusion. I just can’t manage to see it correctly. That’s neat.

  6. If you notice on the two small runs the balls travel a lot faster toward the centre. Hence, they are steeper in height but look equal to the centre because of the perspective illusion.

  7. It’s well-done, but it’s just a variation on the Ames Room illusion, which incorporated a similar idea in its original design. This is the psychology equivalent of a cover version; psycharaoke, perhaps?

  8. What if the slides were made of a stretchable material (elastic maybe) and the center column could be moved (maybe it’s just held in place with magnets). This way the whole platform could be rotated for he camera as subtle adjustments to the center column are made, thus keeping the illusion intact.

  9. I thought a very clever bit was that the edges of the sides didn’t meet, so there was a little triangular gap. That really added to the illusion that they were sloped down and away from each other.

  10. The center column holding up the middle of the ramp is swept towards the viewer at the base in the first image. They are using perspective to trick you in to thinking it is vertical. Your brain fills in the rest, assuming that since that column appears to be the tallest, the middle of the ramp must be the highest point.

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