What do you hear when you listen to this?


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OK, ad over.  What word or words do you hear when you listen to this?

More about what this says about you after the break…According to the theory, the words that you hear will somehow express your current thoughts and concerns.  Was that the case?  What word or words did you hear?  More about the illusion here.

302 comments on “What do you hear when you listen to this?

  1. Anonymouse says:

    First I heard “row”, then I heard “well” and I kept flipping between the two. I couldn’t listen to it in stereo as I don’t have stereo hearing so I don’t know if that has an effect on the illusion.

  2. Nowhere (that’s no where, as opposed to now here).

  3. Charybdis says:

    It started out as ‘don’t may’, then became ‘no way’ about halfway through. Now it’s always ‘no way’ unless I focus very hard on trying to change it.

  4. ButMadNNW says:

    It changed a few times:
    “Well well well”
    “No way”

  5. At first I herad “nowere”, then for just a couple of times it was “knowing” and finally, my mind got stuck on “nove” that is italian and means “nine”.
    If it was supposed to mean something about my present thoughts I can’t think what it is.

  6. However, the site to which you linked said to listen to the sounds through speakers, not headphones, and I’m using in-ear headphones, so I’m guessing I had a very different experience from those using speakers.

  7. RooGrrrl says:

    I got
    “way way way”

  8. Boff says:

    “No way” repeated. There was another beat though, so if you were tuned into a that rhythm, maybe you’d hear something else.

  9. Brian G says:

    I hear “noway” and “window” when i listen to it.

  10. Daryl says:

    Started with “well well well well…” and morphed into “don’t run don’t run”.

  11. Heather C says:

    I hear someone saying “when” over and over again, then faster midway through the sound bite.

  12. Carl says:

    First I hear “nowhere”, then after a while it sounded like “nowhere” from the right channel and “well” from the left channel. Listening with laptop speakers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    At first I heard “will bill”, which then turned to “nowhere”, then “no win”, then “a win”, then “no no no no no”, and then “buh buh buh buh buh”. I found it really easy to switch what I heard was being said.

  14. Ian says:

    I heard “nowhere”, repeated. Then thought maybe “no way”, depending on the accent of the speaker.

  15. Dave Weeden says:

    I think it was someone counting holes in the ground, very fast. All I heard was ‘Well,well’ x infinity…

  16. I didn’t hear any words.

  17. I listened to Track 1 for about thirty seconds and heard “No Way”, sounding as though spoken by a non-native English speaker. For that reason, the ‘way’ could conceivably have been ‘where’.

    Having said that, I haven’t yet read the main article, so I don’t even know if the phrase is English or not!

  18. The word “well” was by far the most dominant signal.

    The lower-pitched track gave me “beep” some of the time.

    Sometimes “well” morphed into more imaginative variations such as “well-cut” or “Wilbur”.

  19. Pribi says:

    On right speaker I hear “no”, on left “way”.

  20. Marcos says:

    Dumpling, Dumpling, Dumpling, Dumpling,
    Dumpling, No, Dumpling, No,

    No way,
    No way,
    No way,
    No way,
    No way,


  21. I just heard “no” repeated over and over. There was a buzz, alternating high and low I think, coincident with the word.

    Is the presence of a toddler in the houshold hypothesized to have any effect on what you hear? Not that she was talking while I was listening, just that strings of “nononono” are higher frequency in my environment than they used to be.

  22. Anthony says:

    I heard “wait now” then “now wait” then “no way”

  23. Steve Ulven says:

    It sounds like musical tones to me, but then again, I am a musician. If I were to put it to something a human would speak, it would be “doe, ray, doe, ray….”

  24. lilabyrd says:

    no way , nowhere , don’t run , do run , away
    then it broke out into “since my baby left me, he found a new place to dwell”…..uh OK maybe not…….hehe

  25. Matthew says:

    I hear “wanno wanno wanno”! Is that a word?

  26. Steve Ulven says:

    Funny thing, after I posted the “doe, ray” trying to interpret something, I very specifically heard “ray” on my right speaker. Very cool!

  27. Ginger says:

    At first I was only able to hear “love, love, love, love” and so on.
    After some seconds it turned into “don’t know”.
    Seems to say a lot about my current state of mind 😛
    Nevertheless, I’m not a native speaker of the english language, so it could just be a side-effect of my small range of vocabulary.

  28. Fiona says:

    I heard a gaggle of geese, and none of them were enunciating words.

  29. baimeeker says:

    I heard “no way” for a while, then “random”, and then “a win.” Those are three completely different things, yet they all mean something to me. Short of it saying something like “potato monster” I think I could come up with some aspect of my life that works.

    Right now, I feel tired. It didn’t tell me that.

  30. BriansAWildDowner says:

    At first i heard “no way” or “no wam” but then the more i listened to it, i started to think that it was just “no no no no no no no”

  31. BriansAWildDowner says:

    actually now i think i’m hearing “noah noah noah noah”

  32. mobz says:

    “no way” at first, then “no where” when it was louder

  33. Andrew from Vancouver says:

    At first all I heard was a repetitive techno version of windshield wipers making a low rubbery sound. Then I heard it change to no no no no no no no no and as I thought about the distortion and it grew louder and the stereo sound became clearer it became no way no way no way no way no way no way.

  34. Mike Torr says:

    My first response was “Where now?” After a few seconds I realised the intention of the test – the other interpretation is “Nowhere”. This is just like that mood test from the other day, only in audio, isn’t it?

  35. SB says:

    I heard “no way”, then a little bit of “nowhere”… negative?!

  36. jamie says:

    Road map, Rembrandt

  37. Shimon says:

    I heard “way to go”

  38. Daniel says:

    I thought I was hearing ‘road rage’

  39. Daniel says:

    On second listen I hear Milkman.

    Milkman & roadrage – an unlikely combination

  40. Apple says:

    Rainbow and well…

  41. Scarpo says:

    I heard ‘red rum’ repeated over and over. Time to watch The Shining again, perhaps.

  42. Geoff Coupe says:

    At first I heard “no way”, but then it seemed to turn into “Norway”.

  43. Navneeth says:

    No No No No No No…
    No way No way No way…

  44. Markus says:

    For me it started with

    Love me – then
    Not me – and ends with

  45. Mark says:

    Interesting to see how different people hear it. I’ve not read the link to find out about it but I suspect it is not a word, just a noise.

    That said I too heard words. I heard “no no no no no no no” and then after a while “no” was accompanied by “very” or “berry”. The more I listened to it the harder it got to decide(listening a few times just made it harder!) between “very”, “berry” and “way”.


    I’m off to follow the additional info.

  46. Cosmin Romania says:

    First – “nowhere, nowhere, nowhere etc.”
    After that – “milk, milk, milk etc.”
    And finally again “nowhere, nowhere”

  47. Karen says:

    Definitely ‘no-way’ right from the start!

  48. Tiphaine says:

    Well down for my part

  49. Clementine says:

    I hear ‘No way’ for about half of the thing, then ‘Love me’ – !

  50. Julia says:

    The person in my left ear said ‘no way’ to start with, followed by ‘no rain’. The person in my right ear said ‘nowhere’.
    I had actually been thinking about the weather.

  51. Surfa says:

    I heard “Don’t move”, which surprised me. And then it became “Please don’t move”, and finally “No, please don’t move”.

  52. h says:

    first time I just heard “no way”

    Second time (after reading the comments) I heard “window” changing to “nowhere” on the left, and “nowhere” changing to “no way” on the right…

    It seems to be an audio version of the vase/faces illusion, as the third time I could get either side to say either “window” or “nowhere”

  53. Tadas says:

    no way, no way and then nowhere nowhere.

  54. deepnature says:

    well l heard “red room” but 3/4 way through there was a glitch doubleing or over lap in in words then back to “red room”

  55. .sfw says:

    “No way” turning into a dialect pronounciation of the danish word for “friends” (venner).

  56. Not says:

    I first heard “Mother” and then “Novia” (Spanish word for ‘girlfriend’) and finally “oh well, oh well”.

  57. deepnature says:

    replayed and heard a female voice saying ‘ baby ‘

  58. Doobie Do says:

    “Know where”, in stereo.

  59. Jazzer says:

    No Weh

  60. Gary says:

    railway……………….all the way through.

    interesting as I am also watching a recording last night of Dan Cruickshank’s “Great RAILWAY adventures with…..” ?????????????

  61. philis says:

    “red red red red”
    “mad mad mad mad”

  62. Kate says:

    ‘away away away’

    …then ‘no way no way no way’

    and then it changed to ‘winner winner winner’

  63. natselrox says:

    “Don’t cry.”
    “Don’t cry.”
    “Don’t cry.”
    “Don’t cry.”
    “Don’t cry.”

  64. Carmen says:

    At the beginning “Nowhere” but then it turns to Spanish “bueno, bueno bueno”

  65. Lumpy Jay says:

    I heard “nowhere” to start with, then it changed to “oh when” and back to “nowhere” at the end.

  66. MarKill says:

    I just hear Milk Milk Milk

  67. Kag says:

    “No Way” on speakers
    Became “Nowhere” when i used in ear phones
    There’s a repeated background “No” in between

  68. Ziggy says:

    First I heard “Nowhere”, then it changed to “Don’t wear”, and now all I can hear is “Nutmeg”.

  69. Anonymous says:

    and then

  70. Amanda says:

    I heard

    Nowhere for a bit then no way then norway in a strong accent.

    It sounds like the accent changes somewhere halfway through

  71. Steve Ulven says:

    I tried this again after a few hours and instead of “doe, ray” I can now hear “no way,” as another posted. “No way” seems more prevalent now.

  72. Juan Antonio says:

    I also heard the Spanish “bueno bueno bueno bueno”, so I guess, what it can tell about me, is that I speak Spanish! 😀

  73. Sgt Skepper says:

    Immediately got nowhere over and over and it didn’t change.

  74. Lux says:

    Accents would have a great deal to do with this.

    My Zimbabwean ear heard “no way” and my Australian ear heard “nowhere”.

  75. Steve Ulven says:

    Okay, even weirder, I listened a few times more. The first listen after last post sound like a child saying “no way” around 1 minute in. the next two listens were a distinct female voice from the left speaker saying “no way.” Further listens show the same for the left speaker, but the right speaker after a half a minute seem to say “way bow” or as others have said “rainbow.”

    This just gets more fascinating the more I listen to it and read others comments. I cannot tell if I am influenced by what I’ve read, or if I am truly hearing what I think I am.

  76. ‘No’ and ‘well’

    No well for the duration. Interesting given I am unwell (illness) and have been for a while

  77. David W says:

    No Way for quite a while
    then part way through it became Oh Well

    and then I amused myself by switching between one and the other at will.

  78. Steve Ulven says:

    I now got it, it’s the same thing, just delayed. I think this shows that my left ear is better than my right ear. If listening dead-on, it’ll probably just be a few tones. Listen to each speaker and you’ll hear the same thing.

    This distorts our ability to hear in a direction, which we are actually pretty good at doing. By listening to left and right independently, you can tell.

  79. PFPHD says:

    Red – repeatedly

    then ear tuned into different level – an experience akin to looking at one of those computer generated, multi-layer composite pictures.

    I then heard “No way” at a much higher pitch over “Red”

  80. Karen says:

    I heard “no way” repeated until very close to the end, when it started to sound more like “no may.”

  81. katy says:

    “row well”

  82. T-Dizzle says:


  83. Anonymous says:

    no where

    then now way and norway

  84. Shona says:

    row, row, row

    then I turned up my volume a bit and it became

    well, well, well

    The lower tone sounded like “meh” to me, ha.

  85. Anonymous says:

    you are all losers

  86. lordmanley says:

    I assume that the idea here is that we pick up words from what are essentially just noises?

    This is not a good example, since the ‘noises’ are very close to actual words.

    I hear a repeated sound which is either ‘nowhere’ or ‘winner’, depending not on my mood, but upon where I choose to insert the word break.

    I’m going to go with Winner! because, well sod it, why not, but this is not really an illusion, since the sound IS the sound of those words.

    As another example, if you repeatedly chant the words ‘It’s cold.’ then you will eventually start shouting the name of a famous German POW camp, but it is not an illusion, merely the way language is formed.

  87. Megan says:

    It starts off as “no” then “row” then ends with both “bueno” (spanish for good) and “no brain”. That’s slightly odd.

  88. tjhilton says:

    Started off as ‘no way’, but by half way through I could choose between hearing that and ‘wring it out’!

  89. Sue says:

    I hear nowhere – no in the left ear and where in the right (using headphones)

  90. Scott G says:

    I heard some “well” when it started, but it got overridden in my head with either a continuous “row” or, if I let my hearing shift a little, “railroad.”

  91. julianne says:

    Row then Way- overlaid

  92. Finnur says:

    One voice is saying “Lovely” and the other is saying “No way”.

  93. Anonymous says:

    “no way”

  94. Nadia says:

    At first it sounded like “when, oh”, then it changed to “well, no”..I wonder what thay says about me..?

  95. Charles says:

    “well well well well” for a while.

    then “No, wait. No, wait.” for a while

    then “No way, No way” to the end.

  96. Jeffrey says:

    I hear:

    “No way,”
    “Bueno,” and
    “duck-billed platypus.”

  97. yelan says:

    Nowhere, that’s what I heard

  98. Chiralee says:

    Fascinating. It started as a nonsense “ro ray”, then morphed into “program”, then it became “no way” for quite a while, after that “waiter” and finally “weather”.
    The only two that might be connected to my current state of mind and thinking are “program” and “weather”.
    Does anyone know whether it remains the same sound all the way through or whether it changes?

  99. Rahl says:

    The more prominent pitch, I heard as both “row” and “no.”

    The less sounded like “baby.” So, “no, baby.” Or, “row, baby.”

    My subconscious is a flirt and is telling me to go to the gym for a half-hour on the row machine.

  100. Anonymous says:

    no way
    no way

  101. Boulet says:

    “red low – red low- red low”
    But after that, when I read the comments, I heard almost each of the proposals (No way – well well well – no way – nowhere)… Each one works !

  102. Mervulon says:

    At first I heard ‘retina’ but gradually began to hear ‘no way.’

  103. ttallan says:

    I’m amazed at all the different words people heard. I got “row row row row” at first, and then it became “railroad railroad railroad.”

  104. FrankNStein says:

    “no way” turning into “nowhere” for me too…

  105. Garrett says:

    “no wah”

  106. Snowstorm says:

    I got “Right Now” and “Help me” switching really fast…

  107. Nick Vockrodt says:

    What a piece of worke is a man! how Noble in
    Reason? how infinite in faculty? in forme and mouing
    how express and admirable? in Action, how like an Angel?
    in apprehension, how like a God? the beauty of the
    world, the Parragon of Animals; and yet to me, what is
    this Quintessence of Dust? Man delights not me; no,
    nor Woman neither; though by your smiling you seeme
    to say so

  108. pannonica says:

    Alternates/flips from “no wə” repetitions to “no no no” and “wə wə wə” repititions.

    Also, Laurie Anderson throwing up a little.

  109. Hilary says:

    I immediately heard “rebel” (the noun, not the verb) and somewhere along the way it changed to “love me.”

  110. Oase says:

    First i heard “no way, no way, no way, no way”. But i could force myself to hear “way no, way no, way no, way no”. After that it became difficult to return to my first hearing.

  111. Susanna says:

    Just “Well well well well” 😀

  112. Nic says:

    First I heard “railway”, then “roadway”, then realised it was “rainbow”. So I tried to hear “roadway” again and managed it. Kind of like that duck/rabbit picture.

  113. 0xacdc says:

    Noway and Rainbow 🙂

  114. anon says:


  115. Gordon says:

    I hear “Satan is the light”

    J/K I hear “no way”. Listening again (after reading the comments), it now sounds more like “nowhere”.

  116. jh says:

    In my case I could easily flip between hearing “no way” and Spanish “bueno” (good). I’m Spanish, by the way.

  117. Erik R. says:

    I’m with the psychopaths in the “red rum” crowd. Scary.

  118. Gideon says:

    wear a belt

  119. Jeremy says:

    Started as “no way” changed to “window”

  120. PG says:

    1st time I heard ‘well, well’ etc which then morphed into both ‘well’ and ‘railway’. Railway because of the rhythm?

    2nd time, probably due to reading comments I heard just ‘nowhere’. The train got cancelled…

  121. Big Al's House of Munch says:

    Started off with ‘well’ and toward the end became ‘no way’.

  122. SP says:

    I got ” no way no way no way”.

  123. travelgirl says:

    heard nowhere the entire time, from both speakers. even when i was reading comments at the same time, i couldn’t make any of the words sound like others say they’ve heard…

  124. kirinjirafa says:

    It sounded to me like “milk man” and “no way” or “no win”

  125. Kiera says:

    Also got “no way no way no way…”

  126. EmilyT says:

    I hear “Love me” from left speaker and “No way” from right speaker. At same time.

  127. lil miss jk says:

    I keep hearing “the rain the rain the rain the rain”

  128. Ozman Says: says:

    I hear from the right speaker “Where Now” and from the left speaker i hear “No Where”.

    Where my concentration goes i can alter the “where now” to “where No” however the left speaker remains the same.

    Love This feelign i got from hearing the sounds it tickled me!


  129. bod says:

    no way on the left hear

    we know on the right hear

  130. B says:

    no way left
    well done right

  131. B says:

    But listening together I hear strange meaningless words.

  132. Sofie says:

    I heard “no way” at first and then it changed to “winner”. Strange!

  133. Johanne says:

    Two voices: One just said, “Well” over and over, and the second blur-sound changed to “be brave’.


  134. Zach says:

    “no” and “no way” in sync.

  135. Nick says:

    First “No Rain”, then “No Way”.

  136. katie says:

    “No way.” It was unsettling.

  137. Anonymous says:

    No way, no way, no way, no way

  138. katie says:

    The rest of the illusions on that site are awesome. I particularly like “Sometimes Behave So Strangely.”

  139. Rebecca Burgess says:

    ‘no way’
    ‘where you going?’
    ‘going nowhere’

    I’m just about to finish Uni and try start a career as a freelance illustrator, and the results of the elections might determine what chances I have at getting a good start in life, I think thats why I heard those words! 0_o

  140. Travis says:

    Shifted from

    Wanno for a few seconds

    No Way for a few seconds

    Wanno for a few seconds

    No Way for a few seconds

  141. Louise says:

    Mayday Mayday Mayday

  142. zoeykeagan says:

    Started out as “no no no no no no…” Then became “well well well well well well…” Then merged into “well no well no well no well no well no…”

  143. Heidi says:

    I heard ‘no win’ and ‘no’.

  144. faiz says:

    felt like some body was pushing me into the BLACKHOLE….

  145. Richard Matthias says:

    I heard:-

    “wait now”, then
    “no way”, then

    Pretty cool.

  146. Sarah says:

    “‘Rhona” repeated over and over again.

  147. Keala says:

    “Nowhere” repeated over and over again – aaggh!

  148. Sounds like “no way” in my right ear, and “winnow or win no” in my left (headphones).

  149. FdelV says:

    Mhh…I hear a lot of different things.

    But the one that is strongest to me is

    Well Done
    Well Done
    Well Done

  150. wkd says:

    i heard nõue and nowhere nõue is estonian word that means claim/request in english

  151. Anonymous says:

    No way for the first 1/3,
    Nowhere 2/3 and then flipping

  152. Norman says:

    No way for the first 1/3,
    Nowhere 2/3 and then flipping

  153. Anonymous says:

    at first it was “no no no no”
    then became “nowhere”

  154. anonymous for obvious reasons says:

    first of all i heard “love” repeated

    and then a short unrepeatable british word for onanism

    i’ll get my coat

  155. anon says:


  156. Mauricio says:

    I heard “Window” and “Nowhere”.

  157. livedman says:

    either: rope, no rope, nope, don’t know or no.

  158. Waddet says:

    I heard ‘No way’

    My husband heard ‘winner’

    My daughter heard something annoying and shouted at me “Will you turn that thing OFF?”

  159. livedman says:

    oh and also row.

  160. Gillian says:

    makeup make up. Didn’t sound like anything at first but then definitely turned into make up, maybe because the Avon lady never came back for my order!

  161. Berber Anna says:

    It started off sounding like ‘well, well, well’, but as I got more used to the sound, I heard ‘right now’ from the right, and ‘no way’ from the left in constant repetition. Interesting.

  162. Myk says:

    Eventually my brain settled on “rounder, rounder, rounder,…” but it took a while, during which I heard a lot of different word fragments, but nothing really made sense.

  163. Hester says:

    Nowhere, where, nowhere, where, nowhere,

  164. Shig says:

    All I heard in the foreground was “no no no no no no,” while a second voice in the background said “doo bee doo bee doo bee doo.” How crazy does that make me?

  165. I hear very clear “wake up, wake up”

  166. JE says:

    “No way no way” and under it “whamma whamma”

  167. jenn says:

    surprised more people didn’t hear “winner,” like i did. does this mean we have really high opinions of ourselves?

  168. James says:

    Rainbow and No way

  169. Elaina says:

    I just hear nowhere repeated.

  170. khobi says:

    I hear many words. From left speaker it was probably “now way” or “no where”. And from right speaker I hear exactly ” don’t weep”. Does it really reflect our thoughts? It is really suspicious to see how many people think about the same thing when they hear it.

  171. Angela says:

    I hear, “well, well, well….” which makes me happy. I am feeling quite well today.

  172. Juliet A says:

    All I heard was “rainbow”, but my 13you son heard the word “no”. what does that say about us?

  173. Simon H says:

    First I heard “down” then after a while “meltdown”, then alternating…

  174. Simon H says:

    I listened again as no one heard the same as me… still heard “meltdown”… maybe an accent thing as I’m from Australia???

  175. Tom in Vermont says:

    Nowhere (no where) in my right ear and “Wahno” in my left ear.

  176. Tom in Vermont says:

    My wife heard nowhere in both ears. I listened again and heard nowhere (no where) in my left ear and “Wahno” in my right ear (switched ears).

  177. ARJ says:

    I heard, “You are one heck of a suave, sophisticated, brilliant representative of the human species, yes you is” repeated over and over again…

  178. Mark H says:

    Oh, when? Oh, when? Oh, when? Oh, when?

  179. knobody says:

    i heard “no way” in both ears, but alternating so that one side said “no” while the other side was saying “way” and vice versa. also, the left side emphasized “way” while the right side emphasized “no.”

  180. Window says:

    beh-wind and then window and then nothing specific

  181. Steve says:

    I hear two. “Well Run” and “Rain wave”

  182. wisp says:

    I hear “no way”, and the other person says “bueno”.

    Absolutely nothing to do with my current concerns and thoughts. No way!

  183. Jerry says:

    I heard “may bells, may bells, may bells ….”

  184. m5 says:

    at first i head lovelovelovelovelove then it resolved into one speaker saying “nonononono” and the other saying “nowaynowaynoway”

  185. Darren says:

    Repetition of “Milgram”… maybe its because I’m a psych student 😉

  186. McQ says:

    “Paul is dead…we miss him, miss him, miss him…”

    Just kidding for those not old enough or too literal.

    I heard:


    All the way through to the end, with the sound shifting from left to right and trading syllables in each ear.

  187. dmabus says:

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    turn to MARXISM…

  188. Anonymous says:

    “Round” and “Where”

  189. mjr256 says:

    First I heard window. Then it changed to winner. Then by the end I heard “no way.”

  190. Laurence says:

    Geez, what I interpreted from this seems to be a lot more alarming than what most hear.

    I heard “No more” and “Help me” concurrently, but I feel fine. Or at least, I think I do…

  191. logicalnot says:

    “No way”/”Nowhere” back and forth.
    Looks like we are plenty to have the same thoughts, aren’t we?

  192. ruth says:

    “well, well, well, well…..”
    then “nowhere, nowhere…
    then “weather, weather, weather…”

  193. knottja says:


  194. anon says:

    …no no no no…
    …milk milk milk milk…
    …maybe maybe…

  195. Svlad Cjelli says:

    I heard a lot of nonsense and the occasional “Romfeldt”. Which I believe is the name of some kind of american politician who has been mentioned in some newsoutlet in the last few months.

  196. fib says:

    It started as “no way” for me, but after about 10 seconds became “oh when”, then I was able to ‘switch’ between those two repeated phrases at will after that.

    I wonder if it helps if you are listening on earphones… (I was)

    • fib says:

      oh – and each syllable was out of a different ear. The ‘no/oh’ in left ear and ‘way/when’ in right

  197. Mo-kun says:

    Funny, it reminded me some childhood games.

    Well, firstly I was hearing “no way no way no way…”.

    I’m Spanish, so afterwards I understood “bueno bueno bueno…”.

    In the end I was clearly hearing “why not why not why not why not…”

  198. Andrew M says:

    The first thing I heard was ‘way-no’… but after a few seconds I could here ‘way-no’ or ‘no-way’, pretty much at will. And then after a few more seconds I reckon I could hear them both at the same time.

  199. Elisabetta says:

    First “go well”, then “go away”.

  200. clairege says:

    RHUBARB! (barbrhu)

  201. Will Rieske says:

    First I heard “No Way”, then “Nowhere”, then one voice saying “Go” while the other said “weh”, then at the end I heard “A wet.”

  202. Emma G. says:

    Wee, na. Over and over just, Wee Na.

  203. Emma G. says:

    After listning to it again I can hear ‘No way’ and ‘Go away’ in my left ear and ‘Window’ in my right. I no doubt must have been influenced by what I’ve read here though!

  204. toad says:

    first, red rope then low red and, at the end low way, but I’m not english, so it doesn’t work well… 🙂

  205. Leigh says:

    Railway came through very clearly.. Then I tried listening and it kinda turned into Rub me. If that says something about my thoughts perhaps I have reason to be concerned. Or maybe I need to head to the train station right away.

  206. moneypennychip says:

    Sounded like a train on a track. I heard the words loud and clear – flipping between right and left ear – these were “don’t know/won’t know” and “when”.
    Am currently in a strange situation where I actually don’t know what to do, or whether I will ever get to know why things happened the odd way they did. I am constantly thinking/worrying about this, so the words perfectly matches the state of my mind.

  207. anch says:

    First I heard May Day.
    And then it was No Way.

  208. daniel says:

    at first i heard the left ear repeat: “well” while the right one was saying “bell rei”

    then after i played it again, it sounded like both ears were actually playing the same thing but staggered. both saying “no way”

  209. Rob says:

    First time, I heard wake up wake up wake up wake up…

    Then I heard don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t at twice the frequency of the wake-ups (unsurprising as it’s got half the syllables)

  210. chris foulkes says:


  211. Rex says:

    At first I heard someone imitating a train’s sound with their voice, then I heard “runway”, and then “no way”.

  212. woupiestek says:

    I here English (nowhere), while that is not my mother tongue. Is the language you expect to hear supposed to play a role here?

  213. i’m getting no-brain… prolly ’cause that’s what i got!


  214. Colin Jagoe says:

    I heard “latelatelate” then I heard “waitwaitwait” then I heard “nonononono”

    Hmm… what’s that say about me? Yikes.

  215. Chris says:

    no brain? I think this tells me i got no brain?

  216. Shamar says:

    I hear what sounds like both “right now” and “wait now”. It swiches between the two as I’m listening kind of like the feeling when the spinning ballerina illusion swiches directions.

  217. Igor Santos says:

    “Não sei”.
    Portuguese for “i don’t know”. But took a while.

  218. Santiago says:

    “no guey no guey no guey no guey…” Serious bonus points for any non-Mexicans that know why that is so hilarious!

  219. Michael Kingsford Gray says:

    Left channel: Wake up.
    Right channel: No way!

  220. twilightshiva says:

    “Randall” then “No way” then back to “Randall”

  221. Malky says:

    I hear “don’t run” repeatedly – but I wear hearing aids so am probably nt the best judge!

  222. afro b says:

    “Waffle” turned in to “Help me”

    Not sure either of those things reflects my deep feelings… although I do like helping myself to a tasty waffle!

  223. Hannah says:


    other half heard ‘meltdown’

  224. niamh says:

    I heard “random” then “window” and finally “nothing”. Slight overlap between the words.

  225. D says:

    “Rail road”, “well-read”.

  226. Jo says:

    “realm, realm, realm, realm,…”

  227. Anonymous says:


  228. glen says:

    after trying not so sort out what the 2 sides were saying individually, I just let it wash over me and came up with:
    “brain melt”

  229. Adan Ova says:

    I am a native Spanish speaker so:

    First time I heard “logüe” (?) and “bueno” (good).
    Second time I realised both of them are the same person saying “bueno” (good) but not synchronised.


  230. Steve says:

    That is WEIRD! Sounded like “no way,” or “wait, no!” to me… but equally it just sounded like a pulse….

  231. Patthews says:

    Pretty sure I heard No Way (accent on No) in one ear and No Way (accent on Way) in the other.

  232. Emma says:

    For a few seconds I couldn’t make out any words at all, then it came through as “rainbow” and seemed to get more and more distinct.

    I may have had rainbows at the back of my mind because my daughter was making ‘rainbows’ with coloured ribbons earlier today…

  233. Matt says:

    I hear No Way from the right side and something like Window on the left.

  234. lakatosi says:

    I heard Wanda, I know where, nowhere, now where

  235. Mia says:

    I hear “right now” 🙂

  236. Anonymous says:

    i heard yellow…

  237. MrT says:

    I hear “no way”.

    If I turn my head, so just one of my two ears faces the speakers, the sound changes character. It becomes more like a pulse and does not pendle from one side to the other. Nice stuff.

  238. Rachel says:

    First I heard “Will we?”, and then “No way”.

    Which I interpret as relating to my concerns about a LibDem/Tory coalition. 😉

  239. Jamal says:

    I heard either “no way” or “no where” repeated with “no no no” super imposed.

    My 8 year old daughter heard “no way”

    My 9 year old heard “REDRUM” and I LOL!

  240. Deetee says:

    I hear different things with either ear – probably a reflection of different degrees of damage?
    L = “noway”
    R = “nope”

  241. Deetee says:

    Hmm….. I see I need to listen in stereo, not just with my base unit speaker.

  242. namowal says:

    no way
    no way
    no way
    no way

  243. Mathilda says:

    At first I really did not hear any word/words at all, but after a few seconds all I could hear was RED ONE, RED ONE, RED ONE. And that was really creepy.

  244. dpixel365 says:

    i heard – Bay Bay Bay Bay

    My kid heard – “No” and “Help Me”


  245. Robert says:

    I heard “red rum” which became “well done” after a few seconds.

  246. TomB says:

    “No way” and then “bueno”.
    What was most interesting for me was that I assumed that the words I heard were the obvious ones and so was really surprised to read such different ones here.
    Having been along to the site I find that I can ‘hear’ any of the words in the list if I am listening out for them.

  247. Logan says:

    I heard “Milk me”…..

    Freud would have a field day.

  248. Anonymous says:

    Eventually settled at ‘Right now, right now, right now, right now in an American/Canadian accent. That might be because I am sitting in my jammies tweeting with a ton of stuff to fit into the next 2 hours and I need to get up off my fat bahookey and get something done RIGHT NOW!

  249. Rob says:

    No, don’t, no
    no way
    no way

  250. Nuno says:

    Intersting. I heard “não e” – portuguese for “it is not”. I’m from Brazil and I heard portuguese words…

  251. Marion says:

    I hear “Jorge” which is the name of the boy I’m in love with… (he’s spanish.) pretty impressive.

  252. Darren says:

    At first I heard

    “No Way No Way No Way No Way”

    but as it got louder I heard

    “Winner Winner Winner Winner Winner”

  253. Rebs says:

    “no-where” and “rainbow”. Clear as day. Tried to listen out for some of the other things people have heard but I can only hear those 2.

  254. Ron says:

    ‘no brain’, then ‘no way’

  255. woupiestek says:

    Now I hear two voices simultaneously. One just says “no”, the other “way man”.

  256. RayL12 says:

    As my name is Ray I heard ‘ray’ coming from left, and ‘no way’ from right.

    ..but, refering to an earlier post that suggests you see & hear what you want to. I was once deep underground and had reached a point through which I could not follow my pothoiling companions.

    I was lay comfortable in a tight tube and decided as I was going nowhere that I would turn off the light and chill out. My friends were gone 45 minutes, or so?

    After a while I began to hear what sounded like full conversations coming from my returning friends. When they didn’t show I realised that I was generating the illusion from the noises that came from a distant stream. I also thought I saw the distant headlamp glow through the slit in the floor. Even though I was aware of my error I could not prevent it.

    I cannot tell you how frustrating it is when you are trying to make out what flowing water is actually saying.

  257. Brad says:

    “Mayday” or “Later” over & over….

  258. spyra says:

    “nowhere” then “bueno” then alternating between the two, depending on which side i’m listening to.

  259. Randy says:

    I heard no English words. Just something like Bleow-bleow over and over again.

  260. Sili says:

    “No way” without the end of the diphthong. “No where” if you like, but again without the end of the diphthong.


  261. down45.net says:

    That’s Amazing!!! I Love It Buddy.

  262. Douglas says:


  263. solitaryjesus says:

    i heard heard kill rich kill rich kill rich >= )

  264. Jay says:

    All I heard was “rape rape”

  265. Artisticanne says:

    ‘webber’… anthony lloyd must be in town!

  266. Illuminati says:

    Coca-coca-coca-coca-coca… I’m getting thirsty !

  267. Anonymous says:

    way-no. way-no. way-no

  268. niguy123 says:

    no brain?

  269. Anonymous says:

    ‘road rape’

    wtf is road rape?

  270. damian says:

    I had a string of

    no no no no no no no

    I also understand why the commenter above me chose anonymity

  271. Max says:

    Not hearing any particular word! nnnnnaaaannnnnaaaaannnnna????

  272. vicki says:

    left ear hears no way right ear hears no where

  273. Humza says:

    noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano, noway, rano,

  274. darby says:

    i hear window and wake up and milk

  275. Kim says:

    I heard “dealt with” for a while then “dark wing” (as in dark wing duck) then “well then”.

  276. Andrew says:

    All I heard was go go go go…!

  277. Ducks says:

    The first few repetitions I heard the word “no” repeated. Then I heard the word “well” repeated. Is it just me, or did the volume get louder? For some reason, I stared getting freaked out as I kept listening and had to stop halfway through. It wasn’t because I heard something disturbing, just the constant repetition and increase in volume freaked me out. I wonder why…

  278. Origanum says:

    ”stop it”, then, ”dump it”, then ”funny”

  279. Melinda says:

    No way No way No way…but then sometimes I would just hear No No No

  280. World Cup says:

    before playing the audio clip all I imagined hearing was a vuvuzela buzzing in my ears for 90 minutes.

  281. Rerz says:

    I herad ‘No way’ then ‘Norway’ and then, ‘bueno’ (spanish word for ‘well’)

  282. Diana Buck says:

    I heard love a few times, then no-way, then rope, then no no no, and then the last 3 things all at the same time.

  283. monika says:

    “no way” or “oh when”

  284. RoboMe! says:

    I Can control what i hear, there are 2 people talking, one in saying where-no and the other is saying no-where, i can change these around in my mind so they are saying there words the other way round, or make one say no then the other where ect and vise verse and one saying where and the other saying no ect and vise verse.

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