Are you a sinner or a saint?


As part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, I am launching a new online survey today, looking at the degree to which people indulge in the so-called seven deadly sins.  It only takes a few minutes to take part, so please participate at and encourage your friends, colleagues and family to join in.  Whether you are young or old, male or female, we need your sin!


29 comments on “Are you a sinner or a saint?

  1. lilabyrd says:

    Now this one I am sure 100% is a test…… you tell me am I a sinner or a saint…….hummmmm…… :}

  2. Fatfish says:

    Gulp, don’t want to know the results…

  3. deepak says:

    I have submitted

  4. ScreamingGreenConure says:

    Oh hey, what time is it? Well the clock says it’s time to Obey Richard Wiseman, so I guess I’d better fill in this survey here. Whoop whoop!

  5. spurge says:

    No such thing as sin

  6. Ross Bagby says:

    Perhaps you should follow this up with a similar study on how people rank themselves on the Seven Cardinal Virtues —

  7. Susan says:

    Very, very curious what the point of page three is. (I tend to think that the best way to change my feelings is to change my situation, location, or actions, not to just attempt the think differently.)

  8. claritynow says:

    “Would you like us to email you your results?”

    How about I email you?

  9. lil miss jk says:

    waiting for results!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lil miss jk says:

    0 new messages…. 😦

  11. B says:

    no mail more spam?

  12. Alex says:

    Was page 3 supposed to have repeated/rephrased questions in it?

    • lilabyrd says:

      Alex in my other life when I was still able to work, I in the behavioral health and chemical dependency field and many of these surveys repeat the same question in a variety of ways.

    • ChrisCSU says:

      Yeah I do survey work too as often many questions are rephrased. What is interesting is many people do not put the same answer for them.

  13. MB says:

    It should have the option to tweet your results, that would be cool.

  14. jtradke says:

    Didn’t like the survey answers. Agree/Undecided/Disagree didn’t seem to fit with the nature of the questions. Most were fact questions, not opinion questions, so they should have been more like Often/Rarely/Never.

  15. Louise Varre says:

    suspect that the survey was about something else….

  16. Ernest says:

    @Louise Varre: I agree…

  17. rydermiles says:

    will there be any result declaration
    or you too are some kinda FAKE stufff..

  18. When do the results come?
    I did this on Tuesday and have heard nothing.
    Does everyone else need to complete the quiz before my status can be worked out?
    That would imply that being a saint or sinner is relative…

  19. ChrisCSU says:

    Cool study, wish I thought of it first.

    I agree with above that a virtue study should follow.

  20. Flavio says:

    I participated just for Richard, I dislike the very spirit of the test. Though I would have enjoyed the results; the email never arrived.

  21. Gideon says:

    While I think the idea of the sin is absurd and derogatory; I’ve gone and filled it in for you.

    Either way saints/sinners seem to be a mixed bag and equally in good/evil.

  22. […] psychologist Richard Wiseman’s has posted another online survey, this one as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Take the short questionnaire and […]

  23. piple hater 9001 says:

    i’m not even going to take this stupid test. The bible is a cult, its threating that if you don’t think like it says you should that once you die your soul will be tortured for ever in hell. also god didn’t make the world, thats like saying magic is real and i can fire a bolt of lightning out of my ass. also we have fossiles as proof, your proof is a book. they make porn in book form, the bible is nothing but a book some crazy old man wrote in exile. pictures of jesus you say? just pictures of the ruler at the current time. If jesus is real and immortal then let him prove to me that he is real by showing his face to me. Or someone give me proof to if he is real other then writing and paintings. untell i get some scientific proof i think i’ll keep jacking off to pokemon and things.

  24. Victoria says:

    Sinner or Saint… Isn’t there a happy meadian?

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