Do these figures dance for you?


last week I posted a static image that appeared to move. Except that it only worked for about 50% of you. let’s try another one. Take a look at this static image….

To me they appear to sway together.  is that what you are seeing?  Hopefully this will work for more than 50% of you this time!

173 comments on “Do these figures dance for you?

  1. erica says:

    I see only the slightest of movement. Their ankles move slightly when I focus on their heads. But nothing compelling.

  2. Sam Rothstein says:

    I see them wiggle (or nod) slightly for a second or two as my eyes focus but as soon as I stare at any point then they’re completely motionless.

  3. Dave says:

    It seems that if I scan around the image they dance, but if I stop my eyes from moving they stop.

  4. Dorkman says:

    Ditto the above. If I keep my eyes moving, they move. If I focus in they come to a stop. Though it does take about a second for them to “settle,” which is somewhat interesting in itself.

  5. catjungle says:

    Only when I’m moving my eyes around the page, otherwise no. They move more when I’m moving eyes left to right while reading.

  6. Femke says:

    I have the same as Dave, they dance, but if I stop my eyes from moving they stop dancing

  7. Debayan (natselrox) says:

    Same as above.

  8. Roz says:

    Wow – I have very poor eyesight (near-sighted in one eye; far-sighted in the other) and only the far-sighted eye seems to see the movement. Very trippy!

  9. Nikki Arnold says:

    Yes, they definitely sway. It doesn’t matter if my eyes stay still or roam around the image, though it does stop if I give it a good hard stare.
    These sort of images never work on my 15 year old daughter. She’s always dissapointed!

  10. Roland says:

    I think that Richard should go see an ophthalmologist now he sees things that aren’t there 🙂

  11. Levi in NY says:

    Yes, they are definitely moving!

  12. Marco says:

    They’re boogying like SNF if I move my eyes. Otherwise they slowly become static.

    But I find it very difficult not to move my eyes!

  13. Thermy says:

    The movement starts and stops for me, and it doesn’t seem to matter whether I keep my eyes moving or staring.

  14. Yes, they do. A bit. They’re not Michael Jackson!:-)

  15. surzy says:

    Yeah they have a bit of a wiggle on!

  16. Paul Pearson says:

    This one works 100% for me. The last one was ambiguous, and only worked after a few seconds. This one has heads moving down the center at the same time, meaning mirror images of the others movement. This is one of the most effective such still-movement images for me, at least, that I have seen.

    This is more effective for me than even the still-movement images in the Detroit Science Center. I seriously right-clicked it to make sure it is a .jpg, which automatically eliminates the possibility of it being something like a .gif, which is an image format which allows such image movement effects.


  17. Pekka S says:

    If I move my eyes around the picture I definitely see some swaying going on. But if I focus on a singel point it stops.

  18. For me, the wriggling stops when I focus on the “eyes” (the four orange dots towards the top).

  19. Clementine says:

    yes there’s totally dancing!

  20. Markus says:

    No – they are a bit wobbly when scrokking byt as soon I stop they stop too …

  21. Markus says:

    No – they are a bit wobbly when scrolling bit as soon I stop they stop too …

    (sorry its early days)

  22. Timdifano says:

    For me it works best when I read the lines above the image, when I look directly it nearly stops. Seems to be more effective using both eyes too, covering one at a time makes it moves less.

  23. Seb says:

    Nope. Not moving at all, no matter what I do with my eyes. The previous picture seemed to move at least a tlittle bit after staring at it for some time. This one, not at all.

  24. Match says:

    The last one worked very well for me, but I don’t see any movement this time.

  25. Wlseguy says:

    Yes there is wobbly movement, however not so much when I take off my contacts. Is this a new test to measure near-sightedness ?

  26. rcomian says:

    yep, lots of wiggling, if I stop and stare it eventually wiggles out, but if I let my eyes roam, they’re moving constantly

  27. chrissie says:

    They shimmer very slightly if I move my eyes, otherwise nothing.

  28. Charles Evo says:

    No, No movement.

  29. Annette says:

    Moving and shaking their hips as I move my eyes, as they’re supposed to do, I guess.

    For the record: My ophthalmologist told me once, that I have very active eyes that are focussing and refocussing more often than the average grown-ups. Maybe this has sth. to do with it: People that don’t see them wriggle have steadier eyes?

  30. jon says:


  31. Noadi says:

    I see some jiggling if I’m not looking directly at it. As soon as I focus on the image they stop.

  32. Caroline says:

    They jiggle about a bit, if I stare, they slow their jiggle down.

  33. deepak says:

    if my laptop screen is less than 90 the image moves and if it is more or less equal to 90 , it does not move

  34. Tim McGregor says:

    Like others, they seem to wiggle a bit while my eyes are moving, but as soon as they come to rest, the illusion stops.

  35. armaitus says:

    Nope, not for me.

  36. Edd says:

    Y’know, I’d swear it didn’t work for me first thing this morning, but now it does.

  37. Alex Nostrebor says:

    Nothing this end.

  38. Hurf 27 says:

    Nienti. Not a sausage.

  39. Niraj says:

    they sway if i move my eyes else they stop. and the two ‘eyes’ doesnt seem to have any efffect

  40. Stephen Barnes says:

    Doesn’t work for me – but last weeks did. Bizaare!

  41. Nope, don’t see this one and didn’t see the last one either. Very odd, since I do see movement in some of the older well-known ones.

  42. Jason says:

    Some very slight movement, quite subtle. Seems to work better as your eyes move around.

  43. Rich says:

    If I move my eyes, the figures move. If I keep my eyes still, the figures stand still.

  44. Margaret says:

    Last week’s did. This week’s, not at all.

  45. donph says:

    Could persuade myself some slight movement, but not a lot. If I hadnt been pre-warned, would have passed image without noticing anything

  46. kathy says:

    Err no, afraid not.

  47. Julia says:

    last week’s didn’t work for me, but this one definitely does. Nice.

  48. Juan Antonio says:

    Me too. They shake a bit, but in the parts I’m not focusing in. The movement is very very slight.

  49. hilary says:

    Slight movement, but only when I move my eyes around the image. The previous one didn’t work for me either.

  50. Andy says:

    Nothing for me. Maybe it’s because I’m viewi f on an iPhone or that I mainly see outta one eye.

  51. Val says:

    Yes they wibble like a jelly for me… especially the legs.
    The movement it continuous and is most obvious when I blink

  52. Wilf says:

    Yeah I see it moving; I’m on a proper screen.

  53. Fern says:

    The last ones didn’t move for me, and these ones only do if i move my eyes up and down the image.

  54. Nick Sharratt says:

    No motion for me – viewed on iPhone. Didn’t see the previous one move either. Suspect it’s due to field of view being small and/or close focus on the screen?

  55. Nope, but then I had those eye muscle operations as a child, was cross-eyed. I never see any of these things. Eyes focus independently.

  56. Liebe says:

    For me it works now, that one of the last week was like a stone it didn’t move. Now it dances!

  57. PP says:

    YES…I see them swaying!! COOL!!

  58. Karen says:

    The last one didn’t move for me, but this one does. The areas outside of my focal point seem to sort of swirl toward the center. So if I’m looking at the top, the bottom is swirling, and vice versa.

  59. Justin says:

    Weird, I see no movement no matter what I do

  60. josephalford says:

    Same as the last one for me, I get nothing. 😦

  61. Ythaca says:

    Yes, very end cute dancers.

  62. catgirl says:

    It doesn’t work for me, although they seem to bend at the “knees”, which I thought was supposed to be the illusion until I read the text. Whenever I unfocus my eyes, I’ll get the tiniest hint of the circles swirling, but no overall swaying. For the record, the last one did not work for me at all.

  63. Melissa, in New Orleans says:

    No movement for me, but neither did last weeks. I could never see the images in a field of dots either!

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  65. DeepField says:

    They do dance for me.

  66. Nigel says:

    It moves for me, but I can make it stop if I concentrate.

  67. meep says:

    It looks to me like the “feet” are swaying, but not the heads.

    It gives me a headache.

  68. meep says:

    agh! make it stop!

    that is seriously headache-inducing.

  69. Jaspio says:

    The movement isn’t continuous for me.
    I can force the illusion if I scan the image from top to bottom or switch focus from one pair figure’s eyes to the other.

  70. DebzLynn says:

    It’s like watching two jellyfish having their bodies dance in a gentle current!

  71. Karthi says:

    They move in concert.

  72. It works really well for me, although the earlier one you posted didn’t work at all for me.

  73. Graeme Griffiths says:

    My understanding of these kinds of illusions (there are loads) is that they only work if your eyes are moving over the picture. If you focus on any part then they will stop moving. The contrast of white and black edges and their apparent merging/blurring when you eye moves away is what makes areas appear to move or rotate slightly.

  74. B says:

    Yes they dance but what I am asking myself.
    Why seems the right person male and the left female to me?

  75. LollyPolly says:

    Nope, nothing happening for me. Totally static. Viewing on an iPhone so will try again later from Laptop. Am usually disappointed to find I can’t see things like this.

  76. Graeme Griffiths says:

    I wanted to add that Mr Wiseman would no doubt confirm that this perceived movement is a result of the curve of the eyeball. When you move your attention to one spot on the picture the act of moving your eye causes the image seen by your periphery vision to also move very slightly giving the appearance of the picture moving.

  77. John O'Sullivan says:

    they moved

  78. Susan says:

    They don’t move if I just look at them, but if I move my eyes around the image they both wiggle a bit. Odd!

  79. Ross Bagby says:

    Doesn’t work for me. (I’ve some color blindness, which may factor in.)

  80. woo says:

    Yes, they dance BUT if I focus on the eyes they stop…

  81. James McG says:

    The closer I am to the screen, the more it moves. At a certain distance away it ceases to move. Fascinating!

  82. I can choose whether they move or not… :s

  83. Lee Graham says:

    Doesn’t work for me.

  84. Sue says:

    This works for me, but the last one didn’t.

  85. Jane O says:

    Help – please stop them wiggling around it’s relly weird.

  86. Jane O says:

    Sorry, it has obviously affected my spelling.

  87. Seth says:

    This works dramatically. The heads on the right rotates anticlockwise, the head on the left rotates clockwise. The torsos oppositely. The legs snake with a wavelength of a leg length with the wave moving up the leg, adjacent legs about half a wavelength out of phase.

    The movements are large, maybe half the width of the blue dots, and quite fast, taking about a second to cover that distance.

  88. Sidebernie says:

    The parts of the picture that I am not looking directly at appear to be moving. Wherever I focus my eyes, that part freezes.

  89. Lindsey says:

    Yep, this time they’re moving… (the last one didn’t for me).
    I find it slightly unnerving to be honest!

  90. Lynn says:

    No movement at all for me. Boo.

  91. Jo says:

    They move until I look at one part for longer than about 0.5s. Providing I keep moving my eyes, they keep moving! x

  92. adora says:

    I see the individual circles rotates slightly. They would keep moving if I keep changing my point of focus.

  93. Gus Snarp says:

    I see a sort of wiggling/swaying/nodding motion. I did not see movement in the last one.

  94. lagomorph says:

    Each body sways for me when I move my eyes to a different spot. The effect seems to be greater the further it is from where I landed with my eyes. The effect disappears once my eyes are fixed on one spot.

  95. Arno says:

    They seem to be jiggling or swaying, but only when I allow my eyes to look around. If I focus on one point, their eyes in particular, the image becomes static.

  96. rmb says:

    No. Nothing.

  97. Dr. Teeth says:

    Works for me. When I look at their heads, their lower parts move and vice versa.

  98. MikeG says:

    Works for me.

    Now try closing one eye and see what happens.

  99. lilabyrd says:

    moves just a bit….. :}

  100. Helen says:

    I couldn’t see any movement in the last one but this is moving all the time, weird stuff!

  101. lazyluzy says:

    it takes a minute of watching and then they do : )

  102. namowal says:

    There seems to be some very subtle movement, but that’s all.

  103. lilmissjk says:

    it only works when i look away at the writing or something…

  104. fluffy says:

    Just a slight subtle movement for me. But I’m also not wearing my glasses right now.

  105. shaz says:

    no I don’t see any movement

  106. Steve says:

    I saw no movement in the previous puzzle mentioned but I do in this one – particularly if I keep my eyes moving around the image.

  107. niguy123 says:

    they move if i keep moving my eyes

  108. Jennie says:

    The other one moved for me but this one doesn’t at all!

  109. niguy123 says:

    what is ‘the previous puzzle’? what date?

  110. Thomas says:

    This afternoon i saw it, but now in the evening after a glass of wine, the picture is static.

  111. PeterJ says:

    No movement here, I’m afraid, same as I found with the last few.

  112. Colin Jagoe says:

    Yup, shimmering back and forth. If I de-focus my eyes, they stop, but when I focus up, they both move.

  113. Thats really cool, I love these illusions you put up! Its definitely moving to me, kind of rolling back and forth.

  114. Galen Tinder says:

    I didn’t see the last photo but in this one the object swayed.

  115. maarten says:

    this one’s definitely moving for me.

  116. Smart_Cookie says:

    Yeah, they’re hula-ing in place

  117. Roga says:

    nothing! perhaps he’s putting us on. perhaps those of you who see it move are the most suggestible bloggers on the board?

  118. r says:

    they’re moving about all over the place for me, almost impossible to believe thy’re static, (are they?)

  119. Raül says:

    There are parts of the figures that I am not looking directly at appear to be moving, but when I look one specific part of it, that part doesn’t moves.

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  121. Michael K Gray says:

    This is awesome!
    Involuntary saccades (sp?) keep them dancing, for me, in a spectacular fashion!

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  123. Significance says:

    The last one shimmered a bit when I scrolled or moved my eyes about. This one, on my iPhone at least, shows not even a hint of movement.

  124. monica says:

    they really dance…from left to right in a very slow movement,also they move up and down
    i realy enjoy it

  125. Anonymous says:

    This one works for me – the one before didn’t…

  126. stands2reason says:

    I see it. Even though I didn’t see it on the last one. I also noticed that if I unfocused my eye and focus on one particular point, most or all of the motion goes away.

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  128. Linda says:

    They are swaying continuosly – up, down & sideways. Curious to know how this works.

  129. Yes I see movement. Brilliant 🙂

  130. Antonio says:

    No doubt. They dance.

    Kind of boring dance but they dance and they do it much better than me.

  131. Glyn says:

    For me, the figures move as long as the eye moves over them. Stare at a fixed point on the image and the swaying stops. I’d love to know what is going on in this image and how it is tricking the brain into thinking there is slight movement occurring.

  132. Andrew from Vancouver says:

    Parts of the figures sway parallel to each other, or diagonal from each by one to 8 spheres but only as my focus pans around the shapes.

    I can’t force it to happen though. I have to relax my focus so that I can pan to one place and appreciate the ripple.

  133. Eric says:

    Sorry if somebody said it before but – they do totally move around, if a bit slowly – from head to toe, there’s a bit of movement. Curiously, though, if I lean back in my chair and get a bit of distance from my monitor, they stop moving.

  134. nesello says:

    Didn’t see their dance.

  135. Svlad Cjelli says:

    They kind of fidget. On occasion. It works better if I actually move my own head from side to side. Works better than the last one.

  136. shaz says:

    Tonight I am much more tired than before, and they are moving

  137. Manley says:

    Dancing for me, where the last ones were not.

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  139. Bletherskite says:

    The heads are rolling from side to side with ripples of movement going through both bodies and legs. Very visible to me. Have to consciously stare at a fixed point to get them to stand still.

    My boss couldn’t see them moving at all at first but then got a very little bit of movement, my colleague thought they had ‘wiggly hips’.

  140. Doug says:

    It moves as long as I look from one to the other, if I stare at one of them it goes static.

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  142. brian says:

    They jiggle a lot while I move my eyes around. They only stop completely if I really concentrate hard on one part of the image.

  143. lifes says:

    It moves until I stop moving my eyes around.

  144. Ren says:

    How come it worked for me a day, and the day after it didn’t?
    The day before I tried and tried to stop them dancing without success, the day after they were still.

  145. Santiago says:

    Yep, definitely moving

  146. Duxall Inarow says:

    Nope, definitely not moving.

  147. absurdoldbird says:

    Yep, they sway.

  148. Sally says:

    See the “legs” rippling, and the “heads” rotating.

  149. Miss says:

    Whichever part I’m not looking at, well, it appears to be turning in place — maybe even a little movement within a small area surrounding the original placement. But only if I’m focusing elsewhere.

    The “movement” is noticeable and can’t be stopped (aside from lookin at the “moving” area — in which case it stops moving and another area begins.)

  150. Michael says:

    It seems how far away you are from the image has a huge effect. I have a large monitor and they are moving quite a lot. However if I move my head backwards they become static. It seems they dance a lot more in the peripheral vision.

    So I would suggest that anyone viewing the image on an iphone, a small monitor or sitting some distance from the monitor would not see the effect.

  151. Adam says:

    If I focus on a single point it is static but if I try to move my gaze it dances for me like it’s pants are on fire…I think I just figured out @RichardWiseman ‘s background…I can finally get some sleep and stop asking my couch about it’s childhood and trying to avoid the lava on my floor.

  152. iloveyoubabbyyyy says:

    the circles on the bottom spin when i look at the eyes but if i try to lok at the spinning sphears the move ^^

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