I was recently sent an alleged ghost photo, with the following message….

“Hello my name is xx, I recently received this photo from my father which was taken by a friend of his in Jaffna, Sri Lanka where many atrocities have occurred. My father told me about the appearance of what seems to be a lady in the window of the house. I was quite shocked by the photo and wondered if you could shed any light on its authenticity?”

Here is the image

and here is a close-up of the ghost…..

What do you think? A genuine ghost? The full-sized file can be downloaded here (about 1MB)


  1. easy one: that same ghost is almost a meme and is featured in tons of animations and “ghost sightings”… it’s almost a classic! Obvious photoshop, obvious troll…

    1. That “ghost” sure has a limited set of clothes and her hair dresser doesn’t have much creativity. She does travel a lot though 😉

    2. yeah… I even saw that same “ghost” in one of those animationes designed to catch your attention, make you focus and then freak you out… LOL… it seems to be from a japanese horror movie, I’ll make some research and I’ll trace the source of this “ghost”

  2. No ghost. But the human mind is very inclined to see faces even where there are none. My guess would be that those are the drapes or something equally trivial.

  3. She is down right bold and obviously an attention seeker as she is willing to show up in the day time! Ghosts just aren’t like they used to be…. followed the rules….not now….. just show up all willy, nilly any old where and time….just what is it all coming to?

  4. The ‘ghost’s’ is in front of the decoration of the window but cut off by the windowsill, a very skinny ghost indeed. It looks slightly too big too. The stringy white bits in front of it are fuzzy and more of a uniform colour compared to the other stringy bits which is how things end up when you go back over them with the draw tool in photoshop then blur. Or is it meant to be cracked glass, drawn on and blurred?

    Perhaps the friend in Jaffna is a big fan of Shaun of the dead?

  5. Under digital analysis, there is some subtle chromatic aberration in the area of the ghost doesn’t seem to match up with the rest of the photo. Photoshop job, though not a terrible one. Hard to say for sure though, with the high compression of the image.

    The examples posted by Remis are pretty conclusive though 🙂

  6. This is a fake for two reasons.

    1) we all know that ghosts don’t exist


    2) the image of the girl has been photoshopped in. If you look very closely at the bottom edge of the ‘ghost’, you can see that it overlaps the bottom edge of the window frame itself. It also is on top of the leading in the stained glass, not behind.


  7. Even if it were a real photograph, surely there being a very pale woman standing in the window is a much much much more plausible explanation than there being a disembodied mind of a deceased person which can somehow reflect or emit photons in the image of a human being.

    1. But this is the real world.
      I have lived in the UK for the past five years and I have met a lot of people that really believe in ghosts.

      For some reason, despite being sceptical about the claims of religion, they still think there might be some truth to stories of supernatural beings.

      It’s mind boggling, when people you think of as well-informed and intelligent, suddenly tells you about their ghost encounter without even considering alternative explanations.

    2. What is real and what is not real?

      The fact that afaik there is no scientific evidence for ghosts, does not imply that
      (a) ghosts are not real
      (b) the perception of the world of a group of people is to be considered wrong (whereas that of another group is supposed to be correct).

      The latter is a form of fundamentalism that scares me more than ghosts, regardless if they exist or not 😉

  8. Demis well done for recognising her. Case closed! 🙂

    I do enjoy the shiver these ‘ghost’ pics give tho, and I love reading all your explanations – keep them coming please.

  9. why would anyone take a photo in front of an abandoned house in the first place? unless hes gonna photoshoped the image and make a “ghost sighting issue” nice try..

  10. I analyze ghost photos every day. This one is Photoshop’d or it’s otherwise doctored.

    One clue is the detail around the eyes and nose. The clarity, contrast and details of those exceed the details of other objects nearby.

    In addition, in real ghost research, ghosts rarely appear as apparitions, in or out of photos.

    When they do appear as apparitions, they’re usually most vivid around the face, and then fade toward the extremities. Scientific research in Japan (not ghost related) supports this as a physical phenomenon.

    Apparitions rarely blink. So, this photo would be an even stranger fluke since the eyes seem to be closed.

    (If they’re supposed to be all white — with no pupils or irises — that’s completely outside all likelihood in ghost-related research.)

    Apparitions usually appear the way that they want to be remembered. Men and women are generally young and attractive, not gruesome or ghoulish. (The “Sixth Sense” imagery is fun for movies, but not accurate in the field.)

    That said, whether or not people want to believe that the explanation is always something ghostly, we can document considerable phenomena that cannot (so far) be explained in normal terms, and most logically points to paranormal or parallel realities.

    To quote Sherlock Holmes in “The Sign of the Four”:

    “…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth…”

    1. “in real ghost research”

      Love it! I had no idea there were different levels.

      “…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth…”

      I think you’ve got a little further to go before you can claim to have eliminated the impossible.

  11. Una amiga muy asustada, y sin posibilidades de utilizar trucos fotográficos me mostró un rostro inesperado en el vidrio de una pantalla de televisión apagada, en una habitación y perspectiva que impedían reflejos perfectos.Apareció igual que éste, al posar para sacarse una foto personal.

  12. From a distance it looks like curtains tied at the top. Up close it looks like a creepy-looking, real live person. I agree it looks too creepy; like something out of a movie.
    My Dad claims he saw a ghost of his mother once and he never mentioned her looking scary.

  13. With simple forensic error level testing of the image, it is obvious the “ghost” was added in some way after the initial capture of the imaged. That and the fact the same “ghost” is used in other images sort of tells the tale.

  14. You can actually see that the ghost image was posted on TOP of the real photo. Changing the colour of the tree branch and the grill of the window. Meaning that it was not behind the tree or in the house. But what do I know. Maybe that’s how ghosts are.

    1. I would go with jpeg compression as well. If you zoom in as far as your browser allows on the full size pic (or around 500% in a photo editor) it is obvious it is very heavily compressed – the 8×8 pixel blocks should not be visible or only just in a well-compressed image. Even the ‘detail’ around the tree next to it or any random part of the image seems to be mostly random noise.

      No photoshop needed.

  15. Hm. So there’s the “photoshop” group and the “it’s just curtains” group. I suggest a compromise: it is a photoshopping, but they just photoshopped in some curtains, not a ghost.

  16. I vote real ghost! What’s more is that it’s the ghost of Mrs. Munster on vacation. G13 Media: The guy in the foreground is not the ghost of Sammy Davis Jr. That’s his long lost bastard son.

  17. no. no ghost, but I do believe in paranormal activity. Not in the creepy sense, just in the sense that there are ghosts around us, but we will never be able to see them.

  18. Why a man is taken photo like that? A house been left alone and a ghost as if she came from the series of Ring. I think ones want to frighten others. If in a place assumption is supported by traditional imaginations, human intervention is inevitable there. Conversely we say that a ghost image must be perceivable by human mind; so ghosts remind of each others, they must be uniformly frightening image. Yet I can not be persuaded by this.

    If a ghost must appear like a “ghost” and we must perceive it with this image by our limited senses; so both of are bound with our limits; we must not fear because of our compelled condition.

  19. Ever notice how “ghosts” knows what a camera is, and when the picture is being taken to look directly at it and have a wierd creepy smile on their faces.

  20. You people NEVER read the comments before posting your own? It’s solved. Google “Ghost of the Sundarbans”. Case closed.

  21. Theres Haunted House in my neigborhood, it has this strange man, blond hat,red tie,white shirt, blond jacket,brown pants,black belt,midnigt shadow,scare and dark glasses. And he is undentified Ghost Like Object. I’ll do some research! 😉

  22. The window has some structures ahead of the ghost which change colour? that was a clear flaw that depicts clear pixel manipulation. Photoshoped!

  23. It is obviously added on top of the original, as the branch vines hanging in front of the window are made lighter by the posted image where it has color, otherwise the vines/branches in front of the image would be unaffected by it.

  24. Even a person willing to believe in ghosts – if only there were something convincing – has to say:


  25. Why are ghosts always sneaking into pictures? If they want to be seen why don’t they just come out in broad daylight, or just stand right next to this guy and take a proper picture? Are they camera shy or something?

  26. I don’t get the point of these ghost pictures. It’s obviously not a ghost since there is no such thing. It would be mildly interesting to speculate about what’s going on if someone could then tell us the real answer. But what’s the point of speculating randomly when we’ll never know what the answer is?

    For what it’s worth, since it’s been photoshopped, it seems likely that it’s just a fake. Boring…

  27. Amateur error: Download photo and view EXIF data – the photo was created in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 They didn’t bother to change the data to even make it appear that it came from a digital camera.

    Even if they did, it’s still ridiculous

  28. Download the original file and see the properties of the Jpg file.
    it says
    Creation Software–>Adobe Photoshop 7.0


  29. huh huh huh…. hilarious….. I dnt know why Sri Lankans are so dumb…. this is very pathetic….. and…. really fucked up….

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  35. this is real indeed.i’m also a sri lankan man.i have realy heard about this photo earlier.acording to buddhism we believe that.LORD BUDDHA has explained about ghosts.acording to my knowledge this boy in photo killed by the ghost in hospital

  36. I should say this too.This boy has drunk with his friends in this old house.nobody lives in it.This photo is also taken by one of his friend.after little bit time this boy has told that he can’t breath.Then he was admited in hospital.In hospital also he has told that it is very hard to breath.The doctors has gussed that it is because that he was drunk.But he died on that day.when you see this photo you may think that this is a joke.Even I also thought that this is a joke when I see this photo at the very first time.Acording to current technology such thing also can do.but this is not a joke.You know this is not the very first news of a ghost in the world lot of people have seen ghosts.I say that there are ghosts.It is true.

  37. Gud comments… Hai friend,ghosts r not real .some one says pshycological disorders due to ghost inside their body,but its not true.if u want to know more abt it please contact me… But till there is doubt about the existence of EVILS,just like the occurance of unexpected ACCIDENTS.if anyone have suggetions abt it please reply to my email… Ph no.8547097577

  38. As a Paranormal Investigator with decades of experience in photo analysis I have to say this photo is fake….more than likely a phone application or added in by some or other photo editing program….and this exact image appears in many so called ‘real ghost photos’

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