It’s the Friday puzzle!


Happy New Year!

Here is a simple Friday puzzle to get the year off to a good start…..what number comes next in this series…..


As ever, please do not post your solution, but feel free to say if you have solved it, wish people a happy New Year, and say how long it took.

Answer on Monday.


43 comments on “It’s the Friday puzzle!

  1. DrMobs says:

    Got it. About 15 seconds. Must have seen it before somewhere, I guess.

  2. badrescher says:

    Took less than a minute. Lots of practice at these kinds of puzzles as a kid.

  3. Michael K Gray says:

    Yep. I was looking for a more complex solution, so it took me around 60 seconds until the penny dropped…

  4. Diane Brown says:

    I think i may know the answer………….

  5. macronencer says:

    Are you sure the first number shouldn’t be 3 ?!

  6. follystone says:

    Easiest Friday puzzle yet. I had the answer worked out by the time I’d finished reading it. Relief after last week which I didn’t get at all !

  7. dpsg says:

    The first number can be anything you like. It’s the 2nd number that “should” be something, if anything.

    But this sequence is perfectly fine, although boring once you get past the 4th number.

  8. Riayn says:

    I think I have it (guess I will find out on Monday). Took me about 30 seconds.

  9. Joel says:

    About 2 mins. One of those ‘don’t over think it’ problems. Marcus duSautoy first introduced me to these on Finding Moonshine.

  10. Marià Surra says:

    If your language is Spanish the series is: 1…3…4…6…4…?

  11. macronencer says:

    Ah! Now I’ve got it 🙂 I had to forget it for a while and come back. Funny how the brain works!

    Happy 2010 everyone!

  12. NickyNackyNoo says:

    Oh Damn! I must be stoopider than I thought!! 😦

  13. Ass-zzz says:

    stupid Q…

  14. chandra says:

    Hmm,, good illusion,, thats make me stupid,,,

  15. FrankN.Stein says:

    ah yes – first I felt stupid because it’s supposed to be so simple, but after a minute or so, I feel much better :D… got it!

  16. wright skill says:

    I think I know the answer but not sure it is correct.

  17. boris says:

    Such puzzles are ambiguos by design
    Took me a couple of seconds to find a solution, but it’s most likely not the right one.

  18. josephalford says:

    About three seconds, and normally I’m so bad at these!

    Reminds me a little of this one:


  19. Nurul Syafiqah says:

    The answer is

    I do’n know

  20. lilabyrd says:

    Panicked for 2 min then stopped and thought about it and 10sec later I think I got it! I always panic when I see…. but wasn’t very hard….. if I got it right that is …lol.. :}

  21. Billybobsteele says:

    I got the answer after a few seconds but didn’t work it out exactly why for a couple of mins.

  22. lgwrites says:

    I think, if I am correct, 10 – 15 seconds, then I started to second guess myself, but came back to the same conclusion.

  23. lgwrites says:

    Happy and a successful New Year to all.

  24. Lee says:

    Couldn’t get this one; but I may be able to blame it on the TV as the Hockey Winter Classic from Fenway Park is on. The repeating fours at the end of the puzzle kept throwing me off! How ’bout emailing me either a hint or solution? Thanks!

  25. Cosmin Romania says:

    3 mins. Being a Romanian was my disadvantage. 😉
    Un an nou fericit! 😀

    • Laurentiu Anton says:

      si ce daca iest? 🙂
      you apparently speak english just fine!
      i started overthinking it, my instict was trying to find what kind of series it was like arethmetic or geometric, or so on but the guy said simple so then i slowed down and it took me less than a minute, and i reasured my answer by reading the comment about it being in spanish ;P

      la multi ani pentru toti 😀

  26. Jamie says:

    Happy New Year

  27. serenexchick says:

    Heh, it took me maybe three seconds.
    My dad told me this puzzle once before when I was around ten.

  28. komincents says:

    Unless I am missing something, I believe there is insufficient information for a conclusive answer (ambiguous). I came up with at least three different answers. On the other hand, I have spent most of the morning looking for my car keys, so maybe my problem solving skills are not what they could be. In any case, as far as the new year is concerned, my hope for 2010 is the same as it is for every year; peace, kindness, understanding and an occasional chocolate milkshake. Happy trails, all.

  29. I got it Body on 8 Seconds.

    Thanks for this puzzle, Really I like it.

  30. WiseJamaican says:

    Don’t know the answer but will be coming back on Monday to find it out. Happy New Year.

  31. sogam0 says:

    I can’t know.. isn’t there realation between clock image and puzzle?

  32. Katie says:

    I actually did get this one right away. I must have seen it before and had the answer stored in the way back of my mind, I think.

  33. mikekoz68 says:

    I think I got it right away and if I’m right then it’s a lousy puzzle that doesn’t make sense

  34. Nathan says:

    Six seconds. I’m not sure why but my mind just jumped to the answer.

    It reminded me of another sequence I like.

    1… 11… 21… 1211… 111221… 312211…

  35. The clock was ticking and I was running out of time. Just a few hours until the answer would be revealed. My fall-guy-curiosity would lead me straight away to the link that would have the answer. There wasn’t an apparent solution – what, or who was the missing link?

    That’s when – completely out of the blue – a bus arrived and stopped right by me. It had a number 14. Odd, since it was the Moon. A headless magician was driving and offered me some spicy bacteria. I reached for the Petri dish and took some. Not bad… but had better in Tijuana.

    I couldn’t get those numbers out of my head. Back to the lunar hotel, “The Nostradamus.” I had a drink with the bartender, who was already wasted and far from busy, standing there playing odd & even games with a couple of coins. “Can’t come up with them 3 words for the year, lad. It’s all over.”

    There was this guy without one arm doing neat card tricks. When he saw me, he called me to his table, showed me 6 matches and asked me something about triangles. “I’m through with dames tonight” I said, and used one of the matches to light a cigarette. The guy wasn’t very pleased and called me a spoiled amateur.

    Went up to my empty room and fixed myself a drink. Put the phone off the hook. I thought about the bizarre paper folding machine which (for 42 lunar bucks) folded a piece of paper and brought me here. Out the window and across the crater, I could see the neon light ad on top of the hill: “thou shalt be patient, for the patient shall inherit the cheaper, less buggy product.” And still, that puzzling numeric note on my mind. I just couldn’t believe it. Someone could prove it to me, and I still wouldn’t believe it. Nope. On the room next door some annoying “Crazy Frog” tune could be heard. Finished the drink and went to bed. No way…

    …I was never going to figure out a solution for this one.

    Happy 2010 everyone, and happy puzzling 😀

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  37. Can someone give the answer!

    • the great me says:

      yes, I can.
      however i dont want to post it. So, the answer in Esperanto language is ‘kvar’
      you can find the translation yourself

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