More 3D magic

A couple of things.  First, the dates for the US tour for 59 Seconds have now been confirmed…
Jan 5 & 6–New York
Jan 7–DC
Jan 8–Boston
Jan 9 & 10–Vegas
Jan 11–Seattle
Jan 12– San Francisco
Jan 13–Los Angeles

More details as I get them.  Second, there is something of a 3D revival going on at the moment (including several horror films and a great magic special on C4 last night), so I thought it would be good to introduce The Pulfrich Effect.  For most 3D effects you need to make a special film and have people watch it with odd glasses.  However, it is possible to get the same effect on ‘normal’ footage.  All you need to do is have someone cover one eye with something that darkens the image (e.g., sunglasses or one lens of 3D glasses) and view a scene with lateral movement.  Interestingly, the effect does not work for everyone, but give it a go with the following clip (kindly sent to me by Chris Lawrence)…..

According to Chris, the effect works well with football games – meaning you can turn a 2D game into 3D.

Did it work for you?  Any idea why?

It’s the Friday Puzzle!

blue_moonI am rather excited today because I am going to be interviewed by Sir David Frost!

However, the good news is that my excitement has not caused me to forget about the Friday puzzle…

Imagine that you had a piece of paper, 0.1mm thick, that could be folded in half as many times as you like.  How many times would you need to fold the paper before it was thick enough to reach the Moon?

As ever, feel free to leave comments saying if you think you solved it and how long it took, but please don’t post your solution.  I have also given a list of possible answers below – please vote for the one that you believe is closest to the correct figure.

What’s your earliest memory?

Child-Exam-2_slide_showSome recent research suggests that the earliest memories of men and women are associated with different ages.  In the spirit of scientific inquiry, I thought it would be interesting to explore this idea.  So, in the comments box, please say whether you are male or female, give a very brief description of your earliest memory and say how old you were when this event happened (obviously, if the memory is especially traumatic then feel free to skip the exercise).  Let’s see whether the earliest memories of men and women really are so different….