If you are male, read this!


Today I am asking everyone to think back over 2009 and come up with just three words that describe the year for you.  They might reflect your emotions or world events, or just any word that comes to mind.  Whatever it is, could everyone please post your three words.  I will explain what this is all about very soon.  Men only in this post!


302 comments on “If you are male, read this!

  1. Sajjad K says:

    Change; philosophy; friends. (In no specific order.)

    Does sexuality make a difference? I’m bisexual, if it does.

  2. Jareth says:

    Success, Science, Change

  3. Ian O'Neill says:

    Weird. Scary. Amazing.

  4. Mike says:

    Use a condom!

  5. Glenn Davey says:

    Defeat; Passion; Adventure.

  6. windermerelodge says:

    Challenging, Affirming, Wet

  7. Arnold Jamtart says:

    laid-off? dumped? shit.

    Bring on 2010, already.

  8. bbaydar says:

    Depressed, unemployed, broke.

  9. Mike says:

    Games, Drama, Ouch

  10. windermerelodge says:

    ROFL – I cheated an d looked at the girls answers after I posted. The obvious conclusion so far is that females either can’t count or they won’t follow instructions 🙂

  11. Wagner Artur Cabral says:

    study, life, discovery

  12. Jasper says:

    Change, disappointed, cold

  13. Dan Jones says:

    Struggle; Resilience; Hope

  14. windermerelodge says:

    Or as I checked again, maybe they are just a lot more literal than we are 🙂

  15. Can says:

    guitar, mountaineering, blog

  16. anon says:

    Love; Anguish; Hope.

  17. Challenge, achieve, do

  18. Fred Lopez says:

    Struggle, delights, disasters

  19. Robin says:

    Exciting, Scary, Difficult

  20. rutty says:

    Daughter! Redundancy. Change.

  21. Godless, chaotic, horrormirth

  22. Rich says:

    Busy, broke and pride.

  23. KW says:

    Namibia holiday amazing!

  24. Scott says:

    school unemployment protests

  25. Nickinthecorner says:

    lovelorn, work, aging

  26. tim says:

    tired, miserable , confused

  27. D. Andersen says:

    Travel. Science. Relationship.

  28. Otto Wijnen says:

    Choices, commitment, focus

  29. Graeme says:

    stress dentistry detox

  30. Ralph says:

    sucked, inertia, waste

  31. Undisclosed says:

    Turn, Dispise, Link

  32. Pekka S says:

    Son, Wife, Blogging

  33. Brain says:

    FUBAR. busted. sans-portation.

  34. slw says:

    Greed, Wonder, Nonsense

  35. BD says:

    crash, reality, change

  36. Jack says:

    Procrastination, Waste, Learning.

  37. bobbarnes says:

    fun, successful, exciting

  38. Malinari says:

    Laugh, Sleep, Health

  39. joel says:

    Travel love technology

  40. Anders says:

    Obama, Twitter, swineflu.

  41. t geraghty says:

    Banking, enjoyable, busy

  42. Charlie says:

    Roll. With. It

  43. David says:

    Work, Lemsip, Daughter

  44. Adam says:

    Love. Downturn. Expenses.

  45. iamjamesward says:

    Almost over, fortunately.

  46. Worldweary says:

    Fun, loving, short

  47. Rick lehane says:

    Busy travel love

  48. Gary says:

    Death Pain Isolation

  49. vinyarb says:

    Blessing in Disguise

  50. manu says:


  51. MIles says:

    Smoke, weddings, reset.

  52. pawel says:

    stories, change, challenge

  53. Loutubes says:

    Sensationalized, unemployed and betrayed.

  54. Niall says:

    Love, science, debt

  55. Marc Brooks says:

    surprise; doubt; love

  56. Adrian says:

    Crunch. Libel. Twitter

  57. Mike says:

    Transition, broke, reassess

  58. Chris says:

    Surprising, fortunate, sad.

  59. Magnus weighton says:

    3 words – flood, reality, pace

  60. Michael says:

    Loss. Friendship. Successes.

  61. mik9dt says:


  62. Martin Lascelles says:

    Wet Recession Lucky

  63. John says:


  64. Colm says:

    Beautiful, challenging, worrying

  65. James Arthur says:

    change, loss, hope

  66. Mike says:

    defeat, success, happiness

  67. Jesus says:

    a lot of Money, Happiness, Love

  68. John says:

    Lies, untrustworthy, immoral

  69. John says:


  70. gloom, operation, change

  71. Jacob says:

    Africa, Friends, Enjoyable

  72. joey gomez says:


  73. Anonymous says:

    crysis, lazziness, physics

  74. Duncan says:

    can be done

  75. Ludwig Lingg says:

    Release, Change, Relaunch

  76. Tony says:

    Amazing new opportunity

  77. Bob says:

    Tough, frustrating, improving

  78. Niraj says:

    liberating, enlightening and advancement

  79. Damian says:

    homebrew, money, happy

  80. Nick says:

    chucked, shit, depressing

  81. AnonCoward23 says:

    Everything is shit

  82. Daniel says:

    Headache, debt, stars.

  83. Tim Mills says:

    family, doctorate, distractions

  84. Gerry says:

    quick lacking different

  85. Ludde says:

    change, women, fired

  86. Dandare70 says:

    change better exhausting

  87. Rich says:

    Work, work, work.

  88. James G says:

    pretty fucking awful

    or if you want something more suited to a word cloud:

    Death, stress, pessimism

  89. PlanetNiles says:

    It.. Sucked.. Terribly.

  90. Tom says:

    triathlon, texas, cyprus

  91. cpayne says:

    Fun, Happy, Exciting!

  92. Twyloii says:

    hudson, jackson, jenson

  93. Robert says:

    Work love hardship

  94. Angelos says:

    Congestion. Doubt. Relief.

  95. RG says:

    change, technology, recession

  96. Vern says:

    Harrowing, suckful, ordeal

  97. Haxonite says:

    drum and bass

  98. Nonny Mouse says:

    desperation is power

  99. Owner M says:

    “Business as usual”

  100. Kristo says:

    death change stress

  101. Jan says:

    change, experience, love

  102. Justin C says:

    Difference, braver, almost.

  103. Matt says:

    New, worry. realisation.

  104. realization, friendship, work.

    (I got employed after nearly 3 years unemployed.)

  105. Anonymous says:


  106. Bruce Bignell says:


  107. Thiago Gimenes says:

    sick, achievement, tired

  108. Anonymous says:

    disappointed, adorable, women

  109. Carl says:

    busy, frustrating, depressing

  110. Last mispronounced year

  111. ryanoconnor2 says:

    happiness, excitement, friendship

  112. critter42 says:

    expanding, shorter, changing

  113. Cliff Rowley says:

    Success. Love. Stability.

  114. stan says:

    travelling, me, success

  115. Phil says:

    baby, busy, tired

  116. Antonio C says:

    Challenge, struggle, life

  117. Willem says:

    More of same.

  118. Anonymous Please says:

    Much group sex!

  119. Foygl says:

    future, humanity, screwed

  120. jthewonderllama says:

    quagmire, anxiety, rural

  121. Juan says:

    happy; love; achieve

  122. Michael says:

    Not quite ten

  123. Nick Sharratt says:


  124. LoudMimeDave says:

    Alyx, Anarchist, Independent.

  125. Gerg Murkey says:

    Tumult; Survived; Wonderful.

  126. harry says:

    Joy sad disallusion

  127. Noy says:

    climate; change; fail

  128. mike says:

    stress, study, relief

  129. Clem says:

    Hope, disappointment, progress

  130. Observer says:

    Increasingly bogus tactics

  131. Lexical23 says:

    Twitter, science, change

  132. Steve says:

    Obama, Information, Global

  133. SOOPAH TROOPAH says:

    Economy Healthcare Disaster

  134. SOOPAH TROOPAH says:

    I have three better ones… KEEP THE ‘CHANGE’

  135. _JonBaxter_ says:

    Skint, jobless, skint.

    Obviously I am not a banker; which I tend to think should be spelt with a ‘w’ rather than a ‘b’.

  136. PaperSpock says:

    I’ve had better.

  137. mythos says:

    Frustrating lull optimism

  138. Alan says:

    Obama, Snow, Ashes

  139. mike says:

    hope, musttryharder, start

  140. Anonymous says:

    hope, change, bankrupt

  141. Gary Christy says:

    Tiger likes pussy.

  142. FrankN.Stein says:

    climate, finance, setback

  143. Steve... says:

    Strength, tenacity, learning.

  144. Dave Mills says:

    Older Wiser? No

  145. Kevin says:

    Challenging, tiring, over

  146. Tim says:

    Learn, God, management

  147. Rob says:

    Piano: prestidigitation: parenthood

  148. Pat says:

    Wife, house, promotion
    (fingers crossed on that last one since the year’s not done yet…)

  149. Anonymous says:

    Lack of freedom

  150. Jim says:

    Test, Loss, Redemption

  151. Carl Baker says:

    Joy, Sadness, Hope

  152. dino says:

    Awesome Grownup Changes

  153. Rob says:

    Wedding, climate, creativity

  154. Ross Bagby says:

    Cold, Precarious, Comfortable

    These off-the-top of my head words reflect my current personal situation.

  155. Sebastián Hoch says:

    Science, music, friends.

  156. m5 says:

    invented pregnancy scare

  157. CryoTank says:

    Confusion, LHC, vacation

  158. Scott says:

    groggy, transition, growing

  159. MarioA says:

    Family, nephews, work

  160. Travis says:

    Change, relationships, Texas.

  161. Elias says:

    Awesome, happiness, friends

  162. endlesspsych says:

    None too shabby

  163. Roger says:

    gray, depressed, unemployed

  164. Bruce says:

    kids, fast, happy

  165. Nick says:

    Unemployed, Strain, Finally

  166. Gus Snarp says:

    worry, lucky, grateful

  167. Ed Darrell says:

    politics, science, education

  168. Joe Meils says:

    Discovery. Stupidity. Hope.

  169. exarch says:

    Since last week:

    Global warming disaster 😦

  170. Mich says:

    Change, change, chance

  171. Calum says:

    realisation, change, craziness

  172. Wai says:

    Regret, Troubled, Happy

  173. Fizzle says:

    Fast, Annoying, Better.

  174. Wesley Struebing says:

    Lack of employment

  175. Richard Nash says:

    Obama. Darwin. Hysteria.

  176. Darrin Chandler says:

    Moon, Launch, Rationality

  177. Ric Frost says:

    unemployed change milestone

  178. Mainak says:

    Defeat, Hope, Relief!

  179. Mitch says:

    Children pummeled me

  180. Dominic says:

    More bureaucratic nonesense.

  181. bob says:

    single, alcohol, friend

  182. Geoff Coupe says:

    Cough – I meant “seize”…

  183. H T says:

    off smack, mostly.

  184. Science Geek says:

    Noisy, satisfying, isolated

  185. josephalford says:

    Home, friends, thought

  186. Anonymous coward says:

    living without hope

  187. Daneel says:

    Death really sucks.

  188. rubensni says:

    greed, acceptance and optimism

  189. Geoff says:

    Down. Inwards. Upwards.

  190. Austin says:

    School, travel, play

  191. Chris says:


  192. Matt says:


  193. Ángel says:

    Felicidad, amor, amistad

  194. Willem says:

    Impatience, Science, Change

  195. Mo-kun says:


  196. Stephen says:

    Travel, bipolar, optimism.

  197. thegiantsnail says:

    Beauty, squalor, determination.

  198. Sean says:

    I’m a dad!

  199. JAY says:

    Michael Joseph Jackson

  200. Anonymous says:

    nanny, state, wins

  201. Morgan says:

    Death, destruction, poverty

  202. Trauma. Pivotal. Relocation.

  203. Rob Nelson says:

    Happy, Peace, Family

  204. jose miguel says:

    love, hesitating, frustrating

  205. CTReader says:

    hope, renewal, frustration

  206. codifier says:

    Twitter, iPhone, Obama

  207. Robert says:

    a bit dissappointing

  208. Dan Brown says:

    Divorce, Comedy, Rebirth

  209. kleber junior says:

    social, reaffirming, fun

  210. huscruz says:

    AI DS ROCKS!!!

  211. Martin says:

    New. Challenging. Change

  212. Chris says:

    Video Game Research

  213. Brian says:

    Stable, Fulfilling, Looking-Up

  214. Kevin says:

    I couldn’t run.

  215. Zxaber says:

    Manufactured malfunction depression.

    Lost two computers to manufactured defects, Xbox 360 RRoD’d to manufactured defects, and my cell is starting to bug out as well.

  216. Anthony says:

    Piano, Trees, Moving

  217. Tony Quinlan says:

    exciting, stressful, death

  218. Tom Rhoads says:

    married 25 years

  219. Don says:

    working, recession, anxiety

  220. Tim Hughes says:


  221. Jefrey Taylor says:

    connections, reflections and focus

  222. Pigsy says:

    Stale, pain, information.

  223. DimlyAware says:

    Pain, smiles, grandkids

  224. barry says:

    roller COASTER ride

  225. Pakkal says:

    change, sadness, strength

  226. Josh says:

    No-one seems happy

  227. Felipe says:

    trip, inmigration, canada

  228. Andrew says:

    Merry Effing Christmas.

  229. Svlad Cjelli says:


  230. Tim McGregor says:

    Climate, Finance, skepticism

  231. John says:

    finally quitted smoking

  232. cipyk says:

    head in clouds

  233. swh269 says:

    anhedonia focus ADHD

  234. FAN says:

    Yankees win series!

  235. Anonymous says:

    lloyds ts b

  236. Olo says:

    sad exhausted critical

  237. Katie says:

    change, decisions, astronomy

  238. TW says:

    not enough words

  239. Dude says:

    fart, seepage, stain

  240. Jason says:

    Always moving forward

  241. Chris says:

    Realisation, fresh, direction

  242. Jeremy says:

    She said YES!

  243. Bob says:

    Same as ever

  244. […] If you are male, read this! Today I am asking everyone to think back over 2009 and come up with just three words that describe the year for you.  […] […]

  245. gcs says:

    Content, Happy, concern

  246. Myk says:

    Reality, love, tango

  247. stiofainod says:

    Struggle, change, persistence

  248. c00 says:

    long, disappointing, fun

  249. peter says:

    love, effort and struggle

  250. byjimini says:

    Music, finance, awareness

  251. sshawnn says:


  252. Robert Leyland says:

    fun, fulfilling and re-awakening

  253. darcy says:

    big fucking deal

  254. crazy, transformation, hope

  255. Michael says:

    Growth, Improvement, Hope

  256. Pow says:

    fun, friends, moments

  257. Ali says:

    Wow, so much

  258. Wayne says:

    Not much older.

  259. rinehart says:

    love, people, money

  260. glaesichris says:

    Reading 150 books

  261. wanblee says:

    heavy, success, job

  262. Change, Risks, Learning

  263. CG says:

    Self reliant fun.

  264. Esteban says:


  265. mason says:

    Sorry about that.

  266. Travis says:

    Aging, stagnant, content.

  267. Tim says:

    Change, hard, philosophy

  268. Jason liu says:

    change, war, impact

  269. Manley says:

    empiricism, nanny, control

  270. Michael K Gray says:

    Beer, fun, work

  271. pierrot says:

    work, daughter, blog

  272. mark villa says:

    life love happeness

  273. John Ridout says:


    ps, i hate Jason as well !!!!

  274. Paul C. Anagnostopoulos says:

    Next decade please!

  275. Thanasis says:

    love, live, enjoy

  276. gawsog says:

    Uncool, untouched, miserable

  277. hshaw says:

    drunk right now

  278. Constantine E. Anagnostopoulos says:

    Last decade please!

  279. Mick says:

    Success, Fear, Conflict

  280. Dwight says:

    Fear, learning, hope

  281. Hae says:

    February 21st, 2011 at 9:17 am

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