If you are female, read this!


Today I am asking everyone to think back over 2009 and come up with just three words that describe the year for you.  They might reflect your emotions or world events, or just any word that comes to mind.  Whatever it is, could everyone please post your three words.  I will explain what this is all about very soon.  Women only in this post!


280 comments on “If you are female, read this!

  1. gigi says:

    a new start

  2. Audrey E says:

    Tiring and stressful.

  3. NC says:

    stressful hectic fun

  4. Jane says:

    losses and gains

  5. sunrayswench says:

    long, creative, exhausting

  6. Maša Kepic says:

    Creative Business Success

  7. Mel says:

    beautiful, sad, hopeful

  8. Helen says:

    Illness, exhausting, curious

  9. Carmenego says:

    Growth, transience, discovery

    (Isn’t that nice?!)

  10. Suus says:

    Breast cancer, despair, hope

  11. Endings, new beginnings.

  12. Natasha says:

    growth, love, reality

  13. Significance says:

    responsibility, travel, deadlines

  14. Kathymoo says:

    Long, tough, frustrating

  15. Laurel says:

    Asthma, recession, family

  16. Irene (hallmork) says:

    Exciting. Fast. Fun.

  17. Eve says:

    love, maturity, reflection

  18. Manel awajan says:

    Dissatisfied music clarity

  19. susan says:

    frustrating, fast, friends

  20. kale says:

    Routine, content, stable

  21. Steph says:

    Frustrating but fruitful.

  22. Serena says:

    gone too fast

  23. Dawn says:

    Marathon, Moving, Boyfriend

  24. magicpants says:

    Dull, New, Frustrating

  25. Rose says:

    science, work, sport

  26. Mythibarb says:

    Busy, Cosy, Good

  27. Jules says:

    Transition sadness hope

  28. Chrissie says:

    The best yet

  29. Jeanne says:

    Sexy good times

  30. Olivia Mitchell says:

    fulfilling, exciting, ahead

  31. Diana says:

    Emotional, toxic, stagnant

  32. thatmaggiegrrl says:

    transformation, hope, tough

  33. gretel says:

    stressful, friends, fun

  34. Shewolf69 says:

    Tired. Lonely. Angry.

  35. Isla says:

    Music, friends, travel

  36. Judy Olsen says:

    recession weather stress

  37. Boltzmann_Fan says:

    exasperating, uplifting, oscillatory

    And why are we being segregated by gender praytell? Is this some kind of social experiment that will end with pie charts?

  38. Nicole Hall says:

    transitions, learning, growth

  39. Diane Brown says:

    Work, sadness and joy!

  40. kaylesleigh says:

    tough but survivable

  41. Pip says:

    Ups and Downs

  42. nikki says:

    Exhilarating, completed, soap

  43. Niamh says:

    emigration, growth, contentment

  44. Kat says:

    change, struggle, discovery

  45. Nana says:

    Depressing sad heartbreak

  46. Bernard says:

    good, restarting, coping

  47. Edith says:

    first love, bankruptcy

  48. Clare Lynch says:

    busy, successful, fun

  49. Anonymous says:

    babies work ireland

  50. Lainey says:

    Busy, tired, exciting

  51. JW says:

    re-balancing; friends; snow!

  52. Mona says:

    Wedding. Divorce. Relief. lol just kidding with that one! 😛

  53. cheryl says:

    snow, joy, tired

  54. laughterlog says:

    Death, life, fulfilment

  55. keri says:

    re-prioritize; learn, phony

  56. Pip says:

    challenging, happy, responsibility

  57. Neda says:

    relentless, geeky, strenous

  58. kathy says:

    The worst ever

  59. challenging, stressful, testing

  60. Helen says:

    Love, work, fun

  61. Sharon says:

    Stressful, worrying, coping

  62. Jenny says:

    strength, pain, love

  63. Slava says:

    stressful, emotional, hard

  64. change, challenge, learning

  65. Relocation, adoption, re-evaluation

  66. Annie says:

    Risk, authenticity, growing

  67. Alice says:

    life, growth, brother

  68. ripper says:

    death rebirth renew

  69. Joanna says:

    Love, honesty, connections

  70. anon says:

    relationship trouble resolved

  71. Deborah says:

    Busy. Successful. Fun.

  72. burntbroccoli says:

    Adventure. Resolution. Kittens.

  73. Lucy says:

    frustration, hope, family

  74. Enn says:


  75. Jennifer says:

    Hope Obstacles Existence

  76. am says:

    changed comfort contented

  77. Helen Calder says:

    hell on toast

  78. M Henderson says:

    Endurance, humour, strength

  79. Amy says:

    thrilling, writing, content

  80. DigsRetro says:

    Strapped, Stressed, THINNER!

  81. Karen says:

    growth, friends, contentment

  82. Anonymous says:

    love, beginning, stress

  83. Anonymous says:

    still haven’t learnt

  84. Sue Moseley says:

    Stress, exhaustion, relief

  85. Carol says:

    Lived life better

  86. Clementine says:

    Sweet and sour

  87. Fuzztwin says:

    Chiropractic is bogus.

  88. weebesom says:

    redundancy, skint, future

  89. Michael says:

    Not quite ten

  90. Anonymous says:

    Our new Baby!!

  91. Toren says:

    work, sex, sad

  92. Paula Thomas says:

    Challenging, Study, Self-employed!

  93. Michaela says:

    difficult, surprising, fun

  94. May says:

    Redundancy, Change, Adjustment

  95. Julie says:

    H1N1, Confusion, Recovery

  96. whatsitcalled says:

    Getting ever poorer

  97. bluedolphin says:

    mundane, tired, money

  98. beadingoff says:

    potty training, business

  99. Marijke says:

    growing, busy, language

  100. r says:

    Loss, pressure, lonely.

    nb loss as in people, not possesions.

  101. Joanne says:

    Quick, time, flew,

  102. antiqueight says:

    Apathy -that’s all

  103. rachel says:

    lost the year

  104. mary says:

    hate my job

  105. Felicity says:

    Hard, unstable, exciting

  106. Tempest says:

    Family lost, gained.

  107. Sophie L says:

    difficult, fun, unforgettable

  108. Laura in AL says:


  109. physicschic says:

    quick, empty, sad

  110. Sian says:

    Glad it’s over!

  111. Kelly says:

    New Love Fun

  112. knobody says:

    kids, house hunting

  113. LB says:

    Change good bad

  114. Anonymous says:

    good, bad, ugly

  115. Gillian says:

    interesting, hectic, fun

  116. Rahl says:

    Vegetables. Sleep. Solitude.

  117. Samantha says:

    Return to geekdom

  118. Rahl says:

    There probably should have been some sort of note on gender identification versus biological sex in this post. I took “female vs. male” to refer to one’s biological sex, but what about those of us who identify with a gender that does not correspond to our biologically-given sex? What about those who, like myself, identify as agendered?

    Or perhaps that’s a corollary to this survey. First, participants are made to choose their gender/sex; then, they respond accordingly.

    Looking forward to the results, Dr. Wiseman.

    • hshaw says:

      this is the second silly post i’ve read mentioning sexual preference or “identification”. I guess i hadn’t realized differentiating between male and female was so difficult for so many. really? penis=male. vagina=female. neither or both=this survey doesn’t include you; sue somebody.

  119. Sanouch says:

    wisdom, intuition, break

  120. Sue says:

    Became Twitter User

  121. Anne says:

    Depressing, sad, stressful!

  122. Helen says:

    Atheism, University, happy.

  123. rugosa says:

    lessons. friends. loveless.

  124. Colette says:


  125. Patty says:

    Long, relaxing, eventful

  126. Shannon says:


  127. DrJen says:


  128. JP says:

    Stress. Deadlines. Endings.

  129. Kristin says:

    tough new life

  130. Dana says:


  131. A Diskin says:

    Arrivals. Renewals. Laughs.

  132. JLO Canada says:

    Gone too fast.

  133. Lyra says:

    Busy, passed candidacy.

  134. Badrescher says:


  135. dys says:

    Living. Real. Now.

  136. Amanda says:

    challenging. change. matured.

  137. SR says:


  138. Katharine says:

    Joy. Wonder.

  139. RSuominen says:

    Everything gets better.

  140. namowal says:

    Ridiculous, wacky, wonderful

  141. Alaina says:

    Independent. Dreams. Confusion.

  142. Nicola says:

    Turning a corner

  143. Harper says:

    Finally got pregnant!

  144. Rebecca says:

    economy, media, worry

  145. Carlene Worthington says:

    Frustrating, Hard, scholastic

  146. Kirsty says:

    made it through

  147. LDH says:

    Hopeless, hopeful, hopeless

  148. Lori says:

    Could’ve been better.

  149. Amy Blencowe says:

    learning, laughing, forward

  150. CME says:

    Only status quo

  151. sahlah says:


  152. sari1967 says:

    challenging orange work

  153. Hanny says:

    Discovery. Ireland. Questions.

    (First three that came to mind).

  154. ontoward says:

    Loved wasting time

  155. adora says:

    I got healthier.

  156. The Nerd says:

    What just happened?

  157. Liz says:

    things got better

  158. me says:

    growth, hope, fatigue

  159. Brian says:

    Fell in love

  160. Sharon says:

    friendships, loss, positive

    [loss of an uncle, an aunt and my 102 year old grandmother, not financial]

  161. ethernautrix says:

    forgiving on-moving enrootening

  162. kristie says:

    Daughter new school

  163. Luisa says:

    the best ever

  164. Laurie T. says:

    kids, science, migraines

  165. Kim M. H. says:

    Surprise, intrigue, love.

  166. lecr says:

    My Mom died 😦

  167. MsDerious says:

    Skinny, lonely, tired

  168. Jeannie says:

    Fracture, children’s exams, recession

  169. Salli says:

    Me> more of same?
    UK> debt, weather, anticipation.

  170. Jenny says:

    Change, in-sync, feminine

  171. katy says:

    successful, varied, short

  172. Allison says:

    love, exploration, triumph

  173. Jenny says:

    busy, challenging, learning

  174. sue says:

    disappointing, illuminating, fun

  175. pamamac says:

    babies birthday narrowboat

  176. Elaina says:

    Cancer, Surgery, Move

  177. Lynn says:

    Fighting state fascists

  178. imeaj says:

    clarity, independence, hope

  179. T.S. says:

    failure, collapse, stress

  180. Kathy says:

    death, diving, wine

  181. Megan says:

    red letter year

  182. Korafrax says:

    Such is life.

  183. Jane Schimpf says:

    Learn. Build. Love.

  184. Sue says:


  185. Theresa says:

    Stressed out anticipation

  186. Melissa says:


  187. Hollee says:

    School is scary.

  188. sarah says:

    stressful confused sad

  189. Freznow says:


  190. lab rat says:

    I grew up.

  191. veronica says:

    fast emotional shocking

  192. bysarahgraphics says:

    Touched by Sarah 🙂

  193. Veronica says:

    Family, knitting, patience

  194. Halley says:

    Beautiful, long, rollercoaster

  195. lifes says:




  196. me says: says:

    turbulent alchol hope

  197. Hester says:

    gratefull (for the good and the bad)

  198. Bucket says:


  199. salomeuk says:

    stress, help, hope

  200. Liisam says:

    change, podcasts, puppy

  201. otowi says:

    same stagnant society

  202. Dudette says:

    iphone, electric, progress

  203. suicide says:

    swine-flu, vaccine, death

  204. Lindamp says:

    Excitement, education, ennui.

  205. Kelley says:

    Yarn airport books

  206. Hannah says:


  207. Anonymous says:

    Lost my love

  208. idoubtit says:

    stressful, frustrating, concerned

  209. Berber Anna says:


  210. serpentina says:

    Not any closer.

  211. Sarah-Jane says:

    endless manic carousel

  212. Rex says:

    Friends, confidence, growing.

  213. shen says:

    Pathetic and depressed

  214. SuZi says:

    magic, writing, lost

  215. Lyvvie says:

    Wish Came True!!!

  216. Spica says:

    Taxing. New. Interesting.

  217. Val Lawson says:


  218. vixy says:

    accomplishments, disappointments, new goals

  219. Claudia says:

    Relationship holiday family

  220. ah San says:

    friends , family , love

  221. lmaines says:

    Emotional,difficult romantic

  222. Elisabetta says:

    fear, sadness, waiting

  223. Sam says:

    Sad, happy, whirlwind

  224. Will says:

    taxing interesting times

  225. Col says:

    Difficult, sad, strength

  226. Daphne says:

    Still retired, hooray!!

  227. Jana says:

    doctoral thesis, baby, deceive

  228. majasker says:

    cancer, evolution, non/understanding

  229. Kelly says:


  230. Diana says:




  231. Celia says:

    challenging, exciting, busy

  232. Frustrating, exciting, calm

  233. fi says:

    loved and lost

  234. loti says:

    long fast stressful

  235. Jen says:

    stressful, poor, sad

  236. madeleine says:

    stress, coping, recovery

  237. April says:

    busy new doctorate

  238. Emma says:


  239. lilabyrd says:

    surprise, health, stress

  240. Katy M says:

    change; challenge; sadness

  241. Emily says:

    Emptiness and awe.

  242. Denisse says:

    exciting, busy and accomplished.

  243. Farhana Khan says:

    knowledge, parsimony and networking

  244. Bronwen says:

    trepidation, change, freedom

  245. Angela Ward says:

    I Hate Jason

  246. Amanda says:

    Loss, love, change

  247. Colleen Quinn says:

    No Fucking Money

  248. nicky says:

    pretty damn good!

  249. Sanum says:


  250. Nina says:

    New doors opened

  251. Anonymous says:

    good, bad, good

  252. Toni says:

    good, bad, good

  253. Sue Briggs says:

    Ups and downs

  254. elizabeth says:

    a possibilty to believe in ourselves.

  255. Elizabeth Gregory says:

    only one word – frightening

  256. Jeni Cross says:

    absolutely the worst

  257. Anonymous says:

    2009? It’s sooooooooooo over

  258. Lizanne says:

    Busy, lonely, unremarkable

  259. Touche says:

    perfect, love, A’s!

  260. sneha says:

    busy, cheated frustrating

  261. bec says:

    bad better okay

  262. Shannypez says:

    Just normal routine

  263. Susie says:




  264. ML says:

    Unproductive, hurt, lost

  265. Bobbie says:


  266. LadyFriend says:

    Welcome President Obama

  267. jem says:

    success, family, happiness?

  268. vickie says:

    forgettable, mexico, busy

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