Great response to the earliest memory post yesterday – keep them coming!  In the meantime, this is a lovely clip to test your observational skills…..

How much did you spot?


  1. Vase, Bust, Gorilla replacing armor, Candlestick on hearth, Paintings, Chair, Drapes.

    Those I saw. Now to watch the end.

  2. I noticed several of them, starting with the flowers on the table as the detective stepped forward then back. Then the suit of armor, the candles on the mantle, the picture above the fireplace, the rolling pin, the other picture… it was very well done.

  3. All i noticed was the clock changing and the butler’s and old lady’s things in their hands changing. I suspect the plant had changed as well, but I wasn’t sure.

  4. I saw the bear, the butler, the detective and the body change and I guessed the other two suspects changed.

    I also noticed that the cop didn’t change because I was expecting him to so I had an eye on him.

  5. Is attention drawn so much to spotting the changes that the purpose of the film is missed? I had seen this film three times before and have only just spotted the reason behind it. Probably just me.

    1. same here 🙂

      Please change the title! As soon as the “observation test” was mentioned, I was looking for the background…

  6. I only noticed the clock on the floor changing – perhaps because it was directly relevant to the murder mystery itself.

    While the messages (both the psychological and the road-safety ones) are important, I think it’s also worth pointing out the utility of attentional blindness. If I couldn’t tune out extraneous elements of my sensory world, I’d be pretty much useless at tasks requiring focus and concentration.

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  8. Wow, looking at them changing everything while they were still making the video, without taking any cuts in scenes, were just so funny looking at!!!

  9. Flowers
    Table Cloth
    Butlers rolling pin
    Plant behind bench
    Ladies flower pot
    Ladies hat
    Bear- suit of armer
    guy on the floor
    murder weapon
    Detected coat
    Detectives hat
    flowers on table

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